From 1st January 2015, Telfort will no longer host home pages. The last CHEAQS Pro version (May 2014) will be made available at the CHEAQS Next site CHEAQS Next contains a lot of features that CHEAQS Pro does not have, but some CHEAQS Pro features are not yet available in CHEAQS Next yet.

What is CHEAQS Pro?


CHEAQS Pro is a computer program for calculating CHemical Equilibria in AQuatic Systems. First the user specifies a set of total concentrations, then CHEAQS will calculation the chemical speciation. You can not only calculate the concentration of complexes, you can also calculate:

CHEAQS is freeware. CHEAQS is popular as well (see the list of publications).

CHEAQS runs under Windows. Using an emulator like wine, it may also run under Linux (not tested).

Why use CHEAQS?

pie charts

Well, CHEAQS is easy to use.
Entering the input concentrations is like working in a spreadsheet program. Anyone can do that. Want to modify the database? Just use the menu commands and enter your information interactively (see Database). Output is shown in tables and in graphs (see example on the right). You can see not only the concentration of a species, but also activity, equilibrium constants (intrinsic and conditional) and literature reference.

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CHEAQS was written by Wilko Verweij (see page About author).

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