Fun with BasicDSP
A simple RX script
A PLL example


BasicDSP is an educational tool Pieter-Tjerk PA3FWM and I wrote. Its purpose is to provide an easy way to test simple digital signal processing algorithms. It can be a steep CW or SSB filter, a frequency analysis tool and even a simple software-defined radio receiver; it all depends on the script.

All you need to get started is a PC with a soundcard. If you have a SoftRock40, or similar receiver, you can use BasicDSP to turn the signals into audio. You can find various scripts to run on this website. Even if you don’t have a radio, you can still have fun with BasicDSP! The best thing is... IT’S FREE!

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Download BasicDSP version 1.01

There is an introduction to BasicDSP that was published in SPRAT; you can download it here.