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This little Developers Corner-website was launched to share elements of building web pages using the latest WEB STANDARDS techniques. • You will find analysis on broad topics mixed with some quick tips. • Some of these techniques were discovered from desperate searches on the web while others were developed or adapted by myself over time. • Included are solid, proven solutions as well as some techniques that are still evolving. • New material will be added on a sporadic basis: maybe tomorrow, maybe a half a year from now...

may 2004


more or less...


12 march 2007:
In the Liquid Corners department: added a page Gap Closing Alternatives, with new easy solution. Only trouble: IE...

27 febr. 2007:
Added: IE proof CSS workaround for external link with small icon, not breaking in multiple lines.

29 dec. 2006:
On 20 dec. 2006 Holly & John added the css commenting out method of Golden Rule #13 in their Mystery Bug article in PIE. Today it's also added in the similar Mystery Bug page of the css-d Wiki.
18 dec. 2006:
Added a Golden Rule #13 for fast bug hunting: the 'D-zero method' for commenting out big parts of html by means of ... css! Existing normal html-comments can stay unchanged, saving lots of time.

14 nov. 2006:
Example with split image and text hover colors for one link, with 'pseudo-underline'.

13 nov. 2006:
Added page Gap Safe Alternative in the  Liquid Corners suite.

11 nov. 2006:
New page "Golden Rules of CSS" with 12 practical attention points for designing webpages, and golden links for more information.

21 oct. 2006:
This week my contribution "The Elastico-style" is publicized in the Belgian CSS Zen site
The content and the comments in the stylesheet are in Dutch, the styles are in css.

19 oct. 2006:
A small story about perception: The Graphical Designer and the CSS Zen Guru.

18 sept. 2006:
Experimenting with styling a dropdown select box in a form: poor browser support.

13 sept. 2006:
Liquid Corners Playgarden index updated; added example #10: The Gradient Border.

3 sept. 2006:
Opened a category 'Font matters', with new article about implementing own fonts in a webpage: not too easy!

20 aug. 2006:
Long ago a real update of the index was made! Started to add all not indexed pages in the index...

19 aug. 2006:
Added testpages for the "IE Long Page Bug"

17 aug 2006:
English translation "A bunch of buttons".

13 aug. 2006:
Extreme make-over, photo enhancement experiment with Paint Shop Pro.

21 apr. 2006:
Article about image saving techniques.

10 dec. 2005:
"Een blokje knoppen", article in Dutch about making a block of menu-buttons with css; see 17 aug. 2006.

4 dec. 2005:
Example-page for easy dropshadows in Firefox and Internet Explorer; only css, without the IE-png hack.

23 oct. 2005:
The Port-hole Theory, article about css-positioning of background-images.

16 oct. 2005:
Liquid Round Corners article/tutorial and Liquid Corners Playgarden are ready!

17 oct. 2004:
updated Enlarged link-area.

20 may 2004:
updated Simpletree Sitemap Script.

1 may 2004:
Birth of the site: first version with 2 pages. Tables!



Maybe sometimes a new version of the sitemap-script (with copy/paste modules) ...



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