Amino Acids

Amino Acids

    December 2004 (removal of obsolete excerpt, addition of new excerpt)

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In June 2000 we can read about the shortening of the amino-acids chains in connection with ownership and a decrease in weight, despite an increase in size.

So one can see from this that ownership and possession is the result of fracturing and a lack of wholeness that emanates from within. As one ascends, greater and greater depths of wholeness are attained. Such wholeness is the result of the reconstruction of the auric field, chakra system, subtle bodies, and etheric grid work of the etheric body and the physical form in ascension. It is also the return of wholeness of the soul residing within the form, which is pieced together again as each karmic incident that created its original fracturing is released that leads to an expanded state of unity. All pieces and parts of soul are gathered and reunited and rewoven into greater and greater levels of wholeness as each phase of initiation is embodied. As such, ownership fades away and unity consciousness, which is non-ownership based, is born within the life experience of the ascending initiate.

Ownership patterns translate down to biochemical substances within the biology of the form. In essence, the ownership patterns translate into longer molecular strings of polypeptides or fats, longer molecular strings of amino acids or proteins, and longer molecular strings of minerals that compose the bones of the form, which are heavier in frequency along with body weight. As the molecular strings are altered to become shorter in nature in ascension, the density of the form decreases. This can be seen in Mila and Rama whom have grow in size and stature, but are lighter on the scale than a year ago. They are lighter because the molecular weight of the components of their embodiment has decreased due to the process of ascension. Another example is their ability to float unaided in fresh water rather than sink, which is a reflection of the lighter molecular structure that they have embodied. The new molecular structure comes hand in hand with embodying the original blueprint for the human form as it was originally seeded upon Earth.
Transcending Ownership and Possession (2000)

In June 2001 amino acids are mentioned as very necessary ingredients during the ascension process between 1024 and 2500.

Initiations 1024 through 2500

During this period of ascension, the decay begins to be addressed. In order for decay to be resurrected and reconstituted, greater amounts of HGH are introduced by the pituitary gland into the system. This may cause the entire frame and bone structure of the form to grow again in size and density or width. The crystalline diaphragm also begins to be constructed which will have pockets that protrude over the rib cage giving one a "Buddha Belly".

There are ducts that extend out of the brainstem that must be open to allow for the flow of HGH to enter the form. Sometimes such ducts have been compromised only allowing a small amount of HGH to flow into the form. Sometimes they have been closed altogether and in such cases, no ascension can come forth at all. Mila and Oa have had success in opening the ducts, sometimes with hands on treatment in extreme cases. If one discovers that little to no growth of the form occurs over time, it is a sign that perhaps the ducts are not fully functional or are closed entirely. We would recommend in such a case to intend to open the ducts and anchor the grid work necessary to do so. There are healers upon our site gifted at such a thing if one feels called to work with them. (See "Staff and Consultations" upon our web site for more information.)

All in all, this period of ascension will require greater amounts of amino acids and protein than the period that preceded it. During this phase of her personal ascension, Mila discovered she could no longer remain vegetarian and her daily protein requirements required the consumption of animal flesh in order to continue to ascend. One of the symptoms of protein deprivation during any phase of ascension is the desire for sweets, ice cream or pastries along with caffeine. This is because there is an added requirement for blood sugar due to how much of the food consumed is being placed into the form for resurrection or reconstitution. Protein digests more slowly than grains and provides a greater stability of blood sugar therein over the course of the day, along with vital amino acids for the restructuring of the form.
Nutrition, Disease and Ascension (2001)

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