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In June 2000 Arcturus is mentioned for the first time. This time in connection with the ascension of the planet into a star and what it meant for the population residing on the planet during the process.

We wish to point out that any star or planet that ascends experiences a cleansing. This cleansing is of that which no longer resonates with the choice to ascend. On average, ascensions of such planets as Arcturus along with Sirius A and B resulted in the cleansing of approximately 10 per cent of the overall forms incarnate prior to the beginning of such planets' respective ascensions. Upon Earth at this time in history is a far greater level of discord and disharmony within all biological structures upon Earth. As a result, the Order of Rize anticipates that there may be a 50 per cent or higher cleansing of all non-resonant genetics within all species over time in order to bring Earth's overall goal of ascension to fruition.

In March 2001, Arcturus was mentioned again. This time it was revealed that Arcturus ascended somewhere during the past one million years.

Earth is not the only creation to enter our unconscious of the Great Central Sun. Indeed, Sirius, Arcturus and Orion have all ascended within the past 1 million years. All had entered our unconscious and returned, bearing gifts of understanding and illumination that allow the Great Central Sun to understand it's own darkness. Indeed, the Great Central Sun is in the process of ascending herself, and integrating her own unconscious. This shall not occur rapidly, however, as the last 3rd dimensional planet ascends, all of the unconscious of the Great Central Sun shall be reabsorbed again. This is anticipated to take over another 3.5 million years into the future to accomplish in full, and 23 additional planetary ascensions are required, just like Earth.

A month later, in April 2001, we hear about the dropping of karma on our planet by Arcturus which allowed them to ascend.

The darkness upon Earth has come from four main sources, the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and Arcturus. Each of these creations have ascended planets from the third to the fifth dimension within the past 100,000 years, and each left a portion of themselves behind and contained it upon Earth. Such darkness, density and karma is now being returned by Earth to those responsible in such creations for incurring it.

One cannot process the karma of another, and holding the karma of another only insures that the karma shall repeat in one's own life experience. Each of Earth's many continued falls in vibration over the past 3.2 million years is the result of karma from these four other creations that had not been cleared in their own ascensions. As such karma is returned in full, Earth may ascend, and each of these creations shall take full responsibility for their own experience in the third dimension.

What does this mean exactly? Such creations failed to learn and retrieve all lessons inherent in their expression in the third dimension. As such, in many respects, they should never have ascended to the fifth dimension, because ascension requires completing all karma upon the dimension one is leaving behind. These creations ascended by displacing their karma elsewhere (upon Earth), which made it appear as though they were complete when indeed they were not. Now each will be faced with un-cleared karma which may act itself out before they come to release it in full.

In the fifth dimension, one manifests twice as rapidly as in the third dimension. As karma is returned, the patterns go into effect immediately, and already signs can be seen in each of these four creations of the karmic effect of their own unprocessed patterns from their incomplete ascension. However, even if such seeming catastrophes indeed manifest, their very manifestation shall allow the pattern to be cleared in full, and therefore the Great Central Sun does not perceive this as a problem or disaster, or something to be prevented. Instead the Great Central Sun shall allow such effects to be made manifest so that such stars shall never displace their karma again in their future ascensions.

In a similar manner to Earth, the Great Central Sun has absorbed karma from other creations that have dropped in vibration within your Godhead. We now are in the process of returning such karma and density to their source of origin. Much of our own falls in consciousness and into density or matter were the result of absorbing the karma of other creations, and as it is returned, it allows us to rectify our own situation, and other creations to take full responsibility for their own cause.

Much like Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, and Arcturus, perhaps such creations shall manifest their cause before they can release the pattern in full, experiencing now a fall in consciousness or into density or matter much like the Great Central Sun. However, we believe this too would be a good thing, and shall insure that all lessons shall be learned by each creation responsible for such cause. It shall also insure that karma is not displaced again, for the very dilemma of displacing karma shall come to be understood and all sentient beings shall strive to take full responsibility to create a complete ascension, understanding and releasing all cause created in any given dimension.

...In a similar manner, all species upon Earth are ascending through trial and error. They are mapmaking a pathway up in vibration that has no clear-cut journey, as they are the first of such a creation to fall so low and choose to ascend in eons of time. Even Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades and Arcturus never fell so low in vibration. Each ascended in relative ease. However, their ascension was not complete, and Earth is choosing a compete ascension, which shall not allow Earth to follow the path that these other creations carved for themselves, as this would lead to an incomplete ascension for Earth.

...The Great Central Sun, much like Earth, is now choosing to embraced a triple circle magnetic flow, as this flow seems to provide enough chi to absorb that which might be displaced in an incomplete ascension otherwise. Corrections to all genetics of all species are currently underway allowing for this new pattern to be absorbed by all chakras systems, all molecules, and all light bodies upon all ascending stars. In due course, a parallel shift shall likewise occur upon Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades and in Orion allowing for the complete integration of what was left behind in their own incomplete ascension.

In May 2001 yet more information was released about the way Arcturian scientists brought their karmic load into the Earth atmosphere:

Earth also absorbed karma from the Arcturian ascension. Some 150,000-earth years ago, Arcturian scientists sought a place to store a certain chemical compound known as sulfur dioxide within another solar system. There was too much of this compound in the Arcturian solar system, and it was understood that Arcturus could not ascend with its ongoing presence above a certain threshold. Earth became the chosen place to store this excess compound.

Arcturian scientists first perceived that Earth was too warm in temperature to be useful as storage for sulfur dioxide. For if the compound was infused into the warm atmosphere at Earth's then current temperature, it would diffuse so rapidly that a toxic overload upon the entire solar system that Earth was a part of would be manifest. This would incur more karma for Arcturus preventing her ascension in full. And so Arcturian scientists cooled Earth first by altering the orbit of another nearby planet blocking the sun for a one-year period from radiating upon Earth's surface. In so doing, Earth fell into a major ice age. Then Arcturus infused Earth's atmosphere with massive amounts of sulfur dioxide, which rapidly froze into glaciers upon Earth's surface. It was estimated that as Earth warmed, the excess sulfur dioxide would gradually release and not cause harm to Earth's kingdoms nor your solar system.

Inherent in the sulfur dioxide was warfare karma and fractured souls whom shattered during many wars between Arcturus and neighboring star systems. In so absorbing the chemical, Earth also absorbed the karma as all karma is held in the fracturing of the experience particularly in the experience of war. Arcturus likewise did not process all of its warfare karma in their own respective ascension as large numbers of such records were left upon Earth within the sulfur dioxide. In so doing, Arcturus like Sirius created an incomplete ascension.

...The question we of the Great Central Sun have pondered in reviewing Earth's dilemma is why these three stars (Sirius A and B and Arcturus) required depositing any karma anywhere else, and why they could not transmute their own cause of their own creation in their own act of ascension? Not all of the records are in to allow The Great Central Sun to ascertain all of the details, but from what has already been assessed, it appears that both Arcturus and Sirius utilized two incompatible energy signatures in ascending. In the incompatibility of both electrical and magnetic signatures, there was an ongoing loss of chi, and therefore not enough chi available to transmute all karmic cause from their respective creational experience. In not being able to transmute the karma, some of the karma was left behind, and Earth absorbed most of such karma.

Transmuting karma requires fire. Fire requires chi. If there is not enough chi, there is not enough fire. If there is not enough fire, not all karma will be burned off in ascension and portions of the karma will be displaced elsewhere. It is in the burning of the karma that all records are released and then can be understood in full. Therefore one can state that neither Sirius or Arcturus learned fully about their own 3rd dimensional experience as not all records were burned and therefore released to be understood in their own ascensions.

It is in the act of not understanding one's own creation that the same problems and patterns repeat again and again, and one could say that both Arcturus and Sirius have parallel problems in their respective civilizations to humanity upon Earth in present time as a result. For any released karma simply repeats itself incessantly.

Humans upon Earth often perceive other civilizations upon other dimensions as superior to what humanity has created upon Earth. We are here to state that in examination of current Sirian and Arcturian civilization that much of the same imbalances are present therein much as upon Earth.

This is so because the causes of the imbalances were never transmuted in their respective ascensions and therefore have continued to repeat into present time. And so we point this out so that each human can understand the inter-relatedness and interconnection of the whole. If a problem exists upon any dimension, so it exists upon all dimensions simultaneously, physical and nonphysical. This is simply the nature of holographic creations, and your creation is indeed holographic.


Earth in understanding that mixing electrical and magnetic signatures causes an incomplete ascension is choosing to release all discordant electrical energy flow at this time. Such discord which is known as sacred geometry and resembles what many humans known as a "mer-ka-ba" is being dismantled rapidly all around Earth's auric field at this time as a result. In a parallel manner, Earth's sun (your 5th dimensional solar sun), her sun's sun (12th dimensional) and the cosmic level sun (25th dimensional) are likewise choosing to relinquish all sacred geometry that is electrically based at this time. In so doing, the new energy flow coming forth in all auric fields, subtle bodies and grid work of dimensions 3 through 25 that is round and related to the triple sphere movement discussed in our channels earlier material surrounding the human map for ascension. (See "Ascension Transmissions I & II" for more information).

If such electrical signatures were unsuited to ascension, how did planets such as Sirius and Arcturus come to rely upon such signatures in the first place? Well, the honest truth is that how such signatures came to be blended with magnetic signatures is still not completely understood in Arcturian or Sirian history. However, we would surmise that a parallel set of circumstances to that which Earth made manifest causing a mixture of the two signatures over time parallels what occurred upon both Sirius and Arcturus in the past. Why are such records not available? Well, it appears that the karma left behind upon Earth contains such records and were never analyzed and processed in the respective ascension of Sirius and Arcturus.

Which brings us to our next point. When karma is left or unprocessed, it creates a broken record in which the exact same circumstances shall manifest yet once again. Earth ended up blending magnetic and electrical signatures as a result of the displaced karma of Arcturus and Sirius upon her. It is for this reason that the analysis of Earth's circumstance shall shed light upon what must have occurred upon Sirius and Arcturus before they ascended. Furthermore, the very karmic records for such an occurrence are now being returned to Sirius and Arcturus, and they are in the process of analyzing for themselves what they failed to release and analyze during their own ascensions so very long ago.


We of the Great Central Sun are not in judgment of Sirius, Arcturus or Earth for that matter. We are however taking the stand that an incomplete ascension does not serve, and that we will only support the complete gathering of all records of cause from all ascending planets and stars at this time. We are in a sense forcing our will over those stars that may prefer an incomplete ascension over a complete one, as we see that anything less than a complete ascension could lead to another drop in vibration so low that our creation would split into two. In so doing, only one half of our creation would ascend home over time.

...We have stated in earlier transmissions that we will not absorb non-resonant energy signatures with the magnetic flow of the Great Central Sun. We are choosing not to do so as we have already absorbed non-resonant flow in the ascension of Sirius and Arcturus, and this has created a distortion within all dimensions of the Great Central Sun. All dimensions are holographic. One dimension cannot ascend into greater distortion without causing all dimensions to go into parallel distortion. The incomplete ascensions of Sirius and Arcturus caused greater distortion, which has caused the Great Central Sun to go into a parallel distortion that was not prevalent prior to their ascensions.

Earth is pivotal to the movement out of distortion for all dimensions within the Great Central Sun. Why is this so? Earth is map making a path from electrical and magnetic energy flow to solely magnetic energy flow one phase at a time. The same map drawn here can be applied to Sirius and Arcturus allowing both to detoxify their electrical energy patterns over time. Such patterns also can be applied to all distorted energy flow within the Great Central Sun. In so doing, the Great Central Sun shall begin its journey home, and one that shall not leave any part of our creation behind.

...The Annanuki never obtained Earth's permission to alter her energy flow. Nor did the Orion scientists or the Annanuki consult with the red spiritual elite as to how the change in energy flow might effect both the red spiritual elite and Earth. However, the karma from Arcturus buried in Earth's glaciers attracted a parallel experience over time. For in such records is the information on how Arcturus likewise became part magnetic and part electrical some 180,000 years prior in a parallel human manipulation. This karma simply repeated itself upon Earth.

The Orion scientists altered the energy flow of not only Earth but your entire solar system. Again there were no agreements with your solar system to allow for such a manipulation, however the karma held upon Earth from Arcturus simply repeated itself nonetheless. It is now understood by the Great Central Sun that the solar system of Arcturus must have fallen prey to parallel human manipulations as Earth. This now places the karma for such manipulations not only upon the shoulders of Orion humans at cause, but also Arcturus herself. For Arcturus has been deemed the original cause given that she displaced her karma upon earth in an incomplete ascension.

Orion also now inherits the karmic cause of manipulating Earth and your solar system into a non-resonant energy flow. Such karma is great indeed, and the human lineages responsible bear the weight of this karma as they are currently incarnate in Orion. Again, just because the original humans at cause have come and gone, it doesn't mean that the karma incurred simply vanishes. Instead the current present day ancestors of related human lineages in Orion inherit the karma never addressed at the time that the scientists were present upon Earth. Such karma also is great indeed and may call both Orion and Arcturus to assist Earth in her ascension in compensation.

...At first, the slave population created by the Orion scientists was small. Sananda and the 12 other beings in governance of such slaves were docile and obedient to the Annanuki and the souls ensouling the Annanuki. They sought not dominion. There was an electrical charge to Sananda and these 12 beings. The electrical charge attracted the electricity inherent in the fractured souls anchored in the sulfur dioxide infused into Earth's ice fields by the Arcturians long ago. Over time, such fractured souls from Arcturus joined Sananda and Sananda as a being grew and grew until he was planetary in size. The fractured souls that joined Sananda held the vibration of shattering, and in so doing, began to shatter the other souls present and incarnate upon Earth. Over time and with enough shattering, Sananda overtook over Earth.

In June 2001, the Dolphin and Whale species mentioned the Ice Age induced by the Arcturians:

Earth was a tropical wonderland. With the introduction of the red seeded race some 50,000 years ago, there was communion between our species and mankind. The great ones or spiritual elite worked consciously with our species to maintain the complex flow of energy surrounding Earth in preparation for her ascension. This was a peaceful and joyous time between our species and mankind. This dance came to a sudden end as all spiritual elite died suddenly. For a very long time, it was not understood what had caused them each to die so rapidly and within 14 days. Now it is understood that there were other humans from other star systems that altered Earth's energy flow in such a manner that these humans were so compromised that they rapidly died.

This alteration of energy flow also effected our species. We too had developed a modality for ascension along with mankind and preceding mankind's presence upon Earth. For close to 50,000 years preceding man's appearance upon Earth, dolphins and whales executed one group-ascension every 3000 years of roughly 1000 in form. In so doing, we had increased and increased Earth's vibration pulling her out of a lengthy ice age induced by the Arcturians. This induction of an ice age was scientifically manipulated with neither our species agreement nor the agreement of all of Earth. Arcturus and the humanoid species therein bear great karma in this understanding. (See Great Central Sun Transmissions #4 for more information.)

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