The Role of Tears in the Ascension Process

The Role of Tears in the Ascension Process

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This page sheds some light on the importance of tears in the ascension process. It seems that without the shedding of tears, without crying, little progress can be made in the ascension. For one there is the need to be able to cry, which would require an emotional body. On top of that the heart needs to be (re)opened. The SSOA speaks about ways to work with your emotional body and it speaks about ways to open your heart. Take a look at
Mastering the Pure Heart in Ascension (2003) for instance if you want to take a look at a complete article right away.

November 1999. We are being introduced to the emotional body and what can happen when this body returns to your field.


The emotional body is the subtle body necessary to feel emotions within one's life experience. It is the body that is designed to translate vibrations into emotions so that the body can feel. Without an emotional body, one lives in a state in which little to no feeling is present. Without feeling, one can be quite abusive to others and not understand how one's behavior affects another.

Those initiates who discover they are missing an emotional body will discover that it has been brokered to another. Oftentimes, those others may include parents or siblings within one's current life experience. As one recalls their emotional body and integrates it into their field, the ability to feel will return to one's life experience.

If one has never felt before, this can be extremely uncomfortable. As all of Mila's emotional body was retrieved, she cried and cried and cried. This was a necessary part of the process for she released what could not be processed without the presence of an emotional body.

Without processing one's pain, one never fully understands the lesson of pain. If one does not master the lesson of pain, one's soul will be required to manifest yet another painful third-dimensional lifetime to come to such an understanding. The lesson of pain is that pain is only painful when one does not allow it to flow through their field. As one learns to allow the pain to flow, along with all other emotions, one becomes free and can ascend and move beyond the lesson of pain.

In order to ascend, all vibrations must flow through one's field. Because vibrations equate to emotions, this also means that one must allow all emotions. All emotions are related to specific lessons. A good example of such a lesson is the vibration of anger. Anger is red and brings forth change. A higher octave of anger is forgiveness which is pale pink in color. Forgiveness also brings about change. Forgiveness cannot be embodied until anger moves through the field allowing the denser form of red to be transmuted to a form of pink in vibration. And so it is with all emotions and all frequencies.

Pain is energy that has ceased to move and is black in color. As one moves the energy that has ceased to move, anger first comes forth. Anger is the natural response to being violated and put into pain. The pain was recorded because one was violated at an earlier juncture of their life experience or within a past life experience within their genetic family tree. However, the pain was never felt or experienced at the time the violation occurred. As the pain moves, the anger of being violated is felt first, followed by the pain. As the pain releases, joy follows. A catharsis of emotion always leads to peace and a newfound state of centeredness.

As initiates master the emotional body, they will learn to be at peace with whatever emotions are flowing in the moment. If they are in anger, they are angry. If they are in pain, they cry. If they are in fear, they feel their fear. If they are at peace, then they are peaceful. It is in the feeling of such energies as they move that they then can be transcended.

The difficulty with emotions is ascertaining whose emotions one is feeling. Oftentimes, it is the nature of those who are overly emotional to have many emotional bodies of others within their field. As such, they also feel the emotions of everyone else. A quick discernment of the emotions of others is whether or not the emotion moves. If one cannot move the pain, anger or fear in a catharsis, it is a sure sign the emotion belongs to someone else. In such a case, one can send the emotion of another back to the source. We also recommend sending their emotional body along with it and subsequently erasing all ties to such an emotional body within one's field.
Transcending Information Brokering (1999)

July 2000. On the release of old patterns.

As the old patterns are released and the new information integrated, emotional discord can occur in which one feels like crying, or feels angry, or feels agitated. Such emotions are transitory and the act of walking or swimming will help flush such emotions out of the field so that one can come back to balance and move into one's center again. It is important not to "hold on to" old emotions, as such emotions must be cleared through the field. It is often in the act of trying to avoid the pain that one ungrounds and soul leaves the form. In the simple act of walking, soul can more readily anchor and assist the body in clearing the old emotions away so that a newfound sense of well being can follow.

As the old patterns are released, often a form of etheric pus is left over in the auric field. This pus, if it collects in large enough amounts, will bloat the etheric body leading to physical "puffiness" and water retention. If it is left for longer periods of time and not addressed, it can also lead to weight gain. The etheric body is the blueprint for the form. If the etheric body puffs, so will the physical form. It is for this reason that it is important to pace yourself in one's ascension.

Sometimes, some initiates wish to race through their ascension, and try and integrate more than they can handle in a given day, week or month. Mila had this tendency most of her earlier ascension, and it lead to days of extreme emotional imbalance, and a lot of puffiness and water retention. She would go to the mineral springs along with mud baths several times per week to help with her toxicity level due to her choice to ascend as rapidly as physically possible. And indeed her own guidance would push her because they knew that there was little time to bring forth the work that she is here to accomplish.
I Intend to Ascend (2000)

In January 2001, The Buffalo Species spoke about the crying in the ascension process as one connects to atrocities perpetrated by members of our species.

Many students of our channel wonder why they cry all of the time as they begin their process of ascension. It is because you are one species, and one has records of all atrocities ever done upon one another along with Earth in one's field. However, as one cries, one comes to understand, one learns that one shall not inflict harm upon another ever again, nor shall one allow one nation to destroy another, nor shall one destroy Earth any more. It is for this reason that our channel is taking her stand for World Peace in this year ahead, for it is time to end this dance of destruction and barbarism in the human experience and upon Earth. For all suffer the consequences regardless of species.

The path to unity is not an easy journey. However, it is the path that one has agreed to in human form in coming to walk upon the land of Earth. Long ago, your red ancestors came to Earth to support Earth in her evolutionary walk. This walk requires the conscious participation of mankind. Now is the time to move forth beloved, do not tarry. Earth needs you to follow through which what your ancestors agreed upon so very long ago.

...There are forms of entertainment that do not numb, but allows one to feel. Such forms of entertainment may include the act of dancing which moves the energy in the field, moving out the pain and anchoring the joy. Such forms of entertainment also include dancing with nature through walking, hiking, biking, swimming, or the simple act of touching a tree, smelling a flower, watching a sunset, or standing in the waves at the beach. Sometimes such entertainment may cause one to cry, as the pain is then felt in the next layer of one's process in ascension, but the pain is quickly followed by joy as one communes with one's soul and Earth again.

In the communion between body, soul and Earth, authentic unity is experienced. Unity is an internal state of being in which soul dances with form, and form dances with Earth. In a state of communion, one's heart opens wide and the love of God Goddess All That Is flows through the heart, expanding the heart to encompass all that surrounds you. It is through the heart that unity is extended to all other kingdoms upon Earth.

The opening of the human heart is a painful process. We have watched our channels and many others committed to this choice to ascend anchor the love and soul into their field for the first time in over 30,000 years in their ancestry! And this is a real gift to witness, beloved, as painful as it might be. As the layers of pain dissolve, and the heart opens, one can move from a state of separation into unity again! The gateway to unity is through the heart.

Fantasies close the heart, beloved. Fantasies as promoted upon your entertainment systems cause the heart to contract and one's soul to leave the form. Why does soul leave the form? Such electrical forms of entertainment are abusive to soul, and to avoid becoming shattered, soul has no choice but to retract when one occupies themselves in such a manner. Electricity and radioactivity shatters soul, beloved. And soul has been shattered enough in the many falls of consciousness of Earth already. Soul chooses not to be shattered any further, but rather to piece itself back together and become whole again. This requires a human form to ascend and choose preoccupations that no longer shatter soul.
A Stand for Unity (2001)

July 2001. Crying in connection with the understanding of experiences of your ancestors.

Long ago, Mila learned a technique in psychic school known as "deprogramming". Programs were seen clairvoyantly as beads of cause and effect linked together based upon like experience or emotion that could be erased as the karma was released. Erasure is a manner in which vibration is applied to the chain of cause and effect dissolving it in full, along with all karmic contracts held therein. The beads of cause and effect are filled with pictures of present life experiences, drama or trauma along with past life experiences that are related from one's own ancestry. As one releases the emotional trauma that is both past life and present life, the beads of cause and effect dissolve into the new thought-form that is unity based, which enters the field in its place.

Let us give you a more elaborate example of this process. Let us say that one holds the polarity of failure in their life expression. Relationships one has attempted to manifest have failed, business opportunities have failed, and one feels unworthy as a result. This is a true past experience of Mila who had numerous failures in her life dance before ascension. Over time, Mila would examine the cause of failure or feelings of failure as recorded in her field. Within all such "programming" were memories of being told that she was not good enough, was not beautiful enough, did not spell well enough, did not write well enough, or could never do this or that. All such memories were related to her mother's gift of being invalidating. The invalidation had recorded over time in her field and form, and linked together with other past life experiences of similar nature, in which whatever experience was made manifest left Mila's ancestor feeling less then, belittled, invalidated, under-accomplished, unsuccessful, and the like.

Mila found that there were layer upon layer of memories linked together of this nature. She chose to release each layer through conscious intent. In so doing, sometimes she would cry and cry over the experience of one ancestor or another, as so painful was the recall of their life dance. There was memory upon memory of such a nature, with over thousands of lifetimes related to any one extreme polarity in our recent examination of Mila's ascension records. It took Mila much of her ascension to process her fear of failure or fear of success in full. However, each layer transcended allowed more of her dream of an ascension teacher and healer to emerge into her reality. So it is for Mila, so it is for all initiates that choose to ascend, one ascends into the potential for their life expression one layer at a time.
Ascension Redefined (2001)

March 2002. Tao speaks about addictions and the integration of pieces of self lost over time.

The bottom line in all life expressions is the intent behind the action. Is the intent sacred and in honor of self and all others? Is the intent behind it to fuel one's ascension forth? Then the outcome will support one's ascent along with one's health and well-being. Is the intent from the unconscious addiction and desire to escape the pain? Unfortunately, the entities associated with any addiction, whether it be to a substance, to a person, to entertainment, or to an animal, shatters the field and form whether one feels it or not. Why? It is the electrical or radioactive tones that numb one to the pain; such tones also shatter the field enough to prevent ascension if the addiction is used recurrently.

Go into the pain beloved by pulling oneself into present time. It will not last forever. One may cathart and cry for a time, but it will pass and one will feel better and have integrated the piece of self lost over time and in the fracturing of existing in a creation designated for destruction. If one cannot feel the pain and only the boredom, go into the boredom. What underlies it? What thought-form causes boredom? Intend to release the karma and transmute the thought-form. Then intend to live one's life as an ascending being.
A Return to the Dance of Truth and Fulfillment of Dream (2002)

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