Turning Crystalline?

Review of material claiming that ascending implies a gradual change to a crystalline body

Turning crystalline as part of the ascension process?


    December 2004 (Under construction) (Processed until 1999)

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As far as I have come to grasp the ascension process, ascending implies the gradual retrieval of unconscious material, the gradual increase of vibration and according to some, the ascension process also implies the gradual change from the present body structure to a crystalline form.

Well, I haven't come across anything alive that is crystalline so far, but I am willing to consider the possibility nonetheless, I mean, ascending isn't a common thing to do these days either. Thus, this page presents material about the crystallization process that would occur during various stages of the ascension process.

A lot has been written on the crystalline body that would evolve during the ascension process in the Danrich material. Normally I start with the oldest articles and end up with the most recent ones. This gives an interesting point of view because you get the chance to see the development of certain ideas. In december 2004 the oldest articles were considered obsolete (see 'on obsolete articles') and unfortunately I had covered most of those obsolete articles on this page. Since I don't like covering outdated articles, I decided to gradually remove all the fragments from these articles, which would leave behind a very small page on such a grand topic.

I decided to go through with the removal of old articles from this site. For the time being I give you a link to one of the most comprehensive articles from the SSOA on the crystalline structure, that is from 2002. It is called Ascending into a Regenerative Biological System (2002). Otherwise it would take ages before I reach 2002...

In an article from November 1999 we can read about the 'ascension grid work' that would be formed above the etheric body. This gridwork would contain all the information necessary to transform the physical body into a crystalline structure.


The ascension process brings forth a new form of gridwork that is laid over the gridwork of the etheric body. The etheric body lies closest to the skin, is below the mental, emotional, creative and intuitive bodies, and contains the energetic ley lines and meridians that feed chi or energy to the cellular structure of the form. As one ascends, a new gridwork which contains the codes for the crystalline form is laid over the old gridwork, and one part of the body is transmuted at a time as the information is integrated down to the cellular level.

Gridwork brokers will remove the crystalline gridwork surrounding the etheric body, thus making it impossible for one to ascend on a biological level. Additionally, some gridwork brokers will remove the entire gridwork and meridian system for a limb, portion of the embodiment, or the head. When an entire limb or portion of the etheric body has been taken, those who are sensitive will feel great pain in whatever region such energy fields have been swiped.

Those who have accidents on the physical plane, thus losing a limb or damaging a portion of the form, will have first lost the limb or damaged the form in the etheric many months or years ahead of the physical accident. Furthermore, those who have an illness will manifest such an illness in the etheric many years prior to manifesting the illness in physicality. The time delay will depend upon the level of evolution of the initiate. Those who are still under twelve strands of DNA take somewhere between 8-10 years to manifest damage to the etheric body down to the physical form. Those who have attained Initiation 1024 will manifest etheric damage down to the physical plane in less than 2-3 years. This is simply the result of the form resonating at a higher vibration, whereby time becomes condensed.

Those who are moving beyond 1024 and attaining Bodhisattva are moving closer and closer towards instant manifestation. As such, damage can manifest in just a few months time or less the higher in vibration one goes. At 15,000+ strands of DNA, our channels can manifest a thought in a matter of minutes within the etheric and bring it into the physical in less than a day. One sees from this dissertation why watching one's thoughts and focusing only on peace, love, unity and joy becomes a necessity the further one ascends in vibration.

It is recommended that initiates check their gridwork each day. Each segment of initiations brings forth another overlay of gridwork covering the next segment of biological ascension. As such, there is always gridwork to be swiped. As one discovers they have lost gridwork or a limb, call upon the etheric surgeons of the Order of Rize to repair and restore one's field. Also, initiates must intend to release any karma and patterns that created the experience in the first place.

Karma is released through intent. As one intends to release such patterns, so it is. Intent requires all four subtle bodies to be in place to relay the vision of one's intent to the universe, which is returned with the result that one intends (the release of karma). To the degree that one's intent fails, to that degree one is missing a portion of one's subtle bodies.

One final point, and that is that our channels have seen individuals who broker their own gridwork. Each time the gridwork for ascension was laid in, their soul would broker it to another part of creation, and it would again go missing. Until such individuals transcend their own need to broker their own gridwork, they will be unable to ascend. Ascension is biological, and unless the crystalline blueprint can be translated down to the form, there is no means of lifting a third-dimensional vessel into another dimension. Such a feat requires all aspects of the gridwork for ascension to be in place at all times.

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