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The word 'depression' appeared in the articles for the first time in February of 1998. We can read about depression and the relationship with the heart chakra.

The two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan caused the heart chakra to implode to one degree or another within every human being on Earth. The imploded heart chakra (which is like a black hole) put all of humanity in pain. Humanity compensated for the pain by disconnecting from their bodies and learned to live from the neck up. Oftentimes, upon a first reading, our channel notes that the individual looks energetically like an ice-cream cone, with the entire auric field above the neck. This disconnection makes it impossible for humanity to feel and has resulted in a civilization that has become increasingly violent, pornographic, and physically ill. The heart chakra is the root of the immune system. The imploded heart chakra leads to such diseases as AIDS, MS, lupus, and any other immune disorder. The imploded heart chakra also leads to the emotional state of depression and suicidal feelings, which again have become increasingly prevalent within the past fifty years. Our channel has found that those suffering from depression find almost instant relief in unwinding the heart chakra, allowing the energy to flow properly.

In April 1998, more can be read about depression, this time in connection with the unconscious physical plane:

Unconscious Physical Plane

Within one's Unconscious Physical Plane manifestations, the exact polar opposite life experience is recorded. As mentioned earlier, the collective unconscious physical plane is currently in the beginning stages of World War III. As our channel integrated this plane of reality in May of 1997, this war had yet to begin, and she had no adverse emotional experiences during the integration process as a result. Future initiates may discover the emotions of terror, fear and depression recorded within this plane of reality and (depending on their current physical location) may even discover that they have died in a nuclear explosion or are suffering from nuclear poisoning. All emotional records are integrated as the given planes are integrated, making the experience somewhat difficult at times. Our channel discovered that the use of mineral pools and hot springs were helpful in moving through such difficult times during the initiation process as they helped to elevate her vibration and detox the body, thus allowing her to move through the process more rapidly.

In addition to any adverse world related experiences, the unconscious physical plane also contains all of the birth agreements between the initiate and their parents. These agreements usually underlie core issues within the initiate. For example, our channel had agreements to be the family 'healer,' and these agreements underlie her tendency to unconsciously heal others. As these agreements were released, all of those who had been unconsciously attached to her for the purposes of being healed were finally released. Additionally, she had agreements to create the family fortune. These agreements have made it difficult for her in the past to create enough for herself, individually. As these agreements were released, so was the need to share her creative energy with others, thus enabling her to manifest her own needs more adequately.

December 1998, a form of depression that could occur because of the 'curse' of parents THE CURSE ON VIBRATION

To make sure that Earth and our solar system did not evolve (thus ensuring that no souls they placed here could leave), the Pleiadians cursed our vibration in order to limit our evolution. Such a curse makes it impossible for any initiate to move up in vibration beyond a certain octave until this particular curse is released. As our channels completed this segment of initiations, they pushed beyond the boundaries once set up for vibrational limitation by the Pleiadians. The curse on vibration can also occur between humans and often leads to the experience of depression. Oftentimes, parents who are annoyed with the enthusiasm of their offspring unconsciously curse their children's vibration. In so doing, the child loses the joy they once knew and can even fall into a state of deep depression depending upon how limited their vibration may be. Each time the child attempts to move into the joy, the curse forces their vibration to fall, placing them back into a state of depression or pain. Many adults carry forward such a curse and suffer from ongoing bouts of depression, anguish and pain. Our channel, Rama, has suffered from depression most of his life. His ongoing bouts with depression were directly related to the genetic curse placed on humanity's vibration by the Pleiadians and could not be fully released until the Vedic plane was embodied within his form.
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In November 1999 we read about ego and negative ego personalities, of which 'depression' would be one:


Many of you may wonder how the ego and negative ego fit into the personality as we have described it. All fractured souls from Maldek or the Pleiades fractured into a specific vibration. Those entities who fractured into depression, fear, suicidal emotions (the vibration of death), terror, lack, anger, or abuse continue to resonate in such vibrations. We can equate such entities with the 'negative ego' or what is destructive in nature. Yet others who fractured into the vibrations of joy, playfulness, happiness, productivity, or love also continue to resonate in such vibrations. We can equate such entities with the 'ego' with is creative in nature.

As a human, through unconscious agreements, channels such entities fractured in such vibrations, they will feel the emotions of the beings they are channeling. This is simply because the form is a translating device that translates vibrations into emotions. The form was devised so that soul could experience emotion upon the physical plane, and in the original blueprint, it was only the emotions of ecstasy or joy that were to be experienced. With the many falls in consciousness of the human species, the human species fell too low in vibration to continue to channel what was in a state of ecstasy because the form no longer resonated in ecstasy.

It is in the channeling of entities that resonate in fear, anger, pain, or shame that the negative ego is experienced. It is in the channeling of entities that are conversely polarized in joy, love, productivity and playfulness that the ego is experienced in human form. As all personality entities are released, so is the ego and negative ego.

One may wonder, what remains if all personality entities are given up? Well, soul remains. And soul is confident, joyful, and exists by in large in a state of honor: honor of self and honor of all life forms. In transcending to channeling only soul, many initiates within SSOA have discovered that any sense of lack, of unworthiness, or of a sense of being better than or less than also disappeared.

In December 2000 the Earth Mother speaks about the color of depression and its connection with the language of light:

Black, brown and gray can be equated to the emotions of depression, pain, anger, fear, terror, greed and lust. Such emotions also cease to be the baseline from which one functions as the Language of Light is embodied in full. Additionally, it is the frequencies of black, brown and gray that attachment is rooted in, for all attachment is hooked into regions of the grid work that have ceased to move as energy. Black brown and gray are tones in which a very slow movement to no movement of energy at all is present. As the Language of Light is applied to the slower moving vibrations of black, brown and gray, they begin to move again and then the related attachment in the etheric grid work is released simultaneously.

As one synthesizes the field through intent, that which is the next layer of attachment to be released surfaces, and is forced out of one's field. In order to do this in full, all tones of creation must be present. Some initiates, in our experience, skip over certain tones. As a result, they may have missing gaps in the rainbow of frequencies in their field. When gaps are present, one also has the space for darkness and attachment to remain in the field. When attachment remains, and if one continues to ascend without releasing such attachment by continually skipping over the tones of creation, disease will develop in the form related to those pockets of density in the grid work that have not been fully transmuted.

In a Great Central Sun transmission from April 2001, we can read about depression and self-perpetuating thought forms. Read about these thoughtforms in the original article.

Authentic joy never comes from accomplishment as in that of fame or fortune or success. Fame fortune or success causes a false joy or high in the moment of success, but then as the high ceases, one moves back into the same depression that existed before the success was manifest. Perhaps this is why so many seeming successful humans find an addiction to preoccupy themselves with such as drugs or sex, as this temporarily lifts the depression. However, the only permanent way out of the depression is to transcend the very thought-forms at cause of the depression. And the fact is that self-perpetuating thought-form is boring and depressing in the human experience.

Many humans judge themselves unworthy for their lack of success. This is false, as no human is worth any more than any other, and any humanís worth is related to the simple truth that all humans are an expression of God Goddess in form. As one pulls away from the false sense of accomplishment, one may return to a simple life that is enjoyed not for the success, but for the time to master the internal landscape. The joy of mastery cannot be compared with the joy of success, and those whom are transcending understand what we speak from an internal knowing and experience.

In a July-2001 article we can read about depression and parallel lives. If you are joyful in the physical, there would be a high probability that you would suffer from pain or a depression in two parallel lives. Things can probably be the way around as well. You could have a depressed state of mind in the physical with a few joyful lives in the parallel territories as a compensation for it. On the parallel lives-page you can read more about the concept of parallel lives and how to ascend out of it.

In September 2001 we can read about the possibility that you could feel depressed when you are transcending a particular parallel life which would be lived in a world war III scenario in the non-physical:


Word War III has been officially moved to a parallel life dance and will not occur in the physical. This has occurred as a result of the past 30 days of global ascension. In so doing, each human will see that one of his or her 36 parallel lives is now experiencing World War III upon it. As a result, World War III will not manifest in the physical. Many may look at the recent turn of events and see how this has come to be so.

The parallel lives experiencing World War III are one's of great depression, and each whom ascends will integrate such experiences into present time during the transcendence. It is during such periods of ascension that one may enter a short or long-term depression, as one is experiencing in the physical a parallel life that has gone into hopelessness due to global circumstances of a World War.

Mila integrated her parallel life in World War III many years ago. Why? In the intent to ascend, ascending initiates polarize World War III into a parallel life. The intent to ascend brings this to be so, as it is equivalent to reversing the poles through conscious choice. Through ascension, one states "I will not die, I will transcend". In so doing, all actions that would lead to death are polarized and later integrated in one's parallel life dance.

For each in the new consensus of ascending humans, this is a great gift and an answer to the intentions of many as of late for World Peace. We invite each to continue to intend world peace, as it is equivalent to intending peace into one's day-to-day life. It will also have the effect of retaining the polarity of World War in the nonphysical realms surrounding Earth rather than allowing any circumstance leading to world war to manifest in the physical.

The Bear kingdom spoke about the possibility to relieve depression by working with certain nature kingdoms. Here's the part from an October 2001 article:

Bear unites all species into a rainbow of tones that is global wide. Many of you have read about synthesis, and the synthesis meditation whereby ascending humans may consciously direct their energy flow into a rainbow of colors, from darkest to lightest in tone. In so doing, one has a complete and whole field that is less subject to manipulations from others or the forces of the dark. Earth has an energy field that now extends into your cosmos. It is as all species unite that the cosmic sized field of earth is managed into a rainbow of tones or in other terms, synthesized. Each species contributes to this purpose, and Bear oversees the dance of the whole, assuring that each species is contributing their fair share and that the synthesis is reaching all parts of earth's large auric field.

One can say in this that Bear has great understanding of synthesis as a result. You may call upon bear in assisting in the synthesis of one's field, particularly if one is struggling during a particular segment of initiation. Bear can also command all tones held by Earth at this time into one's field for the purpose of transmutation or healing. Therefore the Bear Kingdom has often been associated with the medicine of healing.

What is medicine? Medicine is a Native American term associated with the kingdoms that have often supported both individuals and tribes in retaining balance. The medicine men and women knew that nature held many keys, and often an ailing human could receive such keys from nature allowing them to return to balance, perhaps recovering from a disease or heartache and depression. Sometimes such keys come through the consumption of a particular herb, or the presence of a part of the form of the kingdom carrying the medicine. This is why Native Americans are so fond of eagle feathers, horse hair, turtle shells, turquoise, and so on. Each holds a particular "medicine" that can be healing, and the choice to retain such things in one's presence allows the nature kingdom easier access to one's field.

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