Defusing Electrical Data

Defusing Electrical Data

    June 2005

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In 'Removing Books' from the Turtle Section I describe how I discovered a chi-leak to the Pleiades through some Pleiadean books that were silently standing in a bookcase on my attic. Some 30% of the required chi of a certain chakra was sent away to this system. Since it started to affect the functionality of this chakra I decided to get those three books from my attic and throw them away in a garbage bag. I removed my attachment to these books and thereby removed the draining link to the Pleiades.

Within a day it already made a significant difference according to Fred, my pendulum. This is the recommended approach by the SSoA and why doubt that approach when your own body confirms that it does do him a lot of good to have gotten rid of these chi draining attachments? My own process can continue and I can focus on other themes.

But then I was lying in bed and I started to rethink this event. I truly believe that there is interesting data in those three books that I dumped in the trash can, but the source is electrical and it apparently drained much chi from my system. I thought about the concept behind 'Non-magnetic Records' and this led to the development of the concept of 'defusion'.

I checked to see if the SSoA has considered the possibility of defusion and I got a negative answer. So what do I mean with this term 'defusion'? I would like to define defusion as the method to remove the drain-leaking propensity of an object by intending it so. I started to experiment with this possibility by intending to stop the drain from my system through these Pleiadean books to the Pleiades. I checked the day after and to my surprise it worked: there was no longer any chi drain to the Pleiades and I could still hold on to these books.

But why would you want to use defusion instead of complete removal? What is the use of anything electrical when you want to ascend magnetically as it seems to be the way of the body in this magnetic creation? First of all this defusion method seems to stop the chi drain which allows the body to continue to ascend without developing dysfunctional chakras. At least so it seems in my experience.

Like I say in the non-magnetic records article I am willing to open up to the possibility that even electrical information can be useful to our creation. Perhaps there are certain principles of creation that encompass both magnetic and electrical creations. Furthermore it might provide means of verification (see verification article) to the material provided by the SSoA. It could aid in understanding our history.

As far as I understand our history now, it looks as if the ones first seeded upon Earth were not ready to deal with electrical influences from outside. They were caught by the harmful electrical energies and were not able to resist them because they did not even know about it. If one retains some knowledge about the way electrical thoughtforms work or how they can damage ones system, one might be able to prepare and protect oneself.

I also have some doubt about the automatism of removing electrical data. If everybody removes everything that is electrical there will be no memory left of electricity in the end. instead of increasing awareness this would imply losing awareness. Perhaps this electrical data is useless information within a magnetic creation, but I would like to check that out first, as long as it doesn't hamper my own process.

The reasons behind the removal of electrical attachments is of course clear. Electrical thought forms have proven to be quite devastating to our lives. It seems to rip apart etheric tissue and it seems to lock people in limited perspectives thereby blocking the rise of vibration of many present day adults. I would not advice to use defusion to something else than information or data. I don't think it is a clever thing to try to use defusion in interpersonal contacts: keeping in touch with 'harmful' people without the chi drain elements. I don't see the use of that.

Nor would I want to hold on to any machines, hexes, spells or curses that might be electrical in origin. Removal looks like the best option to me. If you don't have any interest in studying electrical data I would advice to use removal as well, for it has proven to be very effective in removing attachments and chi-drains.

The only reason to use defusion would be to study electrical information to get triggered into studying certain aspects that you might not have given any thought in a magnetic-only environment. I guess you need to be very careful in studying electrical thoughtforms since you might reactivate the chi drain without being aware of it. Perhaps not all eletrical data is as harmful and damaging as one tends to think after studying and working with the SSOA-material. Perhaps one could learn something from it that can be applied to the ascension process.

In the future I intend to dissect some aspects of the three books that were mentioned in the turtle article to see if it could provide useful information in a magnetic-only creation. Perhaps there are certain universal principles that we would miss if we just threw away everything that has or had a chi drain attached to it. I guess working with this defused data is possible as long as you check your own systems regularly and you use defusion scarsely. When you are not sure I would recommend removal for that seems to be proven 'technology' and there is more than enough to be explored without using defusion.

A refinement of these thoughts can be found at: Rethinking Marciniak's Pleiadeans.

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