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Leonardo Da Vinci: Caught in a Loop?

Response to Portal Interview, Leonardo da Vinci 1 of 2

    August 2007

Leonardo da Vinci 1 of 2 (original video) - What's New? - Exploring Ascension - South African Group

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Normally I am not so interactive, but I would like to make an exception for these 'interdimensional portal videos' because they might present insight into the astral realms, the practices of the theocrats and they might even contribute to a bigger awareness of our own behavior and our own levels of distorted thought form. Perhaps we can even work together to fix a few matters that have arisen during the ages.

I don't know how they do it, but an enormous amount of information seems to be pouring through this South African based 'interdimensional portal' leaving us with huge amounts of texts and already a substantial amount of videos. I am already unable to keep up with their production rate, so I guess that I won't be able to watch them all. I will add a link to any of these articles through the comments section belonging to the videos on the site. You can also find new additions by checking the updates-page (or by using the rss-functionality that I recently added). If you want to think along please do so by writing emails (click mailbox below) or by writing to the South African group themselves, or by adding your own comments below the original videos.

The video on Leonardo da Vinci (part 1) triggered this article for a number of reasons. I would like to describe them here. One of the things that I noticed when I was watching the video was that I felt a sense of admiration for the person Leonardo da Vinci (see Wikipedia Afrikaans or English). Although I don't think there is anything wrong with feelings of admiration for people, I do think that it is important not to exaggerate it. I guess we as humanity have strong memories of interaction with the non-physical realms or the gods in which we often take up the role of the subservient followers of the 'wise' gods from up above. I would prefer to have an equal relationship with these 'guys' from 'heaven'.

Not only did I notice the admiration for the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, but I also started to admire the medium: to me she looks friendly, sincere, open, pretty, respectful and sometimes even funny. This would almost make me hesitate to add a critical note to the contents as it might feel as if I 'attack' or question her. Well, let me say that I respect her work and the project that she together with the rest of this South African Group is undertaking. I was told that the group favours critical responses since they do not want to fall into a state of gullibility. Therefore I feel free to add some comments from my perspective and I will try to do it as harmlessly as my body allows me to!

If we assume that indeed it is the consciousness of Leonardo da Vinci that speaks through the medium, then it is interesting to hear the four options that are presented to him (at about 3'05"):

  • Reincarnate again
  • Ascend to 'higher' dimensions
  • Go to the 'demon dimensions'
  • Create your own little heaven
I guess that Leonardo was so fortunate to be given these options. If I remember Monroe correctly: when he was having his out of body experiences he noticed that many people who died ended up in various so-called Monroe Bands, resonating with the belief system that was prevalent in those who died (see Monroe Bands). I can't remember that they were actually given a choice.

It is interesting to note that this being that presented Leonardo with these options added that many of those who opt for the creation of their own little heaven end up lost. He decides to go for this option anyway.

One of the elements that are recurrent in the material by Monroe as far as the afterlife goes, is that many 'souls' resonate with a certain world that looks a lot like the world that they have left. I described those who prefer to have sex all the time, but you can imagine that someone who was a great tennis player, wants to play wonderful tennis. He creates his own 'little heaven' and he keeps on producing the greatest aces and the most beautiful smashes. He gets so endulged in the beauty of his hits that he doesn't even notice that he starts repeating the same moves again and again with the same imaginary opponents.

I couldn't help but think these thoughts when I heard the account of da Vinci. What if nobody had known about da Vinci and nobody would ask for him through any interdimensional portal? I guess he would have continued painting his paintings for another few millenia!

The idea that I support says that it would be better for these souls who are 'stuck' in some repetitive pattern or loop to get out of it and realize that there is more. Leonardo da Vinci mentions that he had already painted at least 100,000 paintings with his eternal paint brush and it appears as if he wouldn't mind painting yet another 100,000 of them.

I liked the tooth brush that kept on appearing in the words of the medium. She noticed it and perhaps Leonardo noticed it as well. I prefer to think that not only in the physical do we have an unconscious that prods us into reconsidering certain beliefs, but this system still works after we cross over to these astral clouds. Just imagine how Leonardo would feel in his own little heaven with no paint brushes, but only one tooth brush.

What would be left of him then? Wouldn't that be the perfect reminder of the absurdity of his situation?

As if this weren't enough I also adhere to the concept that it takes energy to exist, not only on our planet in the physical, but also in these astral realms. You can read all about the theocrats trying to fool people into believing all kinds of god-systems where higher beings need to reverred which would be a perfect way for the theocrats to get energy from those who are still alive, but it would also provide a way for these theocrats to have 'food' when these people knock on heaven's door.

I'm not sure if these theocrats enjoy people like da Vinci who create their own little heaven, for they don't seem to give a lot of energy to these theocrats, but I do wonder where da Vinci gets his energy from. If you read the 'War in Heaven'-book (see links above on theocrats and astral realities) it would imply that da Vinci is taking energy from somewhere else in order to sustain his existence in these planes.

Perhaps he is fed by all those on Earth who adore him, who buy or look at his paintings?

If I were Leonardo da Vinci I would start taking the tooth brush seriously and remember what this being had said to him about the chances of getting lost if you create your own little heaven. I guess it would be a good thing if not only Leonardo realized this 'repetitive script' that he is playing out, but that this news would spread all across the dimensions. It might make all this stuck souls (with lesser names) ask themselves: is there life beyond my own little heaven? Isn't there something else that needs to be done? Who benefits from this situation? How many people on Earth tune into the repetitive scripts being played out in these 'tiny heavens' with the desire to imitate it? Am I not part of something bigger perhaps?

August 2007

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