South African Group; May I Have this Interdimensional Dance?

May I Have this Interdimensional Dance?

How to Dance a Divine and Joyful Earthly Dance?

    August 2007

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I guess that I have been infected by some interdimensional portal virus that prompts me to watch videos from this South African Group, the Desteni Productions, and to think about the possible consequences for my reality perspective and the possible ascension of humanity. This page plays with the idea that there may indeed be a fruitful way to use humans that reside on Earth but also those in the astral planes to devise a plan to fix things: to work out a way to clear distortion out of humanity's field and aid in the ascension of our planet as a whole: how to create a new dance that is optimal for both dancers (and the floor)?

If we would want actually want to work as a team - and I am dead serious about investigating this possibility - we need to define the players and introduce some names that have a nice ring. We have the physical human beings and the non-physical ones living in these so-called 'dimensions'. I don't like terms like 'those from beyond the grave' or 'those that have died' or 'our dead friends', or 'the heroes of our past', our speaking six feet unders or the see-throughs something like that. No, if we want to be true dance partners we need to have a name that is respectful without the gloomy doomy sound of decay and death. I need to think about this a bit more. If you have any suggestions, please write to me!

Normally you would think of a lovingly reunion of all races and all religions to live harmoniously together when you talk about reunions or reunifications of humanity, but within this present context I'm talking about the reunification of these different modes of humanity: those vibrating in the physical mode and those vibrating in the astral mode. I think it would be interesting to - for the time being - regard humanity as consisting of a 3d-part and a 4-d astral part. Before we can think of any other dimensional aspects of ourselves it would stand to reason to first try and have these aspects work together properly.

When I watched the first three Nostradamus-interviews (see parts 1, 2, 3) I was left with a rather bad taste in my mouth: how could this man speak so embittered? If I want to spend energy in exploring this interdimensional dance I want to treat these astral guys the same way that I would like to treat physical people. If someone would talk in such a sour tone of voice I would turn around and go somewhere else.

Of course matters may seem dire to some and perhaps we are indeed all blinded by these 'programmed systems of consciousness' but I sure do hope that an astral 'wise' person is able to emit some sense of joy. That was completely lacking in Nostradamus' words (if I assume that indeed it was his presence speaking). A thing that was not lacking was the repetitive blaming of humanity for everything that has occurred on our planet.

First of all it would be nice if Nostradamus would consider the possibility that he is still part of the human race and humanity, only in the astral mode. We're in this together, right? I am also inclined to think that it really is a bit too easy to blame all distortions on the physical side of humanity. Take for example this former 'demon' (see Osho Notices Theocratic Practices for more on the term 'demon') in the interview with Gert van Rooyen Demon, 1. He talks about having pushed quite a few males in the past into killing and raping children. That was sure instigated from the astral realms.

If it is apparently possible for some in the astral planes to pull a 'possession trick' like that, it would only be logical that more interference has been going on. Those familiar with the ssoa-writings know all about the attacks from the so-called false-gods and other folk from the various astral bands. So, if I were to give Nostradamus a piece of advice: please try to find out where all the machinery is coming from. If some babies or children at an early age would indeed be given or develop these 'systems' inside of their bodies, like dr. Ian Stephenson (part 1, 2) seems to suggest, how can you blame those babies or little children, and perhaps for that matter all those who grow up with these systems?

Let's first find out all about these systems: who inserted them, who devised them and could it perhaps be that some in the astral planes benefit from it: that would be one nice task of the astral part of humanity: investigate everything within their realms that benefits from chaos and distortion within the physical counterpart of humanity. If we - as physical beings - are indeed that dense and choatic in our way of thinking and feeling (which seems like a reasonable assumption), how can this be changed?

Nostradamus talks about the high predictability of humanity because of their mechanised way of being. He was so bitter that he thought that only new children would be able to create a new and better world. That reminded me of another issue that would need to be considered in this interdimensional interhuman dance: what are the limits of interaction? Are we - physicals - ready to just accept everything that is being thought out by these astral people? Are we but mere followers of the astral plans from those awakened ones 'up there'?

What kind of astral-physical interaction is acceptible? The way 'Desteni-productions' is doing it seems acceptible to me: only messages nothing more.

If our astral counterparts would discover the ways these 'machines' are placed in many of our bodies, would it be acceptible if they decided to remove them overnight? For this will probably be better for humanity as a whole. I, however, would prefer to remove any machinery myself and understand how to do it and why they were there in the first place.

One of the main themes in this site during the last year is that of the relativity of realities, meaning that every reality perspective of a person consists of a bunch of personal thought-forms, attitudes, ideas about life. The more distorted or twisted thought-forms you have in your system, the more distorted your reality perspective would be. If this principle would hold for physical humans, I don't see any reason to think that this principle wouldn't apply to those people in the astral planes.

This would mean that not only are there many variants of personal astral reality perspective, but most likely there will be some collective shared reality. In our past we used to believe that the world was flat before we discovered that our planet was rather round instead. I think the shared reality of those astral humans that Desteni encountered is relative as well. In other words they might hold ideas that will turn out to be wrong in the future.

When they all keep saying that there is no god, they are probably referring to some biblical god or allah, sitting in the middle of heaven playing with his beard. A popular 'astral' thought-form in this regard is that every human is god. For now I prefer to hold on to the idea that indeed we are all manifestations of a god, but there are higher levels of understanding, and the more you expand, the more you realize and therefore the more 'god'-realization you attain.

Fortunately I have got some time at hand now this week, which allows me to try to keep up with this huge amount of new destenivideos. There's much more to be said, but I want to leave at this for now.

August 2007

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