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Eat Me, Please!

    October 2005

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A few nights ago I was lying in bed and I noticed that my mind got stuck on a certain relatively unimportant topic. I guess we all recognize this, so I wasn't worried at first. Normally, when I notice that a certain strain of thoughts starts becoming repetitive, I am able to end it because it is useless to continue thinking the same things over and over again. Approaches like the removal of personality entities who cause these thoughts help, sometimes I need to retrieve my mental subtle body or I need to remove some other non-physical force. All that didn't work, even visualizing the removal of these stuck thought forms didn't change a thing.

This started to get weird: I wasn't able to end a certain repetitive thought form, no matter what I tried. Not knowing what else to do, I got up in the middle of the night to see if I could get some clue about what was going on by checking my chakra's and by asking a few questions to my Source and Body Level Consciousness. Well, I discovered the biggest shattering that I have experienced so far in my process: some chakra's had been shattered to such a degree that only 10-20% of them were functional. Many subtle bodies were torn apart and a lot of genetic and etheric grid work was missing. I had a hard time breathing normally, and my intentions to restore the whole bunch did not seem to work as instantly as they used to.

I persevered however and after some 30 minutes everything seemed to have returned normal. My fourth chakra was doing fine, allowing me to breathe powerfully again. During this half hour something strange surfaced. The cause of this shattering seemed to come from some unconscious part of the Tao. Someone else said that it was a part that probably was quite distorted and in pain. I used to call this part the False Tao, but an unconscious distorted fragment of the Tao seems to be a better term.

I have had meetings with this Tao-fragment before (see Causes Ascension Doubt), but this encounter was different: I started to sense the desire of this part to be eaten by me. When I asked it if it wanted to be consumed it responded with a positive answer. "Eat me, please!", it seemed to beg me.

Since I was still in this fight regaining my strength, I didn't feel like doing any of these things, so I refused to consume anything, but I promised to give this possibility a thought.

Even though it is suggested in the SSoA's Acacia Trees article from September 2005 that it is fine to consume those non-physical parasites that have consumed you in the past, I felt reluctant. For me it was just another way of reviving the consumption thought form. instead of eating pigs and cows you would start eating something else, without their approval. I didn't really see the difference.

There is of course a difference in the sense that pigs and cows didn't eat us in the past, and these non-physical forces did, but is that enough reason to start chowing away at them in return: an eye for an eye? Didn't Ghandhi say that an eye for an eye, makes us all blind? How can we be sure that we are not eating too much, causing new consumption karma to be born, allowing others to eat us on the same grounds as we eat the non-physicals? There must be some other way to fix this problem of the parasites.

In the Acacia tree article it is suggested that fear of consumption is behind the reluctance of people to start having a bite at the non-physical forces. Perhaps that's true, but perhaps there is more to this reluctance, some innate feeling that this isn't the way to bring this creation together, or should we start thinking of the inbreath of the Tao as a giant act of consumption?

But what to do with those fragments that seem to ask to be consumed? Why not simply eat them and we've got less distortion left? Consumption remains consumption, but perhaps we can find an alternative way to deal with this request to be eaten?

Following the proposal of another ascending I developed the following alternative: what if you would refuse to consume this possible Tao fragment (or any other non-physical parasite), but you would intend to disassemble it? These non-physical forces are probably filled with loads of information taken from all corners of the universe. They carry these bits and pieces in them, but it doesn't lead to anything comprehensive. If you dissect and disassemble them and you ask your guidance to get back only those parts that belong to your ancestry, you are not really consuming it, but you are only retrieving information that once belonged to you.

I haven't figured out yet what to do with the remaining parts. I don't know if Earth is open to receive all these soul fragments that are left within these partly disassembled and dissected non-physical beings? If you would utter the intent to let all these fragments return to their place of origin (which is quite a common intention in this ascension movement), it would imply that many people would suddenly receive parts of their ancestries, without them having specifically asked for it. Would we not be defying the free will of others by intending these parts to be returned to them?

For now I think that this last approach is the best: the intent to return the parts to where they belong seems to be beneficial for all, and if people are not ready to receive those parts consciously, they might be integrated with the ancestors on unconscious levels. Perhaps it is a good idea to occasionally disanimate certain non-physical fragments that appear distorted.

I think the problem with eating non-physical parasites is that you eat far more than what belongs to your ancestry. It might turn out to be like eating gridwork, chi and information of others, which is not useful for your ascension process. You can never be sure of what any non-physical parasite consists of: perhaps some electrical or radioactive material is within?

For now I prefer to disassemble and dissect and only take back those parts that are mine, and not resort to consuming blindly anything that once ate others. In my opinion we need to develop some guidelines as far as eating parasites is concerned.

So far for now. Please let me know your thoughts on this, send an email to Gibbon by clicking on the mailbox below.

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