The Non Existing Elements Deal with the Albyreons

The Non Existing Elements Deal
with the Albyreons

    July 2005

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This page contains a theory that turned out to be false and manipulated. This page remains as an example of how manipulation can occur and what I have learned from it. The old information can be found below the small line half way down this page. It did however lead to the discovery of a possible massive false ascent by some South American Indian lineages, which would have led to about 50,000 deaths.



In the first phase it seemed that my guidance confirmed the so-called 'Elements Deal' that the root races would have made with the Albyreons. In this phase I wrote:

This page contains information that was triggered by K. and confirmed by my ancestors from all root races. The various ancestors added their information and my Source at first denied the elements deal, but after hearing the ancestors agreed that it had learned something new. This information is not mentioned on the ascendpress web site. I decided to post it anyway because of the consensus among my ancestors. They could be wrong however, so treat it with caution.

That caution turned out to be a wise warning. After another ascending initiate told me that all of her ancestors were sure that this 'elements deal' never occurred, I started to wonder what could have happened? Perhaps my ancestors are very different from hers? But the differences would be too great. I had also started to doubt the elements deal. Why wouldn't this information have come on the ascendpress site? Mila and Oa who have had so much contact with all kinds of ancestors, must have heard of such a big deal.

But I was sure all of my ancestors did confirm the deal. So, what was going on? I decided to check it out again. I could use some information from someone apart from the ancestors and my source. I was glad to notice that the Tao wanted to tell me something. I don't know if this really was the same Tao as the one talking to Mila, but I decided to ask if there was any truth in the elements deal. The answer was clear: No, there was no truth in it at all.

But why did all my ancestors say that the deal did happen? So, I asked the Tao who was responsible for this false theory and there were two groups of ancestors responsible: all of my Albyreon Ancestors and the ancestors connected to two of my South American lineages. They somehow managed to fake all my pendulum reactions: when I thought the ancestors responded they did not, it was all set up by the Albyreons and some South American Indians.

Now I asked my Aboriginal Ancestors to tell me what they thought about the elements deal and they knew nothing about it. The Dark Lord in the Masobali story they said was not Albyreon, but Pleiadean. That story would still hold.

What did I learn from this experience? First of all: I don't want to have anything to do with Albyreon Ancestors: if they fool me like this, I cannot trust them ever again. I want to block these lineages from my tapestry of ancestry from which I draw information. The second thing is to always try to find verification from other ascending people. This is a good way to discover a possible manipulation. Finally it did result in an interesting discovery about a possible deal between the Albyreons and some South American Indian lineages. What might have happened between them? Perhaps one day more light will be shed upon this issue of a possible collaboration between some (not all) South American Indians and the Albyreons.

I checked to see how much influence the Albyreon and South American Indians had on my thoughts last week, and while I was occupied with these thoughts about the deal with the elements they would have been responsible for about 20-30% of my thoughts. Today they were only responsible for about 5%. You could say that I have been under some 'Albyreon Spell', from which I am releasing myself now.

To help me release this tie with the Albyreons and those two lineages (these two South American Indian lineages would represent about 400,000 ancestors) I decided to contact the Indian ancestors once more and this led to the following response. Some 55,000 Earth years ago (some 181,000 human years) about 50,000 South American Indians died as a result of false ascensions, either because they themselves ascended falsely, or because of the nuclear effects of some of them falsely ascending. They would have been guided by the Albyreons. Although they misguided me once again together with these Albyreons I have tried to forgive them anyway, for if they had not fooled me with that elements deal story I would not have come across this possible historical event.

It would be nice if anyone could confirm these findings. If you can, please let me know.

Well, if more and more ancestors turn out to be manipulative, I will no longer support the plea for their future on Earth at Future of Root Races. The question still remains what is the role of the inverse elements and what has it got to do with the Albyreons and how were the South American Indians fooled by the Albyreons?

What follows is the old text which turned out to be false after the latest developments:

Here's a part of an email correspondence with K:

The other 7 seven tribes, currently referred to as the Red Seeded race, continued to exist upon on earth and developed their own relationships with some of Earths Kingdoms. The Albyreons arrived needing a fourth dimensional reality to exist within and something to feed upon. This lead to the Australian Aboriginal Creational story of the Rainbow Serpent, which is really a story of the fragmentation of creation into a final physical/non-physical form by a Serpent Soul that got hold of the tones of creation. This was orchestrated by the Albyreons, referred to in the Masobali story as the Dark Lord. The story follows that the Dark Lord offered the seven tribes each a guardian ship over an element; in other words they would be the New Masters of a physical creation, as it was, they never felt part of this creation and the seven agreed, they would finally get their own home. It was from this information that the inverse elements were discovered, making up 8 elements.

However, from what I am able to discern there was seven original elements including Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether. I am not sure what the other 2 are, however, they were not the inverse elements. The inverse elements, excluding Ether, are combusted elements used to support a non-physical reality that was created by Albyreons to exist within. Therefore, the non physical reality was woven together through the combustion of the Earth elements, from which they drew Chi and other life forces.

Like I said, my ancestors from the seven root races confirmed this story. When I asked them of which element they were guardians I received these answers. K. proposed the element of Wood, but so far I couldn't find any root race having been a guardian for that element.

  • Tibetan: Ether
  • Polynesians: Earth
  • Africans: Air
  • Aboriginals: Water
  • Inuit/Mongolian: Ash
  • South American Indians: Metal
  • North American Indians: Fire
At this moment I haven't got the slightest idea what this all means. There are still a lot of questions remaining, like for example: what was the nature of Earth before the elements deal: was it perhaps more etheric than after the deal? Was there a new physicality created? This Elements Deal would have happened before the arrival of the Grand Masters, the Ascended Masters and the Anu.

I would very much appreciate any comments by people who have access to their ancestors. Do they confirm this Elements Deal with the Albyreons as well? Can you perhaps add more details about the way this all happened and what the consequences were?

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