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Exploring Sexual Deviant Thought Forms

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In the first article on 'Ascension and Forensic Psychiatry' (see link above) I write about sexual delinquents. As part of the further investigation into 'distorted' thought form I would like to pay more attention to the possible relation between sexual delinquency and the search for the elixir of life.

If you are serious about the ascension process of humanity you would need to open up to ALL categories of thought form that are present today in our world. Only if you look closely at them you can find means for the transformation of these building blocks of reality into more harmless variants.

Both our Anu and Sirian ancestors have probably planted numerous karmically charged thought forms in our genetic structure. Through the ascension process we can address the thought forms we come across and alter them in various ways. instead of sending certain harmful thought forms into kingdom come (or 'back' to the Pleiades) we have come to work with the hypothesis that every human thought form that is created and has been created on Earth is our responsibility.

I guess what we need right now is a stop to all those who prefer to point to others. We are all ancestrally connected into a huge ancestral web of lineages which contain numerous thought forms, memes and belief systems that vary in the degree of harmfulness. Probably all of them are stored in our genetic structure, and I think that most of them only affect us unconsciously.

I like the idea that when you increase your vibratory rate you might venture into realms in which it doesn't really matter anymore if certain memes belong to your ancestry or not. The only thing that matters is that they are human and there is a common interest in devising ways to discharge the harmful modes of thinking, thereby releasing all kinds fears, feelings of guilt, shame, hate, anger and agression.

The topic of this page is related to the attractiveness of young people. Seen from the SSOA-account of our history the Anu would have invented all kinds of ways to remain young, to extend their lives. In the page on Merduk and Inanna you can read about Merduk who would have placed one of his own children on a bed, with machines draining blood from his son. This youthful blood would be a key element in the production of the elixir that would extend not only his own life but that of many of his family members.

There are also stories about the son of Zeus who would have done things like tying a naked virgin somewhere in order to forcefully stimulate her into an orgasm. As soon as she would have this orgasm he would slit her throat, thereby gaining enormous amounts of chi and lifeforce.

Our ancestors undoubtfully have committed many harmful acts. Many of these acts were done out of fear of aging and degeneration. Nowadays some commit suicide when they notice their own degeneration process, some just accept it, others mildly fight it with plastic surgery and some start to resonate with ancient ancestral techniques of the kind I have just portrayed.

In 'The Sexual Energy Flow' Monique has written:

This is ancestral patterning where those of Anu nature tend to incorporate another's sexual flow and feed themselves on another's life force. Those of slave nature and those who lost their information are ready to serve or forced to provide whatever it may be that the other needs. Their individual free will is overrun in the act. It is not hard to understand that this kind of energy management prevents honor or communion or the blessing of another in a sexual encounter. In fact, in most encounters one or both parties get stripped, depending on your ancestries. This includes marriages.

If we put all these things together we simply have a kind of energetic-economic benefit when you strip people who are still young and vital through having sex with them. You hook into their energy flow and you pull chi out of their system, thereby artificially increasing your own vibration, making your cells feel younger and more powerful.

I guess that this energetic stripping of teens was quite popular and therefore deeply ingrained into our genes. This leads to interesting conflicting situations in which some people on the one hand feel the desire to sexually drain young people again in order to rejuvenate themselves, but they feel the ethical responsibility to respect young children and not touch them at all sexually.

I may be losing a lot of visitors with the pictures on this page, but I don't really care. I think the time has come to integrate the reality that there are millions if not billions of people who tune into various kinds of sexual deviant thought forms. Probably not out of conscious choice, but out of an unconscious reaction to the ancient memories stored in our genes.

What can they tell us? Why are there so many pictures on the internet of women being 'facialled' with loads of sperm? What thought forms are behind such an act? Could it be that by treating women as a kind of slave that ancient memories are reactivated in which men used women to charge their energetic field? To reduce women to people who were ready to be ejaculated upon the feeling of power would increase, thereby transfering the chi of the 'facialled' one to the ejaculating one. Perhaps women need to start smearing the sperm back all over the face (and into the hair) of their 'master' in order to balance this ancient habit.

For now it seems that we share a grim history in our genetic household. Thought forms abound that were implanted in our systems because they were useful once, at least when you wanted to rejuvenate yourselves. You could apply certain sexual acts in order to fuel yourself at the cost of others. It probably worked well in the past, regardless of the ethics concerned. Probably many of these habits were just cast on us by our Sirian and Pleiadean ancestors who wanted to get rid of these thought forms.

In order to transform these thought forms we'd better look them into the eye instead of looking away. Here we are in a world that is filled with harmful kinds of sexual interaction and porn and we need to confront ourselves with it instead of simply condemning it or secretly shamefully enjoying it. It is an expression of the present human condition. If we want to move on as an ascending species we need to find ways to deal with it, respectfully. If we would prefer not to look at it (see I Would Prefer Not To) we could risk trapping a lot of our ancestors in repetitive sexually related loops (see Unplugging Repetitive Loops).

Like in many other processes, change comes after a certain level of understanding is reached, followed by a sense of forgiveness. The genetic call to drain the less degenerated ones of their chi is strong and this call can only be transformed when the original cause of this call is illuminated. For now, I think that a number of useful intentions could be:

  • I intend to forgive my ancestors for the draining of energy from young people and women against their will in order to fuel themselves and to ward of death. They were so scared of death that they tried everything within their might to extend their lives. How fearful of death they must have been to lapse into such behavior.
  • I intend to find out why they were so afraid of dying.
  • I intend to understand every thought form related to these ancestral draining practices.
  • I intend to take responsibility for all acts of harmfulness that were carried out by my ancestors in order to find ways to transform the thought forms leading to such acts.
  • instead of sending hate and disgust towards sexual delinquents I would like to send understanding to them. Let's see them as mirrors for aspects of humanity that each and everyone carries within us. Let's work on our common past, even when it means wading through the ugliest and darkest swamps of our past and present.
  • I intend a returning and balancing of all energy that was stolen through these means between my ancestors that were on both sides of this 'dance'.

By the way I don't intend to make a habit out of placing these kind of pictures on my site. If I accidentally offended any spiritually minded person I would advise you to delve into the background of this feeling.

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November 2006

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