The Monroe Bands

The Monroe Bands

    May 2006

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I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to open up again to my old hero, Robert Monroe, after three years of SSoA and some five years of channeled material of sorts. Especially when I start to sense that they all have interesting parts of the big puzzle. Due to the ban on books that I had imposed on myself during the SSoA-years, I stored nearly all the books I had somewhere deep in a cellar. Who needs any other books when the SSoA-perspective is in your system?

Today I was able to delve into this cellar and actually find 'The Ultimate Journey' by Monroe from 1994, a year before he passed away. It has deepened the realization that the rather extreme focus on D.N.A., karma and ancestors in the SSoA is a very useful endeavour, but I think it has led to a negligence of the less physical parts, ranging from astral body/soul to Source or Higher Self or in Monroe-terminology, the I-There, and what their part is in this world of ours.

In the article on the Afterlife a start was made with the exploration of these territories, and this page continues with this effort by describing the bands that Monroe distinguished together with his crew in the Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA. He doesn't use the term 'Monroe Bands', but in honor of his work I coin this term. Val Valerian seems to speak of lower-, mid- and high fourth density levels, Monroe himself, speaks of Focus 22-27, but I will try to work with the Monroe Bands and see how that works out. Perhaps these Monroe Bands will shed a different light on our ancestors. Here we go.

You can look at these Monroe Bands as places where the consciousness of a person can reside, either during dream time, during an OBE (Out of Body Experience), but mostly after the death of the physical body. These Bands hold a certain frequency and it seems that those who resonate with a certain frequency get attracted to the corresponding Monroe Band. To give an example: if you believe that Christ is the savior and God is his father you are likely to end up in Monroe Band 24,25 or 26, which is reserved for all those people who have resonant thought forms.

In a way you could say that you get what you believe in during your life in physicality. There are ways to get out of certain Bands, by changing your perspective. People who are very strong in their belief would have a lot of trouble altering their belief system, resulting in a nearly permanent residence in a certain Monroe Band. Perhaps there is a nice mansion for the SSoA-believers as well somewhere in those Bands (and perhaps for the Monroe-believers too!)

I guess it is up to everybody to open up to the possibility that the way we think and live our lives in the physical has got a strong connection to what we will get when we die. Perhaps when we are able to remove many of the belief systems and related illusionary thought form, we can actually move beyond these lower Monroe Bands after our death.

Here's a description from Ultimate Journey (1994, pp 174-175) and some parts from Far Journeys (1985, pp. 260-261), which I losely translated out of Dutch, together with some elements from a description by Val Valerian (see link above). Andrea from Italy directed me to a page where a more elaborate list of Bands or focus-numbers can be read, this is a page from the M5-material: Experiential Environmental Gradients.

  • Monroe Band 22: People who still have a physical body
    • A.Dreamers
    • B.Astral Travellers (can be found on more bands)
    • C.People who are in a coma
    • D.People who are under narcosis
    • E.People who are in a delirium due to dementia or the addictive use of drugs
  • Monroe Band 23: People who have recently died, but who cannot grasp what is happening, or those who are in shock after a sudden death or a suicide.
    • A.The Physical Addicts: they continue to be around physical objects, like houses or persons who are still physically alive. Some would try to reenter their dead body. They would form the main blockage in the stream of the learning process of humanity. They can remain locked in this position for ages, until they catch a glimpse of another reality.
    • B.The Wild Ones: A relatively small group that has somehow learned that they cannot control their physical body any longer. They know that they are a bit different. They don't understand it, nor do they feel any drive to understand anything of their condition. They experience 'absolute freedom' and engage in attempts to have fun near the physical, that they experience as being all around them.
  • Monroe Band 24-26: People who cling strongly to a certain belief system.
    • People from all ages and countries that hold particular beliefs would reside in this band. This includes all those belief systems that hold some kind of belief in life after death. The higher the band the less rigid people become in their mode of thinking.
  • Monroe Band 27: The Park
    • This place would have been set up by humans millenia ago to provide a place for people to get used to the astral experience, without being hampered by all kinds of belief systems. It would hold a library where you can access information on humanity and Earth, you can review your life and you could visit classes, healing centers.
  • Monroe Band 28-35: Higher Selves
    • These bands would consist of Higher Selves that would experience various Earth Incarnations. Perhaps these are the I-There groups that Monroe speaks of.
What is interesting in this, is that there seem to be Higher Selves that are connected to physical incarnations. Perhaps these Higher Selves can be likened to the Source-concept in the SSoA. The question that arises is, what connects these physical incarnations?

In the SSoA-perspective connections are genetic, through lineages and ancestors. In this Monroe-perspective it seems there are certain 'soul-connections' that seem to be unrelated to any genetic bond.

So much for now. Feel free to share your thoughts.

May 2006

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