Patching Up Maldek

Patching Up Maldek

On the Possibility of Reuniting Soul Fragments from Maldek

    October 2005

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Sometimes an ascending person can feel like being a distribution center. All kinds of information, grid work, karma, chi, curses, personality entities, soul fragments are part of your system and much of it shouldn't really be part of your system at all. One of the most recurrent themes in the intentions within the ssoa-paradigm is the theme of 'recasting or sending back' those parts that do not belong to your system to their place of origin.

Within the current framework many soul fragments or personality entities would have ended up on Earth after the destruction of Maldek. During my work I gather quite a bunch of personality entities which I used to send to the aurora of the Earth, to be recast. After my experience with the dissecting of bigger groups of soul fragments, which I could name a 'soul cocktail group' (see Dissecting Dorothea), I came across some 400 of these soul fragments that would have originated at Maldek. What to do with all them?

There is no Maldek left to return them to. As I write in Sirian Karma: what to do with it? there seems to be elements that cannot simply be returned to their place of origin. In the case of Sirian Karma you can ask yourself: if our root race lineages and grand master lineages are 100% Sirian, to which degree are we in a way responsible for the karma of our Sirian ancestors? Do we need to help find a solution that might include a reconnection with our Sirian ancestors?

I tend to think that we need to find some solution for the stranded soul fragments from Maldek. Maldek was probably destroyed by our Sirian Ancestors, and therefore we might share some responsibility for some reconstruction work. instead of simply pushing those often lost soul fragments out of our Earth territory we might start working on a solution that is more constructive, and I'm thinking about the possibility to create some space somewhere where these soul fragments can be reunited with other soul fragments, in order to establish the resurrection of clearer Maldekian consciousness.

From my current perspective I don't know how sound it is to reconstruct those souls, without any physical counterpart. I'm still in the dark about the level of dependency between the non-physical and the physical in order to be self sustaining. Another possibility could be that we are reconstructing some lawless souls that turn out to be harmful for other creations, but we cannot be sure. On the Dissecting Dorothea-page I write about the Merduk fragments that were part of the soul group as well. Do we want to reconstruct Merduk by stitching together his soul fragments? Is this possible in the first place?

For now it seems fair to create some space where to patch up and stitch together those soul fragments with a Maldekian signature. Hopefully they regain a level of conscious awareness that is constructive for the ascent of the whole. By reconnecting these soul fragments less of these lost fragments need to remain on Earth, causing harm within the fields of many people.

Let me know your thoughts,
October 2005

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