Exploring Ascension: Rethinking Marciniak's Pleiadean Humans

Rethinking Marciniak's Pleiadean Humans


    September 2005

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A few months ago I wrote about 'defusing electrical data'. Today I was told that those three Pleiadean Books (also see 'Removing Books') were causing a chi leak again to the Pleiades. This time I thought it would be best to simply throw those books away, without any defusing activity, but again I was lured into reading Barbara Marciniak's Earth: Pleiadean Keys to the Living Library. I was struck by some of the similarities between a few SSOA-concepts and the ones mentioned in this book from 1995.

What was this book trying to tell me, I wondered. When reading the SSOA-material, you mainly read about the terrible effects that were caused by the Pleiadean Anu Family when they interfered in our magnetic business here on Earth. Much of our current troubles would have arisen because of the genetic intermingling of those Pleiadeans with their electrical tones of creation and our magnetic ones. It is no surprise that the SSOA has come to the conclusion that it is better to return everything that is electrical back to Pleiades and only hold on to the magnetic vibrations. These magnetic tones are in alliance with our planet, and they seem to be the only tones that are able to ascend along with Earth.

But where do these similarities come from? I guess that the Pleiadeans that were speaking through Barbaria Marciniak were not like the Anu Family in intent. They claim to come from a future and I tend to think that they really understood what had been done by their Anu ancestors and they wanted to do something beneficial in return. This would be the information that they presented to us in this timeframe.

However, they are Pleiadean, and therefore they are driven by an electrical GOS (see Genetic Operating System) and that signature is probable interwoven in their way of being. Their reality is one of being an electrically based human, but they are human, just like we are, and perhaps that explains many of the similarities in their writings.

Take a look at this picture on the left. The point I would like to make, is that there are probably thousands of characteristics that we share with the Pleiadeans, which are not determined by any 'sacred geometry' or genetic operating system. We share these characteristics because we were both cast as human beings. The differences arise because this blueprint of a human being was used in different creations with different signatures.

The yellow electrical characteristics and the orange magnetic characteristics don't match and cause trouble, as we have seen in our human history. We both share the cyan part however, and perhaps we can find a way to share the knowledge that we have in common. In my opinion it could very well be that the Marciniak's Pleiadeans have shared with us parts of the cyan human hologram that we share, but that we dismissed all Pleiadean information because we have learnt that the yellow part of their information is quite toxic for our system.

Perhaps we can find a way to gain access to the cyan human hologram that is not magnetic and not electrical in origin, just human. It would not surprise me if it were possible to sift out the yellow from the Pleiadean information which might have been given to actually help us during these days. They probably were not able to speak magnetically because that is a foreign signature to them. They may have tried to help their human brothers out of karmic return but I guess they failed to understand the complexities in communicating between people of different signatures and perhaps it is natural to give chi to an electrical creation, when you are confronting yourself with electrical thought forms. I want to see if it is possible to defuse the yellow-electrical content and keep the chi to myself, and retrieve the human-cyan parts of our common human heritage that could benefit us during these times of ascension.

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