Potassium in the Ascension Process


    July 2004

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This page deals with the role of Potassium during the ascension process. In a few articles we can read that the salt potassium chloride would have to be removed from the body if you are serious in trying to ascend as far as possible. You will come across some repetitions. About the baths...I don't even have a bath tub in my house!

This article is from the first phase of Mila's ascension process, stemming from 1998:

In our prior article, New Initiations From Ancient Egypt, we spoke of the need to detox the body through mud and mineral baths on an ongoing basis throughout the initiation process. This detoxification is the result of an extra molecule that is no longer needed following crystalline conversion. The molecule is a form of potassium chloride, i.e., salt, that can throw the potassium/salt ratios of the body off balance during conversion causing a fair amount of water retention.

Herbs that assist the kidneys in releasing excess water are helpful; however, the potassium chloride collects throughout the body's structure, including in the muscles and bones. Our channel found the use of mud baths every 2-3 weeks to be the easiest way to release the potassium chloride that had collected throughout the muscular and bone structure. The skin, being the largest organ, has the ability to release large amounts of any toxin or substance no longer needed by the body. Once the crystalline conversion is complete, our channel released all of the excess fluid that she had stored over a 2-3 week period. If mud baths are inaccessible, the following formula has worked on other initiates that our channel has been in contact with

Day 1 - Take a 45-minute bath in hot water with two gallons of whole milk added.
Day 2 - Take a 45-minute bath in hot water with two large cans of tomato juice added.
Day 3 - Take a 45-minute bath in hot water with one large carton of Epsom salts added.
Day 4 - Repeat Day 1.
Day 5 - Repeat Day 2.
Day 6 - Repeat Day 3.
Days 6-25 - Take daily 45-minute hot baths with one cup of Epsom salts added. Steam baths, sauna or jacuzzi can be substituted.
Day 26 - Start all over with Day 1.

In December 1999 we can read about potassium chloride called 'vebudi' which would be released during a complete ascension.

The cause of the combustion in lieu of a complete ascension is just beginning to come to light based on the retrieval of records from this time period by the Order of Rize. For those governing ascension on the physical plane, because the body burned up, and only a pile of ash remained, it was probably difficult to detect that a complete ascension had not occurred. When a complete ascension occurs, only 'soma' or a white powder remains. The soma is also known as 'sacred ash' or vebudi. Such vebudi should be white in color if it is pure. The ash remaining in the spontaneous combustion of a form is gray in color and is a reflection of the soul and body burning up in the process rather than ascending.

Many may wonder, what about the vebudi I have now? Such vebudi is not pure if the color is gray which is a reflection of the burning up of soul to produce it. Vebudi is produced through a form of minor spontaneous combustion. Real vebudi is white if it is pure. The production of pure vebudi requires the movement of the kundahlini to a degree of heat that one's form ignites to a high enough vibration, causing each cell to cast off a form of potassium chloride no longer needed in the next dimension. Such potassium chloride is white in color. Real vebudi cannot be produced remotely from a form. Remote production of vebudi is the result of souls who agree to burn themselves up or sacrifice themselves to produce the vebudi as a form of magic.

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In May 2000, we can read about the release of Potassium Chloride again in relation to the process of crystallization:


The crystalline cell holds more salt or sodium chloride than the old cellular structure. As a result, it is salt that you often crave during certain phases of ascension. The salt is being utilized and will not create high blood pressure or heart disease if you are ascending. Likewise, potassium chloride is being released at a parallel rate to the salt being added. This often creates a situation in which you are bloated with water retention, which is directly related to a sodium/potassium imbalance. I guide you not to utilize diuretics at this time but rather to drink lots of water to flush the potassium out of the system and take nightly 45-minute sits-baths in Epsom salts to draw the excess potassium out through the skin.

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June 2001. More on Potassium and the detoxification process:

Initiations 1 through 1024

During this period, the healthy cells within the form are being converted to Crystalline. This requires a lot of cholesterol to accomplish. Cholesterol from eggs is perhaps the best source for this as eggs hold the added benefit of a biochemical component necessary for growth that is present as eggs are in the process of growing into a chick at the time that they are consumed. This helps support the return of HGH or Human Growth Hormone to the system.

For the average human, eggs or an omelet every other day or 3 to 4 times per week are recommended during this period along with a balanced diet of grains, vegetables and fruit. Cooked meat may provide some cholesterol, although not necessarily the biochemical growth component. One may also crave salt as the crystalline cell holds more salt and less potassium than the non-crystalline cell. Allow the salt to be consumed, but follow it with lots of fluids to allow the potassium to be detoxified through the kidneys.

One of the major symptoms during this period along with the ascension that follows is bloating. The bloating may cause one to feel "sticky" or sweat more than normal. It may also make one feel "stiff". The stiffness is the result of the collecting of potassium chloride in the muscles themselves. One may also find that their sweat "smells bad" and this is the result of the toxins, which are beginning to flow through the pours of the skin. This is also true for the period of ascension that follows.

We have made many suggestions about baths, swimming, saunas, steam rooms, and mud baths. We recommend all of such throughout the ascension process and as much as one has time for such things. To the degree one can detoxify, and indeed the skin is a major organ through which most toxins can be pulled in a bath or act of swimming, to such a degree the ascension shall come forth at a more rapid speed.

We also recommend mild daily exercise such as a 45-minute walk or swim to commune with nature and move the energy of the field and form. One may also utilize the kundahlini and grounding meditations in our Messages from the Earth Mother section of the site. (see "Supporting the Form in Ascension" for more information).

To assist in the detoxification of the kidneys, liver, spleen and bowels, we also recommend the consumption of watermelon or watermelon juice and/or grapes as they are in season throughout one's ascension. Watermelon is better than grapes as grapes can alter the pH of the form, whereas watermelon is a more neutral and therefore can be consumed in greater amounts without effecting the pH.

A too acidic or basic body pH leads to yeast and other problems, and therefore balancing the pH of the form is helpful in this regard. Watermelon is not only more neutral in pH but contains a substance that is helpful in dissolving the fat utilized in pastries and frostings that tends to collect in the ducts of the kidneys and liver over time. It also contains a gentle bulk that has a laxative effect upon the colon.

October 2002. Potassium in relation to water and mucous:


The element of water is more greatly known by current human scientists in relation to the function it carries within form. Water lubricates so that nourishment and toxins may move from one part of the form to another to either be recycled or disposed of. Cells also require certain amounts of water to sustain the cycle of metabolism in the cell itself. In essence, water is required to break down all eight forms of sugar that are prevalent in the crystalline system and manufactured by the diaphragm in the collection of oxygen inhaled through the breath.

We spoke above about water that combusts. Water that combusts turns to mucous. In the human form at 2 strands, about 18% of a healthy form is mucous in nature by the age of 30. This is the result of the combustion of water that occurs simply due to a lack of aeration. Water that has not enough air to separate the molecules enough will spin itself into mucous. As one applies more air to a highly mucous-based system, the mucous dissolves. There are also herbs that will assist with this.

In ascension, there are many forms of mucous that are created in the conversion to the crystalline form. Much like the caterpillar that becomes the butterfly, first the caterpillar weaves itself into a cocoon, and then dissolves itself into primal goo, restructuring the form into a butterfly or moth. When complete, the moth or butterfly hatches from the cocoon and flies away. In parallel manner, the cells presently being converted to crystalline in the act of ascension create a cocoon that surrounds itself. The cell then dissolves into primal goo and then founded upon new genetic material, restructures itself. What is no longer needed to the crystalline form is expelled as mucous. Therefore mucous is an ongoing issue to any ascending form.

Sometimes such mucous holds a form of potassium no longer required by the crystalline cell, which then causes water retention until it is detoxified, making one puffy. This is often the case in the ascent to 3000; one is puffy most of the time. An easy solution is to take lots of baths and swim one to several times per day if possible so that the excessive potassium can exit through the pores of the skin. Sometimes such mucous also contains heavy metals or other poisons that require detoxification. Generally it is easiest to detoxify most of such toxins through either the waste management systems or the skin.

There are 18 additional forms of mucous created through the ascension process to 6000 strands. Each kind of mucous can collect coating the cells of the circulatory system, lymph system, organs or glands that are resurrecting, or the waste management systems themselves, causing problems for the form. If the mucous collects long enough and in great enough amounts, cancer may be the result. It is for this reason that detoxification is so important for those upon the path of ascension.

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