Attracting Astral Activity

Attracting Astral Activity

Schizophrenia, part III: Astral Resonance


Random Thoughts Section: June 2006

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Right now I seem to be going through a rather complicated phase. On the one hand there is the ascension process and the desire to become more balanced, less fractured and less harmful. On the other hand, however, there is the desire to explore the astral planes, which by definition (at least the one used on this site) contain all colors of fractured thought form.

Although I feel that my system is getting a bit fractured because of these astral explorations, I do think that it is useful, at least for a while. For one, it might lead to a better understanding of what happens when you allow yourself to tune in to these fractured lower astral planes. In Turtle 28 (Fear of Contamination) and I Would Prefer Not To I write about the fear to possibly get 'infected' by these planes.

I have come to think that it really is possible to get overwhelmed by these planes and lose your own integrity because of it. In Vivid Imagination I already ponder about the possibility that you get energetically drained when you intend to explore these planes, just at random.

It seems to be paramount what you allow yourself to think. If you intend to explore the astral planes, you can expect to receive all kinds of distorted thought forms. Once you engage with these thought forms you seem to turn into a magnet: a magnet that attracts personality entities or consciousness from the astral planes that resonate with your thoughts.

If you, for example, allow yourself to become doubtful about something (like the additions of ads to certain pages on your site (see Ripening of Thoughts) you start to vibrate at a frequency that sends out the message: I am full of doubt, all resonating astral activity please enter my field.

The way the SSoA deals with these matters is understandable. They notice the presence of certain personality entities and they flush them down to the aurora of the Earth or they send them back to where they belong. Perhaps they sometimes try to balance the thought that attracted the personality entities (or the astral awareness) to them in the first place. They often see these personality entities (and for that matter, probably much false-god activity) as manipulative forces that would want to obstruct the process of ascension.

If this really is a principle then it sheds interesting light on all those people who suffer from the experience of 'voices' in their head. It becomes likely that once you have a number of fractured thought forms you attract astral activity that resonates with that thought. In the War-In-Heaven book it is stressed that the astral planes are not somewhere 'out-there', but they would be all around us.

If the thoughtform is more charged, I think that more extreme representatives of the astral planes can easily enter your field. If you feel terribly ashamed of something, and you cannot allow yourself to consciously have these thoughts of shame, you push it into your sub- or unconscious field, leading to a powerful 'astral' magnet that attracts all those 'astral people' who still suffer from the same kind of themes.

To go into this a bit further: imagine someone who felt very ashamed about an adulterous act which eventually led to the end of the relationship with the spouse. He or she feels terrible about this and he decides to abduct two of their children. While driving in his car with his kidnapped children in the back, he doesn't pay a lot of attention to the traffic and he causes a terrible accident, killing both his children in the act.

Seeing his dead children in front him, he cannot deal with it any more and he decides to commit suicide. This makes him leave the physical and enter the astral planes, and the planes resonating with his thought forms (and his sense of shame and guilt). Whenever someone on this planet has thoughts that resemble the thoughts of the man who committed suicide, it might just be that that person becomes a magnet for those kind of astral people who might resonate that much that they can even 'contact' the one in the physical, by adding a few thoughts here and there. These thoughts are experienced as 'outside voices', which might be quite an apt description of what is happening.

Of course this doesn't mean that all 'voices' heard by people with auditive hallucinations are the result of 'astral resonance', but I do think that quite a lot of them could be explained by this phenomenon.

In Part of Two Groups I speak about the possible links with others from the astral planes. There would be the genetic link with the ancestors sharing the same 'genetic lineages' and there would be the connection on the level of the 'oversoul' or as Monroe puts it, the I-there. A group of souls that belong together with the intention to learn from all facets of life.

Both these groups seem to have the same 'problem' so to speak, namely that they have astral awareness, or souls who are caught or trapped in a certain 'astral band' because they accept that reality as their true reality (see Tuning into Astral Realities) and it is far from easy to convince them of anything else.

These astral inhabitants of these lower planes probably keep on doing the same things again and again, and they might pay a visit to a human being in the physical with like thought forms probably to suck chi out of them. All this seems to promote the status quo and even the increase of astral inhabitants who are part of these lower astral bands, for if people are lured into believing certain realities in the physical, they end up in the corresponding astral realities after they die.

If anyone can help me with this question, please don't hesitate to contact me. I don't have any answers that could solve these issues. I do think however that there are certain promising approaches that need to be worked out in more detail. What could be useful elements?

  • Probably most astral planes have corresponding activity in the physical. In other words: in order to explore the astral realities you just need to look at the world in the physical: all astral realities appear to live simultaneously in our physical reality. That must provide us with clues to solve the astral stagnation.
  • Using the astral body or dreamtime body to explore the realms in a way that is relatively safe.
  • Developing ways to tune your thoughts in such a manner that you can shift between realities, meaning that you can 'step out' of a certain reality by simply not accepting it as your reality any longer.
There is still very much to be explored in this field. I do believe that eventually it may lead to a more thorough understanding of the interaction between our physical world, the realities that we create with our thoughts and the effects of these realities on the astral planes and vica versa. If we could distill principles out of this endeavour we might learn to 'play' with realities and teach these skills to our friends in the astral planes, thereby giving them the opportunity to be set free from their own strict belief systems.

June 2006

UPDATE JULY 2006. For an interesting example of astral activity see the 'the Astral Moaner' in the Topics section.


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