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  Random Thoughts - December 2006/ March 2008

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my site was referred to in a discussion on some forum. I took a glance at the discussion then and I decided I would want to pay a little more attention to it sometime in the future. Today I noticed I was referred to again, in another thread in the same forum, so I took another look, this time I stuck around a bit longer.

I wondered if I would want to join this discussion within their forum and somehow I decided against it. I would like to find out what might be behind this decision and perhaps I can discover it by writing a bit about the discussion that took place and what it aroused in me.

The forum I am talking about can be found at Forum Noble Realms. I was not familiar with this group in any way and I didn't feel like reading tons of words so I just started half-way in the thread that mentioned my site. A woman (she is called 'babe', so I guess she's a female) using the name Zenden introduced me as follows:

hey u guys--check this out! now heres the DIRECT link with that mila stuff (SSOA) and WIH. i'll be damned, they ARE LINKED and little did i/we know. hehehe. maybe starcat knew, but anyway, NEW FOOD for thought, as ALWAYS. again, unexpected finds, while looking for ancestral karma, i found this stuff. looks like dissension in the ascension ranks. interesting viewpoints. man, i feel better now, even tho ?

check out-- Exploring Ascension and then-- Relativity of SSOA's Reality and Exploring the Theocratic Mind this is too good, and just what i was looking for. holy schmoly. im jazzed. Tom Paine and SiriArc and free* world, and others interested in this thread--see what u guys think.

an interesting well-thot out site by a guy named "gibbon" or? (i havent read it all yet but am going to) who used to be with SSOA (that mila group) and learned alot from them and moved on it looks like. as always, stuff generates from stuff, and i love it. even tho as ive said numerous times, ill take the INFO anyway i can get it, without shooting the messenger. theres aplace for everything, and one does not have to be a follower to garner the goods. this shows that even tho some ppl r slanted, and will end up having followers, and starting their own wars i guess, emulating the very theocrats they despise, its all good info and insight we can use and APPLY. the info catalysts itself, and that causes more thot to flow, for more conjecture. this guy could be hanging with us, hes done alot of thinking, and is educated on such matters. see his home page and all the links to his work from top of those pages i just put up. good find if i do say so myself.
(taken from page 4, message #90, on a discussion entitled 'War In Heaven')

Well, quite flattering, isn't it? To read a bit more about Theocrats you could read other pages on this site like Afterlife, Tuning Into Astral Realities, Theocratic Grand Masters? and Palatable Astral Food.

Zenden offered the suggestion to her fellow comrades that 'I could be hanging with them'. So, I started to wonder: who could I be hanging with? who are these people? What kind of forum is this? When I perused through this thread and through the other thread dealing with ascension and magnetics I started to recognize certain terminology. I came across terms like STO vs STS', the C's' and 'the Wave' and then finally LKJ.

Well, for those who have been here with me for more than two years they are bound to recognize a link to the good old Cassiopaeans. I can't tell what the connection is, perhaps it is a critical group towards the Laura Knight-Jadczyk material, but I do need to pay some attention to that episode in my journey which took place about 2 years ago, because I sense it could be useful in dealing with this noble-realms group.

Before the birth of this Exploring Ascension section site in February 2005 I had been reading a few chapters of the 'Wave-series' from this group who are into what they call 'A Cassiopaean Experiment'. On top of that I also read a few articles that deal with their perspective on Ascension. An introduction to all this can be read at Comparisons with the LKJ Material. After two chapters I had come to the conclusion that the perspectives of SSOA and that of LKJ are too discordant.

Another discordant memory that I have stored in my system relating to these Cassiopaean theories is their chat room, which I cannot access any longer. The Cassiopaean site is still on-line and Laura still seems to produce new books, but I cannot see any link to a forum, besides this Quantum Future Group which you can only enter when you have read yourself through these complete wave series (at least that was one of the main criteria some two years ago).

The discordant memory is the result of what I experienced as 'bad waves' in that casschat-room. When I look back at it now it really looked a group of brain-washed mental-only people who were entertaining the thought that they were part of a group that was sitting on the keys to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

So, to conclude with this Cassiopaean link I would like to make it clear that I don't feel inclined to enter the reality perspective related to the Cassiopaean Experiment ever again. To me it was like an energy absorbing black hole. I have learnt my lesson, so if 'hanging out with you' means participating in such a reality perspective I would prefer to spend my attention and intentions on something that provides a better sense of 'pulmonary and cognitively stimulating joy' (see Pulmonary Compassion).

When I resonated maximally with the SSOA-paradigm it only made sense to join one of their conclaves or enter the self study group, especially when I was told that I had grand master holograms and lineages. But I pendulumed against it, so I followed them from the sidelines by reading the beautiful articles that were published on their site, through Monique who did join the group and through some former members of the SSOA Group Mastery program.

Looking back now I was glad I didn't actually join the group because it would have obstructed my sense of sovereignty. Like Zenden said, 'he learnt a lot from them and moved on'. When I was about to enter the noble realms forum it felt like joining in with their energies and reality perspective, which doesn't seem to resonate with my current perspective either. It simply didn't feel right to me even though I cannot put my finger on it yet.

I know that a few people within the SSOA groups are aware of this site, but I have never received any email from anyone within the core of the SSOA (besides a few responses from Mila and Oa in the past). Somehow there is a sense that you would be leaking chi or perhaps tones of creation when someone within the group would email someone that is partially critical to the group. This has always been rather awkward to me. Why would you not want to communicate with someone who is critical towards certain aspects of the paradigm?

I think it is rather odd that Zenden didn't mail me after she was that 'jazzed' and 'holy schmolied' after her discovery that there was already someone who had thought about the connection between War in Heaven and the SSOA-material. She says that she doesn't want to shoot the messenger, which is ofcourse quite friendly, but why not try to email the messenger? I don't understand the thought forms behind that? Perhaps she prefers to remain in her own core-group of 'way showers'?

On the other hand. When I first came into contact with the war in heaven book I soon discovered there was a forum in which the very writer of the book, Kyle Griffith, is the moderator (see War in Heaven Forum: Seti II). It seems that not much has been happening in that forum since August 2006. Why didn't I contact Kyle and tell him about the possible links with the SSOA and the explorations of the people connected to this site?

Perhaps the same dynamics are at play here. I thought there was already enough going on in my reality perspective with the information presented in his book, I didn't know what would be the additional value of talking to Kyle. I first needed time to let these new thoughts find their way into my reality and perhaps later I could drop a line. After all these months I still haven't contacted him, nor do I feel any tendency to contact him now. I would like to contact Zenden however, so if you read this please send me an email, I am curious to compare our reality perspectives.

I realize that I have hardly mentioned anything related to the actual contents of what was discussed in the threads from this noble realm forum. This is probably the next step. For me it is important to first pay attention to anything that comes to mind. In this case it probably was necessary to first clear up my feelings towards people that might think of themselves as belonging to some spiritual elite group talking in their own secret terminology. The concept of elite groups to me is another example of the 'master-slave'-thought form in which the spiritual masters think they are superior to the simple minded slaves.

Perhaps people regard my site as a fine example of this master-slave attitude in which a kind of (ascension) terminology is used which is hardly accessible for outsiders. Perhaps I carry within myself this guru-thought form as well and I only project my own arrogance on other elite groups? I really don't know. What I do know however is that I would like to contribute to the tearing apart of this master-slave thought form. I think the time has come to show to the public the 'angular' thought forms of all those who are in power today, and I'm not sure if the thought forms within these noble realms really are that noble and harmless. I hope to find out in the not too distant future.

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December 2006

It was only during the third week of March that I noticed that Tom Montalk had decided to close down his noble realm forum (see
Announcement NR Forum Closing). Although I only contributed in a few threads instigated by the desteni-thread by Kid Mongo. I can only say that I tend to agree with Lyra as far as the complexity of the various interactions within a forum discussion go: too many misunderstandings, arguments and too many energetic 'push and pulls'.

As with many websites or forums there really is an incredible amount of thoughts available and I have noticed that I only really need a few thoughts to trigger inner processes which are far more valuable than a thousand thoughts by others. I like Tom's approach to line up with people through instant messenging or emails in a more personal way: it can provide new thoughts just as easily as through a forum with dozens of people. It is also less likely to produce huge distortions and misunderstandings. It is far easier (although still rather complicated) to tune into one other person, than it is to tune into dozens.

It would be nice if some people from the noble realms forum (like Zenden, z3n3rg, Spi) would share an occasional thought.

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