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Sensitivity and Strength

Exploring Biological and Spiritual Sensitivity and Vulnerability

  Random Thoughts - August 2008

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It was relatively recent that I started to feel more heart-activity under certain conditions. I have written some heart-related articles these last couple of weeks and I would like to pave the way for the possibility that a more open heart could allow for more sensitivity: what might heart-consciousness provide? What could be the connection between 'spiritual/interpersonal' and physical sensitivity? Are there perhaps any pitfalls to be discerned?

There are various forms of sensitivity. One form could be called 'physical sensitivity' where the body responds to physical elements, like food, pollen, hay, sunshine, cold etc. Some people are very sensitive to alcohol or even suffer from allergic reactions to certain ingredients.

Besides the sensitivity for physical matters one can be (or become) more sensitive to what other people are feeling or thinking. Sometimes this can lead to a sense of confusion since one is not always sure what one is feeling: are these my feelings or perhaps from someone else? Are these dreams really mine or am I tapping into the dreamworld of someone else? Are these thoughts mine or am I tuning into the thoughts of the person sitting next to me, or is it perhaps the demonic entity on the other side?

Another kind of sensitivity could be called 'inner sensitivity' which stands for the ability to sense what is going on within yourself. Can you feel it easily when the heart-consciousness has something to say, or when your belly is trying to tell you something? Are you able to tune into tiny thoughts or intuition that whispers in the back of your mind?

First of all, my male attitude has got something with the word 'sensitive': it sounds rather too feminine to me. If becoming more sensitive implies becoming more like a woman than I would think twice about it. Perhaps another term will resonate better with me? I think I will adopt the term 'becoming more aware', this can be used for the second and third kind of sensitivity.

I like the idea of becoming more aware of my own stimuli and the stimuli from other people mainly through increasing my heart-consciousness. An open heart is better able to sense what is happening on various layers than a closed heart.

So now that I have established my willingness to become more aware/sensitive I wonder what it would entail: I have no desire to become more vulnerable in the sense that I get sick whenever I drink some alcohol or cola or when I chew on a sugar cube. I remember that Robert A. Monroe writes about his troubles with chemicals; for instance when he needed to be operated. Somehow his body immediately removed the anaesthetic. He also writes about his body's tendency to reject even a single glass of wine, caffe´ne and all medicine. It led to allergic reactions, superfluous sweating, puking and severe stomache cramps (see first chapter of Far Journeys, 1985).

Would I want to develop a body like that? Is it a sign of strength or not if you have a body that manages to throw out everything that it deems unnatural? It does have some attraction to develop a body that is so adept at removing undesirable elements. Perhaps it can remove fluorides, additivies, chemicals in the drinking water or food as easily as well? Are you getting stronger with a body like that, or perhaps more vulnerable?

Wouldn't it be great if more sensitivity would imply the development of the 'skill' to read other people? It reminds me of my pendulum days when I wondered how ethical it would be to ask questions about other people (see Ethical Aspects of Looking into Someone else's Field) without their direct permission.

What is going on when you feel someone else when you have become interpersonally more aware? Does something in that other person give you the information in order to do something with it? Is that other person having trouble holding their own fields leading to the leaking of information to people around them?

What does it say about your own field when you are easily able to tune into other people's feelings/thoughts? Is it a sign of useful sensitivity or is it more a sign of vulnerability?

If I were to open up my heart and it would imply more openness towards the people around me I would prefer to develop a mode in which I can consciously decide to connect with people around me, when I choose to. I would also develop a signal that clearly says that someone wants to share information and then I can decide whether I would want to open up for that or not.

I think that a heart that is more open should be able to be flexible in opening and closing in that sense that it should not be overwhelmed with all the information from people around them. That would be too much and probably too painful as well.

To develop the ability to improve the sensitivity towards your own body parts and various subtle bodies together with all the selves you can imagine is something that I consider as nothing but positive. It would be wonderful to be able to have a nice chat with my heart, my 'source', 'soulgroup', my belly or my sexual organ.

It would be wonderful if I could gain more awareness of the signals that are currently mainly unconscious.

When I look back at my present thoughts about the possibilities of increased sensitivity or awareness I can say that I would like to open up to the various ways it could manifest itself.

I would like my body to ascend into a state in which it is better able to remove toxins. A body that is able to contain more energy and a higher vibration.

For me it is important not to become a kind of leaf in the constant winds of signals coming from others and myself. I would like to be able to consciously connect through the heart with someone else and exchange energy, information and joy.

A Simple Meditation for Heart-Mind Connection

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August 2008

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