The Role of the Reptilians

The Role of the Reptilians

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The information on the Reptilians has gone through a development during the years. In 1999 it was thought that Reptilian DNA was mixed with 'Atlantean' DNA (see Transcending Shame and the 18 Shame-Based Planes of Reality (1999)), but nowadays there is no mention of anything like Atlantean DNA. On top of that, more recent discoveries say that the Reptilian DNA was added even before the seeding of the Grand Masters (see Grand Master Section), more than 150,000 years before the era of Atlantis.

In the older articles we can also read about the possibility to transmute Reptilian DNA by the time you have activated 3,000 'strands'. Later it was realized that 15,000 strands was more likely.

Although you might think of Lizards and Chameleons the Reptilians spoken of her are humanoid and thus part of the human race, although not part of the human race of our (magnetic) creation.

July 2000. Earth Mother on chi-vampires from the realms of the Greys, Andromedans and Reptilians.

Giving and receiving can be likened to the in-breath and out-breath of God Goddess All That Is. The in-breath allows one to receive the blessings and love from their I Am, Soul and Source. The out-breath shares the loves of one's I Am Soul and Source with all other humans incarnate upon Earth, along with I, Earth Mother, and my nature kingdoms. In so doing, I also dance with each ascending being's field, and return all chi shared with me in full to fuel one's momentum "home".

The problem with imbalance of the in-breath and out-breath come when another that one gives to gives nothing in return. It is in the vampiring of chi or energy that one feels depleted. And so one must monitor their agreements with others, and release those thought-forms that cause one to allow oneself to be vampired by others. Vampiring often does not serve the one whom takes the energy at all, as often such humans have agreements to give such chi to other solar systems or life forms. Therefore, one must choose to release all contracts to be vampired by other humans or life forms in order to bring giving and receiving to balance.

One may ask, well if there is enough chi, why should such agreements matter? Ah, this is a tricky question, and I, Earth Mother, will take the time to explain. Such beings, as the Grays, Reptilians and Andromedans, who take so much of my chi, have become stuck in a parallel thought-form of the human species in which hoarding and great poverty are a part of their life experience. And they themselves as such a species or solar system are so depleted of chi that they must take chi from another place in order to survive causing it to fall significantly in frequency. In so doing, they have exacerbated the fall of Earth.

In order for such species to move out of their current dilemma, they must ascend and anchor soul within their forms, which will provide them with the chi necessary to be sustained. They are indeed soulless, and as such, there is no presence of I Am, Source, Oversoul or God Goddess All That Is to provide them with the life-force that they need. Perhaps in not receiving that which they need, they will begin to look within and find their path home. Continued giving of chi does not serve them, and it is for this reason that I, Earth Mother, choose to cut them off from such large supplies of energy that they interfere with my choice to ascend. In so doing, I settle an ancient karmic debt and bring giving and receiving to balance upon a global scale. This is anticipated to be accomplished as I attain Global Initiation 1024 in September of this year.
I Intend to Ascend (2000)

December 2000. The Buffalo Species talk about the history of the Reptilians and the Grays.

You stand upon a brink of another time, another rise of civilization, the development of nuclear armaments, and the potential future of another war, another annihilation, another disaster. And this time, Earth shall lose her opportunity to ascend altogether. For this is the last gate, the last opportunity. One more travesty, and the vibration of Earth will fall too low to be rectified. This is perhaps the most important concept to grasp and why we the Buffalo Species are communicating this through our channel.

And what then? What if there is a nuclear devastation ahead? Well, spirit has no use for form if form cannot evolve. The purpose of spirit is to dance with form so that spirit and form may evolve together. If spirit cannot evolve through form, it shall retract. The nature kingdoms shall not quarrel with this. All species upon Earth, all birds, plants, animals, minerals, dolphins, whales, shall become extinct. For it is spirit in form that continues the dance of life. Without spirit, there is not life, although humanity believes otherwise. Within 1000 years following the next nuclear disaster, there shall be no remaining life upon Earth, except perhaps for mankind, for all species shall become extinct.

And why would mankind survive? Well, mankind could devise a method of survival from the eating of their own flesh. For this would be the only flesh left. However, humanity would be devoid of soul, devoid of spirit, a living machine if you will. For spirit wishes to evolve, spirit wishes to ascend, spirit has no use for form that chooses another dance or the dance of non-evolution. Spirit would withdraw from the dance with all humans under such a circumstance.

Indeed, recent records reveal that the species known as the Grays and Reptilians survived such an experience in their own solar system by eating of their own unborn fetuses. This is how the Grays and Reptilians lost their soul; their soul retracted when they chose not to ascend and created an environment in which their own planet could not ascend. Each soul of each species upon their own planet withdrew and all species became extinct over time. And so Earth shall just repeat what has happened before if a nuclear disaster manifests yet again.

In the greater understanding of the travesty ahead, Buffalo asks her human brother and sisters to "WAKE UP"! The potential for a disaster ahead is real. The only manner in which such a disaster would be avoided is if the karma for all like occurrences in prior times for the human species is released in full. Karma creates a record, much like any recording device, that causes the same pattern to be repeated again and again. The only manner in which the record can be changed is through ascension.

In ascension, the vibration increases. In the increased vibration, the quickening of movement of the molecular structure allows for the records to be reviewed and then released and erased for good. As all records for warfare are released and erased, global peace and Earth's ascension shall be an assured future rather than her annihilation and subsequent extinction of all species. Such records must be released from the land upon which such warfare occurred, and this occurs as Earth continues to rise in vibration. Each species, including mankind, must likewise release their records for warfare in order for Global Peace to become assured.
A call for World Peace (2000)

In the first Great Central Sun transmission in March 2001 we hear more about the background of the Reptilians.

Where do the non-resonant souls upon Earth come from? A portion of those souls that are radioactive and electrical currently residing upon Earth come from another creation long come and gone that had an incomplete ascension. In the act of not completely gathering up all portions of a particular creation, the creator known as Athena left a part of herself behind. What was left behind exists not just within the third dimension, but effect dimensions five and twelve within your creation as well. Athena has returned at the request of the Great Central Sun to these lower dimensions to pick up souls that originated with her eons of time ago when she was a creator.

Some of Athena's souls are from a neighboring universe that contains a solar system known as Alpha Centauri. Indeed this solar system was once a part of Athena's creation, but was left behind. This solar system contains souls that have become electrical because the embodiments of the species they are incarnate into, known as the Grays and Reptilians, have become electrical over time. How did they become electrical? Such species became electrical through the development of equipment and technology that is electrically based. Over time, the vibration of the electronics utilized distorted the biology and the soul causing both to become electrical in nature. One can see how technology pollutes or distorts if it is non-resonant in this experience.

The Grays and Reptilians failed to ascend as Athena ascended because Athena could not absorb their electrical nature. Athena is a radioactive based soul. Electricity and radioactivity have little in common and do not resonate. Alpha Centauri as a solar system along with the Grays and Reptilians missed its opportunity to ascend and was left behind due to the extreme amount of electrical distortion.

One can see from this also how Earth has fallen into a similar pattern herself, and why therefore her ascension may be so difficult for her. Earth's ascension requires that each and every species become magnetic only and resonate again with the Great Central Sun. It has been through the human experimentation with electrical gadgetry that the electrical energy has become emphasized in the human dance. Some humans are almost as electrical as the Grays and Reptilians themselves in present day expression. Such humans shall be unable to ascend unless they release their electrical discord. The continued evolution of Earth shall force the relinquishment of all forms of electrical or radioactive gadgetry humanity relies upon in due course, and those whom continue to rely upon such sources of energy shall simply perish the further Earth moves into the Great Central Sun.

As a result of the experimentation of the Grays and Reptilians upon mankind, many dissonant souls remaining upon Earth come from such experiences. As the Grays and Reptilians experimented upon humanity, such souls took over the human forms experimented upon. Such souls may have believed that they had a better opportunity to ascend home from Earth in so doing. However, the dissonant nature of the high level of electricity within them is too dissonant for the magnetic nature of the Great Central Sun. As such, all electrical souls shall be removed from Earth in full upon the death of the related embodiment, or if the embodiment chooses to ascend and anchors a magnetic soul in its place. Such souls shall be returned and reabsorbed by Athena as she is the creator of origin.

If an embodiment chooses to ascend, another soul shall descend that is magnetic and guide the embodiment home. This requires conscious intent upon the part of the consciousness of the form to accomplish. However, electrical and radioactive souls are attracted to the electrical or radioactive nature of the human genetics. Human genetics have become electrical over the past 100 years of association with electrical gadgetry. The radioactive DNA comes from a blending of genetics not true to the original seeded human race. A magnetic soul will not wish to be housed in an electrical or radioactive form. Therefore all ascending humans must relinquish all electrical and radioactive frequencies in order to anchor a magnetic soul. The path of ascension carves a shift from electric and radioactive to magnetic sources of chi within the human biology allowing a solely magnetic soul to be anchored.

...Nothing is ever lost beloved. Perhaps it appears lost for a time, as in the experience of your Reptilian and Gray brothers and sisters. We call them brothers and sisters, although perhaps their abductions and misunderstanding of human emotions has caused you pain. Process the pain, and forgive. Forgive them for their forgetfulness. Are they not as forgetful as you are? Have you not hurt others in your forgetfulness? And even if you personally have not hurt others, we guarantee you that the bevy of ancestors that you are a present time expression of have caused pain to others, from murder, to death, to violence, to warfare, to hunger, they have done it all. Forgive yourself and your own ancestry for your own atrocities through the dance of time and space upon Earth, and you shall forgive all others. It is in the forgiveness and only through the forgiveness that you shall ascend.
Earth Changes Ahead (2001)

The Buffalo Species on Reptilians and their 4th dimensional eggs. They also mention the effects of the ascension of Earth on the conditions of the Reptilians. They don't seem to like an ascending planet in a magnetic creation.

Some regions shall not be cleansed through earthquake but rather through flooding or storms, or even firestorms. Again, the vibrational density calls in the water or fire to cleanse the region. The kingdoms, air, fire, water and earth, are all working towards Earth's ascension, and are indeed conscious. At this time, weather is no longer under the control of any other species, but earth as a consciousness directs the weather wherever the next layer of density requires the most cleansing.

For many thousands of years, the Reptilians controlled Earth's weather patterns. They have done so to incubate their eggs within the 4th dimension, and their eggs require certain weather patterns to provide them with enough chi to hatch. Earth has transcended her agreements to allow the Reptilians to incubate their eggs upon Earth or control Earth's weather patterns as of late, and it is anticipated that such eggs shall be removed in full as Earth no longer provides the fertile ground for their survival.

As such, all weather patterns are cleansing in nature. Sometimes, indeed hurricanes and tornadoes are a manner in which the energy can be forced to move where it is stuck, particularly in the denser places that humans occupy. This is also so with forest fires. Again, one can tune into nature and listen. Nature will tell you what is up coming, and how to take personal action for your own safety.

...The manner in which your current scientists measure Earth's magnetic force is not accurate because they measure electromagnetic energy, and not pure magnetic flow. The devices the scientists utilize for such purposes cannot measure a pure magnetic flow because they were not designed for such purposes. However, your Reptilian and Grey brothers and sisters are well aware of the shifts, as both species are becoming quite ill at this time in Earth's atmosphere. It will not be long before both species retract altogether in our estimation as a result.

Why would magnetic energy cause the Greys and Reptilians to become ill? Their species was designed to run on electrical current. Electrical current is a direct line of flow, magnetic rotational. Magnetic energy does not deliver enough chi to sustain a form designed to rely upon electricity. It is for this reason, the dwindling resources of electrical chi upon Earth, that we foresee that these species shall leave in due course.

The Greys and Reptilians diverted electrical energy to Earth long ago to make Earth inhabitable by their species. Earth was once magnetic only, and shall return to a magnetic only energy flow. Such is necessary in order to be embraced by the Great Central Sun and ascend. Neither the Greys nor Reptilians are from this creation, they arrived due to an inter-creational tear long ago. They too have dishonored the land, much like humanity. They saw Earth as an opportunity to take, take resources for their own use, and take chi to incubate their young. They give nothing in return, and such is the nature of dishonor.
A Stand for Honor (2001)

In the last articles from the Buffalo Species in april 2001 we can read about Reptilian DNA which might pop up in certain human lineages. This DNA is meant to be removed all together. Relating karma doesn't need to be released, because the DNA and karma is not considered a part of the human history.

There also are lineages in some humans from the Grey and Reptilian Race, or Andromedan Race. These are extra lineages above and beyond the 144,000 that comprise mankind, and were entered in the breeding between humans and such species. All told, there are another 1300 lineages related to such species from the inter-breeding, however such species did not originate upon Earth, nor have never lived upon Earth. They therefore are not considered a part of Earth's true history.

For those ascending whom discover such lineages related to the Grays, Reptilians or Andromedans, such lineages and all related karma are removed in full from the tapestry of ancestry and all related genetic material detoxified over time from the form. Humans cannot take responsibility for Grey, Reptilian or Andromedan karma inherent in such lineages, as such species never lived upon Earth, and therefore did not contribute to this consensus reality known as Earth. When a planet or species ascends, they are only held responsible for the karma incurred in their own history as a consensus. It is for this reason that such genetic materials and lineages are removed in full in the act of ascension. It is also through such lineages that the violent karma from such species has been added to the human species. This too is removed as the lineages are removed.

It is the genetic structure from the original seeded red race that one pulls forward in order to ascend, for it is only these lineages that contain the genetic blueprint for a magnetic only crystalline cellular structure. This is the structure required to be in harmony with the Great Central Sun and to ascend to the next dimension of thought-form. Therefore we guide each ascending human to intend to draw their ascension blueprint only from his or her red lineages.
The True Meaning of Namaste (2001)

In June 2001 the Dolphin and Whale Species talked about the Reptilians and their need to eat their own young. They show great compassion for their circumstances. They hope humanity won't follow in the Reptilians' footsteps.

There are paired down humanoid species that have survived following the death of their star and planet of origin. You know such species, beloved, they are just like the Grey's and Reptilians. Such species are so mechanized that they continued to live and reproduce after their own star and planet died with all life and soul withdrawing in full, and all other species therein becoming extinct. Such souls and life withdrew from their solar system because the density of the Grey's and Reptilians as a humanoid slave-race was so great, they were unable to ascend.

Such humanoid species continued to exist through the consumption of their own young and fetuses, as there was nothing left to sustain them! Is this what you want for mankind? For this too would be your future if Earth failed to ascend. And the Grays and Reptilians are one of countless paired down humanoid races that have had just enough technology available to continue to procreate forever, without evolution, without understanding, and in great pain as a species. We have great compassion for them beloved, but also understand that the pain that they bear now is only the karmic return of the pain of extinction that they themselves caused upon their own planets of origin in their inability to ascend.

And is not humanity on the verge of attempting this yet again, and with so little knowledge? Are your scientists not splicing the genes of certain animal and plant species? Are they not attempting to clone a human fetus? And with how much less genetic material this time, beloved? How much shorter of a life span will such a human have? What quality of life would such a consciousness experience? How much more pain will such a human exist within? And would not such a human then transfer such pain to all species upon Earth whom exist in a holographic dance of interconnectedness? And for what purpose? Yet another human born to be used for this purpose or that? You are already enslaved and used by those of great wealth in your civilization beloved, and so those whom are used create yet another race of humans to use. When will the dance ever end, beloved?

The Earth Mother and all other species herein say NO MORE! We have been subject to enough genetic manipulations of a seemingly fully conscious human species in times past. All that such experimentation has created is greater pain, greater falls in consciousness, and greater falls in vibration for the whole of Earth. There is nothing new to learn from this dance. And therefore we choose to ascend out of this dance. We invite you, our human brother or sister to ascend out of this dance with us.
The Dance of the Beloved (2001)

September 2001. The Reptilians are said to have originated in the star system called Alpha Centauri from which they are said to come via a former 'rift in time'.

Over the past six months, your solar sun along with Earth has chosen to heal the rift in time through which the Pleiades appears to exist concurrently with Earth. At this time, Pleiadian forces cannot come to Earth, nor can that which is trapped here from the Pleiades "return home" as the rift in time has been sealed. The time rift also affects other certain species that have also come from the past, including the Grays and Reptilians. Some of such species are also now trapped around Earth, as there is no pathway home. Why? The creation from which they came from has long ceased to exist in present time.

Humans may ask "Well then, why can I still see the Pleiadian stars in my nighttime skies?" Beloved, until the last human dies or ascends out of the thought-form that causes the Pleiades to exist, it will continue to appear in your skies. Why? The collective human beliefs cause what appears in your nighttime skies. Consensus realities are holographic. Whatever a consensus believes in, so it is. Humans are a consensus within the consensus known as Earth. Human consensus believes that the Pleiades exists and so it is. As soon as humans en mass cease to believe this so, so the Pleiades will no longer be seen in your nighttime sky. When might this occur? Sometime around 2030 as the last human that has not transcended their Pleiadian karma either ascends or dies.

Those souls originating from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri, the home of the Grays and Reptilians, are being returned to their time zone of origin. Such souls cannot ascend in this time zone, and it is for this reason that they must be returned. Furthermore, the "False Intervention" has proven to be from multiple time zones that range so far back in time it would be impossible to measure in years.
Earth Attains First Major Pole Shift (2001)

In August 2002, the Rabbit Species spoke about the way Reptilians take chi from us.

The Pleiades is not the only star system that leaches from humanity however; there are also the Reptilians, Grays and Andromedans. Each blended a portion of their DNA with the human species at some point in history, and utilizes such blending to harvest chi from the human species to this day. One is nothing but a battery to sustain other humanoid civilizations beloved; and this has become the sole purpose of human existence since the Pleiadian reign of dominion began some 46,000 years ago (164,000 human years).

How does one break the chain of usury of such a nature? One ascends, and in the act of ascension, one transmutes the genetics associated with each foreign humanoid race a little at a time. As each set of genetic materials from an outside source is removed from the cellular structure of the body through the act of ascension, one ceases to give chi to such another race of humanoid form. One will also find that one’s interest in current human civilization ceases a such genetics are transmuted; for the interest in the human drama and the current human paradigm is only held in place due to the contracts and agreements buried in one’s ancestry that is related to the slave population used by the Annanuki. (See the “Great Central Sun Transmissions” section for a more detailed account of Annanuki human history.)

As one transmutes such agreements in ascension to give chi to all industries and ultimately the Pleiades, one may choose to give up the mortgage, and give up the job, and move to a beautiful place that supports one’s ascent, simplifying one’s life in a manner that allows one more free time to commune with nature. This is what Mila and her beloved Oa have done over time, and they spend more time each day in communion with nature than in any other preoccupation. In so doing, the joy that they experience is exponential. How can one compare authentic joy to the current forms of media entertainment that humanity preoccupies themselves with? One takes chi in enormous amounts leaving one empty, and the other fills oneself to the brim, allowing the feelings of loneliness and emptiness to recede into a distant memory and be replaced by the love of the god goddess of earth.

The act of taking chi over and above what is agreed upon is no different than eating of flesh without an agreement with any species that is slaughtered. The Annanuki never had an agreement to take chi from the human race; nor did the Grays, Reptilians or Andromedans. One can see in this how the act of eating flesh is therefore related to how the human species has been used as a battery to sustain other humanoid civilizations; humans have turned upon nature, eating of our flesh to sustain their lives in counterbalance and in parallel form of usury occurring in the nonphysical with other humanoid races. Such practices are each a form of hunting; one is energetic, and the other physical; hunting is hunting and requires parallel implements. The hunting of the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Grays and Reptilians occur in the nonphysical.

The Pleiadians, Andromedans, Grays, and Reptilians utilize energetic forms of hunting such as psychic guns, knives, bows and arrows to shatter the fields of the human form taking chi, information and moving energy systems transferring them to their planet or star. They further utilize the genetics blended with human form to track the human field in order to continue to gather such chi to sustain their own existence elsewhere. They also utilize your current housing, cities, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, television, books and magazines, to access group human energy fields to take of the collective human chi in a parallel manner. It is for this reason that Rabbit suggests that ascending humans withdraw as much as possible from such preoccupations.

Hunting is hunting, and it leads to fear. Humans are in fear, whether they deny it in entering a fantasy reality or not. Humans are in fear as they are hunted in the unconscious by other humanoid civilizations. Much like Rabbit humans tend to hide, blend and disappear. This is why humans are so preoccupied with acting and appearing “normal”, for in appearing like all others, one more readily hides, blends and disappears and is less likely to be energetically hunted down. Have you ever gone out to dinner or to a bar for a drink, and come home late at night feeling ill? One has been hunted or energetically harmed through another human in the establishment that one has spent time within. Such energetic harm shoots arrows or darts through the human energy field causing pain or sickness wherever such darts hit. Humans have learned the same energetic abusiveness as their Pleiadian ancestors, making it difficult to spend time in groups as a result, and in particular if one is sensitive. In nature, there is no energy that is going to hunt one down and one need not hide, but can expand and commune, receiving the love and joy in a beautiful dance of energetic exchange.
The Gentleness of a Rabbit (2002)

October 2002. More on Reptilian DNA used to construct parts of the form.

Underlying any imbalance in the form and field, we can speak of discord created through two non-congruent energy flows. Most humans today have not only to contend with the blending of electrical, radioactive and magnetic energy that is the result of their Annanuki-Sirian ancestry, but now also another incongruent magnetic flow that came from the Abyreon humans only a few thousand years following the seeding of the Grand Masters. It is the blending of incongruent energy flow that ultimately causes discord in any part of the form; if the discord is great enough disease and a shortened life span is the result

Each human constructs the form in the womb from the genetic materials obtained from one’s tapestry of ancestry. Most in the West in particular inherited lineages from many different humanoid forms. If some of the lineages are Annanuki slave, and one creates say the thymus, heart and lungs from such lineages, one then has a propensity to have great electricity in such regions of the form. Electricity in non-compatible with the magnetic life upon earth, and this creates a weakened region in such an initiate. On top of this, if one has lineages that are Andromedan, Gray or Reptilian form, and creates the reproductive organs and intestinal tract from such lineages, then one will have even a more greatly weakened part of the form over time and as one ages. This is because Andromedan, Gray and Reptilian DNA are even more paired down than human DNA at 2 strands.

The above is a composite review of Mila’s form prior to ascension. She was weak in the lungs, thymus, heart and uterus, ovaries and intestinal tract. Such regions have given her the greatest difficulty to retain enough balance to ascend without ascending into disease, and disease great enough to kill the form. Each of these regions became cancerous over time, and through the choice to detoxify the genetics associated with non-compatible lineages, such cancer was resurrected and Mila continued to ascend.

...One may wish to assess one’s own ancestries utilized to create the form in the womb so that one will understand what lineages require clearing the karma to prevent disease in ascension. Primarily those lineages of non-resonant human form such as the Annanuki and Annanuki Slave Race (Greek and Roman Gods), plus Andromedan, Gray or Reptilian ancestries will cause the greatest discord in ascension. Gray, Reptilian and Andromedan DNA is generally cast off and transmuted in the ascent to 1024. Annanuki and Annanuki Slave Race DNA are generally released in the ascent to 3000.
Retaining one's Health in Ascension (2002)

More on the taking of chi by Reptilians.

In your creation, nonphysical life has chosen to sustain itself without embodiments. This has occurred for so long that 8 billion creations have gone extinct and the numbers of nonphysical embodiments increased into proportions so high that the Tao cannot even estimate how many there are in present time. Much like a parasite, each nonphysical afterlife requires chi to subsist and grid work to reweave that which begins to fall apart without form to sustain it. Creation after creation has been pulled apart in this dance of non-physical immortality.

Within the Tao, there is no energy without a physical existence or blueprint to sustain it. Formless and form were designed to work together to experience evolution. To sustain formlessness after form has expired is a new experience for the Tao to come to understand; much like the desire or immortality, such consciousness have chose to sustain themselves forever after death. Perhaps without ascension being a viable option, this is the only other possibility worth entertaining; or so it appears from the perspective of the Tao. However such a dance is destroying the Tao and is painful to experience; and will now come to a conclusion in the ascension cycle of your creation.

In order to ascend, one will require therefore disconnecting from all forms of nonphysical afterlife that wish to take without giving anything in exchange. Andromedas, Orion, the Pleiades and so on are only conduits for the chi to be harvested by non-physicality; therefore as one disconnects from such other third dimensional planets used for such purposes, the false intervention also is cut off of their main modality of harvesting one’s chi.

The agreements to give chi to Alpha Centauri (Grays and Reptilians) were generally inserted in abduction practices that have prevailed over the past 60 plus some years. Most of such agreements are released in the ascent to 1024. Agreements with Andromedas, the Pleiades and Orion stem from lineages that are slave in nature, or red lineages that intermixed, bred with or married into the family of Anu or Orion scientists. As each segment of karma is released, the attachment to other humans in such star systems shall release, and one will cease to give chi to such sources.
Energetic Dynamics of Disease (2003)

March 2003. The Dolphins and Whales speak about the Reptilian mother of Merduk (see more on Merduk in Merduk and Inanna) and about intentions to remove possible karma associated with the Reptilians.

This is ancient karma re-enacting itself beloved. Merduk and Innana (Aphrodite/Venus and Hades) came to the same dance in their own life expression, and it lead to nuclear annihilation. Merduk was an Annanuki by birth, but half Reptilian in nature as his mother came from Alpha Centauri. Innana found Merduk barbaric and harsh in comparison to her pure Pleiadian inheritance. One can think of the problems of Innana and Merduk as a lack of understanding of one another; they had different DNA that created a different life dance, and the differences caused one to judge the other. Over time the harshness of Merduk was exaggerated by their life extension practices, which included the consumption of blood from red, slave and other Pleiadian sources along with the consumption of flesh from the sea. As this occurred, Innana judged Merduk to a point of whishing to desecrate him (believed him so inferior that he should be slaughtered and die.)

...The battle between Innana and Merduk has caused the battle between the east and the west again and again in human history. Because the original cause was between one of Reptilian nature and one of Pleiadian nature, so the dance continues, cause and effect simply reenacting itself over and over again. The East or those of Indian, Middle Eastern Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Thai, Philippine and Japanese inheritance also carry Reptilian and Sirian Red DNA. The West that is primarily white carries Gray and Pleiadian DNA. The Grays have warred recurrently upon the Reptilians predisposing the East and West to war upon one another as a genetic state of being. Furthermore, the Pleiadians and Sirians have warred upon one another recurrently throughout Sirian third dimensional history, further predisposing the East and West in present time to war with one another. The only choice has been to uncover the original cause and for enough ascending humans to forgive the cause so that the human dream can move away from warfare towards a new era of peace and unity instead.

Taking Responsibility for One's Ancestry (2003)

June 2003. Some 40,000 Human years ago the Grays and Reptilians are said to have started adding their DNA to the human species. Now, it is said that it would take 1800 strands to transmute Gray and Reptilian DNA. Future discoveries would reveal that there Reptilian DNA is older and harder to transmute.

Gray and Reptilian DNA have been added to the gene pool through the interbreeding of their species and the human species upon space craft going back up to 10,000 years in history. Much of the Asian race holds Reptilian DNA; many of white origin hold some Gray DNA. Holograms for these two humanoid species however have never been added to the holographic planes. Such DNA is generally transmuted and the associated thought-form transcended by 1800 strands in ascension.

At this time, there are few abductions that occur in the physical with any remaining around earth from the Gray and Reptilian race. Most of the manipulations occur instead in the etheric or astral planes. Most of such astral planes have been already dissolved global wide in earth’s ascent, except in the density of your cities. As ascending initiates embody the Language of Light, Gray and Reptilian programming and machinery dissolves as it is not powerful enough as thought-form to remain in the presence of the unity based tones of creation.
Mastering the Pure Heart in Ascension (2003)

In August 2003 there was already a shift noticeable in the era when the Reptilians were active. Now it is already at least 60,000 years ago when they arrived. Here we are shown for the first time that the Reptilians interbred mainly with red race people of Mongolian/Inuit lineage and the Tibetan people which would have resulted in the Chinese and Japanese people of today.

(15,000-18,000 years ago – 60,000-74,000 human years)

After the nuclear devastation of the Anu, the remaining surface Earth humans went into barbarism again, living in caves and hunting animals and the eating of flesh to survive. Over time Earth regenerated, and the surface Earth humans moved back out into nature, resuming a vegetarian diet as there was enough again to provide for them. For 4000 years (16,000 human years), humans upon the surface of the Earth lived peacefully with one another, much like the ancient red seeded nations. Such humans gathered the vegetation necessary to subsist; over time farming practices were remembered and reinstituted.

Technology did not develop until a visit from a neighboring set of humans known as the Reptilians brought radioactive technology back into the human dance. The Reptilians were interested in perpetuating their own species, as they were leaving behind a dying creation. The Reptilians interbred heavily with certain red tribes and in particular with the Mongolian/Inuit peoples along with the Tibetan Peoples. The resultant races were the Chinese and Japanese as you know them today.

The Reptilians did not choose to remain upon Earth primarily because the energy flow was too non-resonant and made them ill. Many humans think that there are Reptilians upon Earth today. This is simply not true; the Reptilians withdrew prior to the end of the era of the Mahavishnu. Most of the experiences with Reptilians in present time are either due to time rifts in which one is transported into a more ancient past of 15,000 to 18,000 years ago (60,000 to 74,000 human years), or an etheric level expression. There are etheric level planes that have remained in the human dream since the time that the Reptilians first interbred with humanity. Sometimes those gifted at clairvoyance relive such an ancestral experience in present time.

Buddha and Shiva constructed the agreements for the interbreeding of their own root races with the Reptilians. They did so in exchange for information that they had lost surrounding ascension. In the bargain, humans were provided physical technology that they had long forgotten. Soon devices similar to modern technology including televisions, the media, radios, cars and computers began to be constructed. Such technology had been heavily used during the era of the Anu, but not by all slaves. Only slaves that had earned great popularity were granted such devices at the time that the Anu lived. This left the remainder of the slaves in great jealousy of those with fame and with the desire to experience such technology for themselves.

During the era of the Mahavishnu, this dream of the slaves was realized. Technology not unlike present time human civilization became available unto all who could afford it. This prevailed primarily in the regions associated with Greece and Europe along with land that is now under the Atlantic Ocean, where the Anu slave nations continued to live.

The era of the Mahavishnu ended in another nuclear cataclysm. Certain leaders between nations went into great enough competition to annihilate themselves and their civilization once again. This time the nuclear blasts were nowhere near as devastating as the annihilation of the era of the Anu. Although humanity moved back to barbarism, they returned more rapidly into nature as nature regenerated in less time than the era before.
History of the Human Dream (2003)

September 2003. The last transmission from the Nature section from the Panda Bear. They speak of DNA blending in the last 18,000 years (some 72,000 human years).

Those of Annanuki inheritance are operating from the wrong holographic countenance to ascend home in this creation, as they came from somewhere else. The slaves that they incubated likewise have no ascension information, and cannot ascend either. This respectively is associated with 60% of the human species in the West in present time. There are also those humans of Tibetan or Mongolian root race that blended with Reptilian DNA in the past 18,000 year cycle. Many of such humans also have not the holographic nature or genetic structure to ascend home with earth. This accounts for almost 50% of those currently incarnate in the East.

Furthermore, all of the conflicting holograms and holographic information causes the rift between the east and the west leading to warfare; it is warfare that has done the greatest damage to all species upon earth, and has lead to falls in consciousness so great that ascension is very difficult to orchestrate in present time.

Panda sees that there is much conflicting spiritual information for humans to attune to. Such information is conflicting as it is coming from souls and beings from other creations and through other holographic dreams; each dream can only speak to the understanding of creation from their particular holographic perspective. This is why there is such diversity in the metaphysical information today; there are many of Pleiadian holographic origin channeling Pleiadian beings that speak of what ascension would be like in the Pleiades. Some even attempt to orchestrate such ascension here; alas they are in the wrong creation and such ascension only leads to distortion and disease in the end; so it has time and time again throughout human history.
The Black and White Panda Bear (2003)

In December 2003 the Tao speaks about the Reptilians, their DNA and the consequences for people with a lot of such DNA in their make-up.

Those of Eastern red inheritance likewise tend to give chi to the Reptilian nation or Alpha Centauri rather than the Pleiades. The Reptilians came to earth some 15,000 years ago (60,000 human years) and mated with red nations people incarnate in the region known as Tibet, China and Japan in present time. The Reptilians interbred with human form upon earth to see if the variant offspring would survive better in Alpha Centauri; or if the Reptilians could move to earth making it their home as their own planet was dying. Alas neither proved useful; Reptilian-humans ended up with a shortened lifespan upon both earth and within Alpha Centauri. The Reptilians thereby ended the entire project and left earth some 11,000 years ago (44,000 human years).

What the Pleiadians and Reptilians came to understand in all of this interbreeding and genetic experimentation is that DNA must originate from one’s own Great Central Sun of origin, and if blended with anything from another Sun tends to age and die as it is in the wrong creation. Reptilian DNA is as foreign to earth and your Great Central Sun as Anu DNA. Those of red nations DNA with heavy reptilian encoding will perish in the coming times of cleansing just as those of largely Anu or Anu-Slave inheritance. However there are those in the East with ancient red and Grand Master inheritance that are ascending, and shall carry on through entry into the photon belt and beyond. These ascending humans are as unknown in the East as Mila and Oa to the masses in the West. However they are doing their part to assure the ascent of the entire human species.

The point that the Tao wishes to make is that it is time for those who are ascending to cease to give their chi to foreign creations. Giving chi to foreign creations only depletes one of the necessary chi to ascend; but more greatly it creates the experience of lack upon earth. 90% of all lack upon earth, whether it is in the experience of deserts in which there is not enough rain, or in human form where there is great starvation, poverty, homelessness and deprivation, is due to the masses of humans incarnate today giving their chi to Alpha Centauri and the Pleiades instead of earth. As those who are ascending divert their energy to earth instead, one not only fosters the ascent of earth, but also abundance in one’s life expression.

Why is this so? Chi that moves between parties expands and becomes more greatly enhanced. Exchanging chi with earth in an ongoing movement of flow enhances the energy one has to manifest one’s dreams, ascend one’s embodiment, live one’s life, and likewise enhances earth’s ability to do the same. However a state of communion must be mastered in order for this to be so and one must be inside a dream that allows for interplay of energy between earth and oneself. Most humans are in a dream that has nothing to do with earth, but continues to exist as a extension of life in the Pleiades, or Alpha Centauri. Mila has called these dreams from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri “fantasy realities” as they are electrical in nature, and the energy flow is horizontal and vertical which disconnects oneself from the rotational energy movement of earth along with one’s soul, oversoul and source.

Now how does one disengage from a dream from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri? One releases their ancestral karmic contracts and separates and chooses to enter a dream for ascension known as the New Consensus upon earth, which holds agreements for an exchange of energy between one’s field and earth’s field. However before one can exit the old dream and enter the new, one will have to separate from the machinery that may have become apart of one’s field if one has Anu, Anu-slave or Reptilian inheritance. How does one separate from such machinery? One intends it so; little by little one pulls the cords of attachment that extend out from one’s etheric body into a mechanized dream and reweaves such grid work into the etheric body, separating oneself enough to enter a new magnetic rotational dream with earth.

Such inner work requires focus. Intention is part of the dance, but also the ongoing focus to move the energy in a manner that allows the next layer of cords to be released from such machinery and the next layer of grid work to be rewoven within is also pertinent. It also requires relinquishing preoccupations that interfere with one’s ascension focus, for an electrical preoccupation may create more cords of attachment to yet other machines and pull one further out of the ascending dream and into a dream of extinction; as the Reptilian and Pleiadian dreams will now lead to extinction of all associated lineages upon earth in the coming times of cleansing. If one therefore continues to attune to such a dream, then extinction will become one’s personal life outcome. Therefore one wishes to attune to an ascending dream by disengaging from the mechanized dreams from these two other creations and engaging with a magnetic dream from earth that is also sustained by the solar sun and Great Central Sun at this time in history.

Attuning to a solar or Great Central Sun dream requires genetics for the task. One must have genetics that originated in this creation. Therefore many are not suited to this work of ascension, and it is useless to try and pull them down one’s path or share of this information, as it is not their truth. Those who are capable of ascension will most greatly serve your species and future ancestors in retracting into a preoccupation and living region that allows for ascension, and creating for oneself the time and space and focus that ascension entails. Ascending preoccupations may be simple but provide. Perhaps in the country, there is less need to focus upon work as upon one’s garden; or perhaps one’s garden can become one’s work as one learns to create a living from one’s own provisions. We can see many a dream here from a small country store stocked from one’s own garden; or selling one’s provisions from one’s garden in the farmers market; or a restaurant that is cooked fresh from one’s own pickings each day. In time, more of humanity shall live in such a manner.

... How does one embrace the new astrology? Well the new astrology is not really new; it is one that one’s ancient red ancestors knew before Buddha ascended the Reptilian or Eastern astrology into dominion, and the Anu pressed the Western astrology into dominion. The astrological pulls of the ancient red ones was founded upon photonic pulsations instead of solar cycles. Although earth and your solar system and universe exist outside of the Great Central Sun, there are still pulsations of photonic energy that have been relayed to allow for a return cycle home. Therefore the Ancient Grand Master astrology was attuned to a cycle that would allow for ascension home to the Great Central Sun.
Solstice Blessings from the Tao (2003)

January 2004. We can read more about the nature of the subtle bodies and energy flow of people with Reptilian lineages. We are given a view on the possibilities of plagues killing millions of people in the decade ahead.

The energies of the photon belt of the Great Central Sun push all species upon earth to ascend and release any attachment that one has or one’s species has unto one another or earth. Those who cannot release their attachment and are ridged in thought-form shall find that one’s own existence implodes back upon oneself. Now what does Frog mean by this? The rotational energy of the Great Central Sun is increasing in momentum and quantity; earth herself is further choosing to enhance this energy by compounding its presence. The result shall be the rapid death of those who cannot flow with the new rotating energy movement.

Those of silica-based origins have energy flow that is angular and either mer-ka-ba based or square in nature. Asian humans of Reptilian genetics have square chakras and subtle bodies. White humans of Anu genetics have star-shaped chakras and subtle bodies. The pointed ends of such sacred geometry shall be forced to break off with enough application of rotational magnetic photonic energy. As a result, the charkas and subtle bodies of humans of Reptilian and Asian genetics shall shatter leading to disease and potentially a rapid death of the form.

At this time the intensity of the photonic flow can only be felt under the major chakra centers and in places that few humans reside. One can feel the pulsation in the mountains of Jasper and the Canadian Rockies; or in the Islands of Hawaii; or in the countryside of Sweden and Norway; in the Himalayas of Tibet, or along the ocean of South Africa; or the countryside of Argentina or the mountains of New Zealand. In these regions, those of silica based DNA that cannot ascend into carbon based energy flow will rapidly perish. Even the rapid death of the Gorillas is due to the major chakra center in Africa and above the forests that they reside that is shattering their energy flow.

Over time the magnetic pulsations shall be amplified between chakra regions and have parallel affect global wide. The last remaining regions to break apart may be the human cities, but ever these shall one day be permeated with photon energy. Honolulu Hawaii is a testament to this truth as it is subject to 50% more photonic energy than any other city upon earth due to the pulsations of the global heart chakra under which this city resides. Humans must ascend and come along for the ride moving up in vibration with earth, or perish due to dissonant thought-form and energy flow. Alas many humans have not the right inheritance for ascension, leading to the experience of plagues that may wipe out millions of people in the decade ahead.

Frog wishes to be honest about the future we see stepping down into physicality for mankind. For those who are ascending, the time is coming where one must vacate the cities and find a place in the country to settle down and attend to raising one’s own garden, and working more closely with earth and the land to support global ascension. We recommend that one not tarry too long in the choice to alter one’s region of living, as the times ahead may make it difficult to leave if certain regions are quarantined due to disease. Furthermore, one is less likely to be pulled into the energy flow of the disease if one has separated oneself from the masses of humanity enough.
The Croak of the Large Green Frog (2004)

March 2004. In the 16th Great Central Sun Transmission much is said on Reptilian heritage in Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Phillipine people. It would take 15,000 strands to remove the chi-leaking machinery to Alpha Centauri.

Furthermore some life forms that are humanoid in nature try and sustain their existence beyond extinction either by relocating unto another third dimensional planet, or in creating spacecraft and space cities to sustain life separate from any consensus reality. The Grays and Reptilians are examples of such humanoid life forms as their planets in Alpha Centauri went extinct in the last evolutionary cycle within the third dimension. They have continued to thrive in association with space gear that has been constructed surrounding many dead planets in Alpha Centauri; perhaps this would be the future of humanity upon earth if not for the cycle of ascension ahead.

Such humanoid forms are in vast pain and struggle to continue to survive; why? The sun in Alpha Centauri is now going extinct and dwindling in the amount of chi it can provide. This over time will force such humanoid forms to relocate unto another creation. Earth was a potential place of relocation, and perhaps if we were to go extinct, this is exactly what would occur, and humans would become enslaved unto the Reptilians and Grays. There are already humans that were incubated upon Gray and Reptilian craft living in Alpha Centauri as slaves; and so this could be so as the dance of master-slave continues into eternity.

However now and through earth’s ascent, the Grays and Reptilians are retracting from the fourth dimensional energy flow surrounding earth as they are becoming very ill due to the magnetism that is beginning to prevail. This has been killing the reptilian eggs that have been incubated in the fourth dimensional energy flow of earth for hundreds of thousands of years; the reptilians have been gathering up their eggs as they are dying due to a lack of adequate electrical flow to sustain them. This is a great relief to earth, as there are enough other parasites of a nonphysical nature feeding off of her let alone physical ones such as the Reptilians.

Asian folk are the descendents of Reptilians and red nations peoples of primarily Tibetan and Inuit (Mongolian) origins that interbred. This has been clearly revealed in the ascent of a small number of humans to Mahavishnu level that have Tibetan and Inuit root race inheritance. The Reptilians heavily interbred with humanity 15,000 to 18,000 years ago (60,000-72,000 years as humans measure them) and primarily in the regions known as China and Tibet today. The interbreeding led to what is known as Chinese, Thai, Japanese-Korean and Philippine peoples in present time; all were once related but then blended with four different strains of Reptilian DNA producing each a different type of Asian human.

The Reptilians were seeking to see which offspring would best survive in the biosphere of earth in case they would one day relocate here; indeed all did survive but have often been in conflict with one another, or with white peoples in the West. Much of the ridged thinking of some Eastern nations is the result of Reptilian thought-form, which is electrical and not unlike Pleiadian thought-form that directs the Western and white humanity.

Reptilian thought-form creates a ridged set of energy flow that contains the human form in a vice-like type of mechanization. Those of Chinese and Philippine inheritance have the least of this type of problem; other nations such as Thai and Japanese or Korean peoples are small and thin in stature due to the ongoing pressure of this mechanization upon physicality. This mechanization causes most of the chi that such Asian nations produces to be transported back to Alpha Centauri to sustain Reptilians in present time. Such mechanization is gradually ascended out of in the journey to 15,000 strands; however some nations are used to harvest chi so greatly that they may never get to 15,000 strands to break the agreements inherent in the DNA. A large problem, and we see that most Eastern ascension shall therefore come forth in those of Philippine or Chinese descent along with the peoples of Tibet and India as a result.

Ascension is also coming along in those of direct Tibetan and Inuit root race inheritance, along with those of Native American Indian, Polynesian, Aborigine (Australia), African, and South American Indian inheritance; some of White or Asian origins with more ancient red nation inheritance as also ascending allowing the karma for the more recent human history to be cleared. This is where the above records are gathered from, small numbers of Asians with ancient red nation ancestry that are ascending in present time. Most of such humans have little relationship to Mila and Oa or the SSOA teachings; but are ascending nonetheless and contributing therefore unto the ascent of the entire human species.

Tribes of humans of indigenous origins are ascending global wide. Such tribes are often in turmoil due to the changes in the group dynamics that occurs in ascension. Sometimes those in leadership roles are overturned as they lose their power unto other tribal members due to the karmic clearing that occurs between ancestries in ascension. Some tribal members are dying as they take on the unconscious harm of the group. Some tribal members are discovering their power to command their reality and dream from within and due to their own ancestor’s guidance. Ascension brings about the return of the ancient ancestors to assist in guiding the human species; as such there is a great awakening underway for those of indigenous origins, and a restoration of the power that was confiscated over time through those of Pleiadian or Reptilian inheritance.

In essence, the Pleiadians through their own slaves stripped the red nations peoples of their power; and the Reptilians through the intermixing of DNA also stripped yet other red nations peoples of their power. Ascension brings about the restoration of power as well as all information lost over time; at this time those ascending to Mahavishnu level are retrieving the power that all root races lost to foreign humanoid form; in so doing the return of power unto the indigenous humans and all of more ancient root race inheritance is coming to fruition. Such nations through their collective power, vision and dream weaving will begin to redirect the human dream into a more peaceful day of unity and joy, as this is the nature of the red nations dream.

Lawlessness is the result of capturing the dream of many creations inside of a single form. One can liken the human form as associated with many human dreams due to the blending of genetics. The part of human form associated with the Pleiadian Anu family receives a Pleiadian dream; the part of the human form associated with the red nations people from Sirius receives a Sirian dream; the part of human form associated with the Reptilians receives a Reptilian dream. When dreams become intermixed, creational law from many other Great Central Suns likewise becomes blended. Blending creational law leads to confusion, as each Sun was designed to operate upon a different set of energy flow. Therefore what conducts creational law in one creation may lead to lawlessness in another. This is the foundation of lawlessness in human form upon earth; it is due to the blending of non-resonant energy flow and law from other creations due to the blending of human DNA and an intermixed dream.

The solution? The solution is to weed out the DNA that attracts a foreign creational dream. This is the purpose of ascension; to begin to convert foreign DNA from all sources into Sirian Crystalline DNA, as Sirius is a magnetic solar system from your Great Central Sun; and therefore this is the most resonant DNA in human form upon earth at this time. One can by in large in the ascent to 3000 strands, transmute foreign DNA from the Pleiades; it will take a far greater level of ascent (15,000 strands) however to transmute foreign DNA from the Reptilian species; therefore for Asian folk who are ascending, it will take many future generations in order for one’s ancestry to become compatible with earth. It is anticipated however that by 2035, all foreign DNA shall be removed from all incoming human births; and that by 2050-2075, there shall be few humans remaining with foreign DNA. This shall lead to a greater day of unity amongst all human nations as human conflict is really about conflicting dreams that humanity of different nations attunes unto.

For those who are ascending into the crystalline structure, there is a body level consciousness that serves the ascent. Such consciousness comes from Sirius and one’s red ancestors. The false gods or body level consciousness generally overran such consciousness from other creations due to the blending of DNA within the human species. As humans with foreign DNA ascended, the body level consciousness associated with foreign DNA overran the body level consciousness of the Sirian DNA.

Why is this so? Electricity and radiation are a stronger current of energy than magnetic chi; Pleiadian and Albyreon along with Reptilian DNA are electrical and radioactive; they therefore dominate over magnetic flow, and will override the rotational magnetic energy flow with a new straight-line movement. So this is also so for body level consciousness; the body level consciousness associated with the foreign DNA overran the Sirian consciousness, and caused the energy flow to alter over time in a manner that did not support the health and well being of the red nations peoples. As the body level consciousness of humanity began to be run by forces from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri (reptilian), the sacred geometry altered to from the flower of life to become mer-ka-ba based for the entire human species; as the mer-ka-ba energy signature is from these creations and is a foreign signature.

Primarily this occurred through the space between. This is how the sacred geometry became a blending of mer-ka-ba and flower-of-life energy flow; as the space between consciousness of all of humanity became overrun by body level awareness from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri, the sacred geometry shifted to this the mer-ka-ba blueprint within the space between. Alas a non-congruent geometry only leads to aging, illness and death as the space between ceased to hold its structure and function. This was written about in a little more detail in the last Great Central Sun Transmissions “Disanimation of the Unconscious”.

Ultimately the cause of this upon a personal and collective level is foreign body level consciousness coming from other creations in association with foreign DNA. As the foreign DNA is transmuted in the choice to ascend, the body level consciousness shall likewise alter to be of Sirian origins, and the space between shall be altered in parallel manner to hold the Language of Light sacred geometry instead. In so doing, false gods from other creations can be returned and cease to lead humanity astray in their ascent; and a new level of body consciousness that supports ascension to the crystalline form can be brought forth in their place. However such forces will not be in the form of false gods; as earth chooses not to inflate body level consciousness again.
Transcending the False Gods (2004)

In March 2004 the Ancient Ancestors spoke about Reptilians (mostly about Grays, but that's for another page) as being in essence fifth dimensional, but they would have fallen into a lower fourth dimensional state. Much more is said about Reptilian DNA and lineages.

There are also accounts of supposed Gray craft ending up upon earth. Here again we see that the craft crashed upon plane #5 in the etheric; however in the combustion of the craft, some of it spilled along into the physical world. The Grays and Reptilians are fifth dimensional, but have fallen into a lower fourth dimensional state of being; much as humanity is third dimension but fallen into second dimensional thought-form and state of being. The Grays and Reptilians are therefore invisible to third dimensional viewing, as they exist in a dimension above. However they can be perceived in the etheric, and Mila has had loads of experience in her early ascent of the nonphysical presence of the Grays in particular, and chose to end all relationship and agreements with them because they were non-supportive of her choice to ascend.

Gray lineages are not a physical addition to human lineages. They were spliced in through etheric mating and drawing the lineages from the etheric into their scientific cloning practices. So this is also so for Andromeda and Orion lineages; they were spliced in due to etheric abductions that were similar to the Grays and the human DNA was used for the purposes of cloning.

Reptilian abductions however were physical with fourth dimensional humans. It is now perceived by earth that the mating between the Reptilians and Humans occurred in the inner earth and in the fourth dimension 18,000 years ago (72,000 human years). There are those of Tibetan and Inuit root races that had migrated to the inner earth long ago; some had mated with Grand Masters. Some of those of Grand Master and Tibetan or Inuit root race ascended into the fourth dimension over time and continued to exist, marry and produce offspring of fourth dimensional form.

As the Reptilians mated with these fourth dimensional humans in the physical, a record of the Reptilian DNA was transferred unto all humans with holographic connection at the time. Alas this included all of Tibetan and Inuit root race on the surface of the earth and inner earth alike; suddenly children of those at 15,000 strands of DNA or higher upon the surface of the earth and inner earth gave birth to humans with Reptilian DNA. This gave birth to the Asian races as they are today in the East and Inner Earth alike.

One can see in this the holographic nature of human DNA. It only takes one to mate with another, and the variant DNA patterning will be transferred into the holographic planes for all humans that are associated, affecting all of parallel inheritance. Those humans upon the surface of the earth who had dropped below 15,000 strands of DNA were unaffected by the Reptilian interbreeding; this included the Anu slaves or white nations as they never had holographic association with any other nation other that the North American Root Race and the Anu. This is because the Anu scientists took 60% Anu DNA and 40% Red DNA from some captured Native American root race humans to create the slave race; however such a race was born with only 6000 strands and well beneath the level in which holographic connection between races occurs. It is why the reptilian DNA did not intermix with Anu slave DNA as this required a minimum of 15,000 strands and the retention of holographic memory.

It is also why the slave nation and all associated in particular are so “unaware; they have no holographic remembrance of anything other than their own dance as they were separated off from the rest in how they were incubated in a laboratory. So this is also so for the Grays who are the result of a parallel experiment upon the part of another group of Pleiadians.

Those of reptilian inheritance require ascending to 15,000 strands in order to break all agreements with the Reptilian nation and transmute related genetics that are associated. This is because the agreements were constructed at 15,000 strands in vibratory rate and in a holographic manner that this is so. Therefore those of Asian nationality and who are ascending may not be able to release Reptilian DNA in this lifetime of ascension; this may taken many future generations that continue to ascend to accomplish.


So how does ancestry and lineages work in ascension? This is the original purpose behind this piece, but one can see that we had much to say leading up to this explanation. In a recent Great Central Sun transmission, it was said that those of Asian inheritance that were primarily Japanese or Korean along with Thai would not ascend as the map carvers failed of this inheritance. There were 5800 map carvers of this inheritance; none could ascend beyond 1024 to 2200 strands; the reasons for this was simply a loss of chi that went recurrently unto Alpha Centauri due to genetic agreements with the Reptilians. The patterning associated requires more chi to break down the psychic machinery at cause than each could master in the ascent. Those resting at 2200 live in remote regions such as Hawaii with little density surrounding themselves. Those resting at 1024 live near the cities in Japan, Korea or Thailand. One can say that if the map carvers cannot lift beyond a certain point, then all associated will also fail.

However human lineages are not necessarily singular in their expression. In Hawaii, there are many Japanese that have blended with Hawaiians producing offspring that are considered Hawaiian-Japanese. Koreans have also migrated to Hawaii producing offspring also of the two nations; as have people from Thailand immigrated to Hawaii and created parallel occurrences. The descendents of these nations shall ascend beyond 2200 through the blending of Polynesian lineages with the Japanese, Thai and Korean lineages. In so doing, all lineages shall ascend from these nations, just not perhaps in their “pure” form.

Perhaps humanity is blessed with the travel and relocation of many nations unto many other nations. In present time there are peoples of the East living all over the world; Mila and Oa are surprised to find major cities in Europe, Australia, Canada, the US, and with S. Africa hosting peoples of all nations. There was a short article upon the BBC news recently sharing of a region in New York known as Queens that hosts immigrants from all nations; Greeks, Middle Easterners, those from India and Pakistan, and they live in harmony together in New York when their own nations are at odds with one another back home. This template of merging peoples of all nations is a part of the Tao’s dream for humanity that began to be launched in the 1800’s and has lead to the immigration of the East into the West, and the West into the East. In so doing, there is now a greater possibility of ascension from the Tao’s point of view, as the lineages will ultimately blend with one another in the blending of nations between parents of different nationalities.

For you see, if any one of your inheritance ascends, then you also ascend, as they are one’s living ancestor in present time. It matters not whom ascends; or what body has the necessary biological and genealogical skills; it only matters that those that can ascend fulfill upon the task, and they shall do so on behalf of all others who perhaps have not the right set of ancestry for the job. In so doing, all shall ascend; and each shall bear witness unto the ascent of the human species along with one’s own personal future ancestry as a living ancestor from the nonphysical.

After all, it was a long journey and road in the fall of man; descent after descent occurred, and more greatly for the outer earth than inner earth. Therefore the journey to restore the holographic information and awareness that was once held is not a short-term journey beloved; it is a generational journey that will take several hundred years to fulfill upon. However several hundred years is a short journey given the hundreds of thousands of years of falls humanity has experienced; and so it is a rapid rise in awareness, and the single most rapid rise than has ever been experienced in any other creation within the Tao.

Each should be grateful for this opportunity to ascend, and your multidimensional and multi-creational ancestors will share with you their gratitude, in spite of their own personal experiences that were catastrophic and difficult as well as painful. Now there is the opportunity to learn, to understand, to spiritually grow; and we shall do so as a species on behalf of all humans that ever went extinct. Let us make it so, HO!

Awareness is biological. One is born with 25 lineages. If such lineages end with the Anu slaves, as many do so in the West, then this is the only awareness that one has. If such lineages are primarily Reptilian, one is also as limited in the East. One should not judge those of great limitation or their interests. They have limited awareness as awareness is biological and they were born with limited DNA. However as an ascending being, one learns the lessons behind why such awareness is limited; perhaps one’s own ancestry was a part of the team of scientists that created the Anu slaves in their laboratories; or forced human mating between the Reptilians and the red women of the inner earth; in understanding the lesson of what limitation in genetics creates (a limited human that seeks to war and abuse others, other nations and earth alike) then one can forgive oneself for participating in such a dance.

In the learning of such a lesson, it need not repeat again, and this limited type of human may be cleansed from the gene pools as the karma is released through ascension. Incoming children will then be born with greater awareness and greater capacity to love, leading to a new era ahead. Already Earth estimates that it will take until roughly 2016 to clear the karma, after which the genealogy associated with the Anu and Anu slaves shall be pulled from the human gene pool.

These are times of transition ahead. However the transition will not be completed even upon entry into the Great Central Sun. For there are also those hosting Reptilian DNA; this DNA cannot be cleansed until enough humans attain Mahavishnu level awareness and release all agreements in each Asian lineage. Earth perceives that this will occur no later than 2050, after which Reptilian DNA shall be pulled from the genealogical planes in association with future human births. There will be many changes as it is the foreign DNA primarily that creates patterns associated with disease and deformity as well as war and abuse; it will be after 2050 in particular that disease, abuse and deformity will cease to be prevalent in any future human born in the East or West. This will be a beautiful thing to witness beloved; and you shall witness it as a human ancestor.

Buddha was used for parallel purposes in his ascent, mixing up the lineages of those in the East as well; however this only affects the Tibetan and Inuit Root Race, as these were the only root races that Buddha drew his ancestry from. Those in the East will require ascending further in vibration to figure out one’s true inheritance, as this requires mastery of Bodhisattva level evolution to accomplish. There are those map carvers ascending in the East and in China, Tibet, Northern Sweden and Norway along with in Alaska that are beginning to clear the mix-up in lineages in the Inuit and Tibetan root races due to the manner in which Buddha was used in his ascent. Earth anticipates that by 2006, the problems to human lineages caused in Buddha’s ascent will be corrected in full; at which time those of related inheritance may also request an ancestral assessment to better understand one’s real inheritance.

... Reptilians never asserted their holograms into the human holographic planes. Instead human holograms were duplicated and added to Reptilian planes of reality. These are being retrieved and erased at this time so that Reptilian thought-form no longer has an influence over the red nation holographic archetypal patterns. It is perceived that as this is accomplished, there will be greater peace amongst Eastern nations of different root race origins. In so doing, China may make peace with Japan, Korea with the US, Pakistan with India, and the Middle East with each other.
Ancestry, Lineages, Holographic Knowledge and Ascension (2004)

In April 2004 the Snail Kingdom speaks about differences between silica and carbon based DNA.

Where does the snail and slug kingdoms originate? We originated upon the Pleiades, however we are adapting a cellular structure that is Crystalline at this time in our own species ascent. It is perhaps far easier to modify the DNA of a slug or snail than of a human, as we are far less complex. The building blocks for the crystalline structure were already in our forms; with some slight modifications, now we can ascend home with earth to the Great Central Sun, and this brings our species great joy!

Why is DNA so difficult to transmute in human form, or mammal form such as dolphin and whale? This has to do with the complexity of structures within fully conscious species, and primarily the nervous system itself. The brain and nervous system of the fully conscious crystalline form has 188 types of crystals imbedded therein. Each crystal in the crystalline form is a form of salt and not silicone. Those with Pleiadian, Reptilian or Gray DNA will have silica-based crystals in the brain and brainstem. Silica based crystals will not transmit or pick up on the wave lengths associated with the Language of Light or Language of ONE. It is this difficulty primarily that makes ascending from silica-based to carbon-based form so difficult for fully conscious species; for one may not have the blueprint necessary to alter the nervous system in its biochemistry within one’s genealogy. Furthermore, the attempt to alter biochemistry in this manner has never been attempted before, and so there is no path or map for the journey.
The Trail of the Snail (2004)

In June 2004 the Solar Consciousness spoke for the second time. We can read about the concept of the return to the place of origin, which would hold for the Pleiadeans and the Reptilians. The Reptilians would go back to Alpha Centauri. That seems a bit odd to me, since Alpha Centauri would be a dying creation from a different time period. Well, perhaps this will turn more clear in future transmissions.

The splitting of human consciousness shall bring restitution to karma that has been displaced upon earth through the human species and did not originate here. Each group of human consciousness returning unto the Pleiades will carry with them the karma that cannot be settled upon earth as it originated in their galaxy. Each group of human consciousness returning unto Alpha Centauri will do the same. This shall remove the karma that requires settling on the part of future human ancestors that would cause extinction instead of evolution. As the karma is returned in the coming times of cleansing, then humanity at large will be free to evolve.

Humans are holographic. Those of Anu inheritance already know that they hold that their are about to undergo a large shift and be returned to their creation of origin. Many of such consciousness are excited about the prospect of “returning home”; for they are not at home in this creation. So this is so for Reptilian consciousness. Therefore understand that this splitting of consciousness allows for a homecoming for each, but in a different manner than perhaps one was expecting from a current metaphysical perspective.

There are many channels tapping into Pleiadian or Reptilian guidance in preparation for their homecoming. Such channels often misinterpret what they hear to mean that they are going home with earth into the Great Central Sun. In reality, it makes no difference how one goes home; home is where one resonates in one’s internal casted nature. Those of Pleiadian DNA resonate with the Pleiades, and therefore this will be a homecoming for them as they return; so this is so for those of Reptilian DNA returning to Alpha Centauri. In essence, those of Pleiadian and Reptilian origins have been homeless upon earth for a long time; therefore homecoming is a joyous expression of finding one’s place in the dance of life.

We offer this up, as it is the real experience in the nonphysical of the outcome of global ascension and the times of cleansing ahead. Those in the physical who experience death by plagues and other changes are going home; and so perhaps instead of wallowing in the hardship one can rejoice in the fact that all things upon earth are finding their proper place in creation, and a place that resonates rather than creating further dissonance and war, or preventing evolution of the whole.

The Solar Councils are orchestrating this cleansing, for the dissonant DNA upon earth creates solar dissonance that prevents our further ascent if it is not rectified. It is not only human DNA and consciousness that is splitting off and returning unto their creation of origin, but also DNA from many species that are plant, animal and mineral, along with dolphin and whale form, that are also destined for physical extinction. The consciousness from such species also shall retract off earth upon death and return to their creation of origin where there will also be a homecoming, as they shall enter a place of greater resonance unto their casted nature.
The Birth of the Grand Master Cycle Ahead (2004)

June 2004. The Octopus kingdom speaks about radiating DNA.

Why are human environments so electrical and radioactive? About 50% of the radiation emanates from the human DNA itself, in Octopus’ estimation. Humans are part silica-based due to the blending of DNA from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri (Reptilian DNA); Pleiadian and Reptilian DNA are radioactive and electrical in nature. Electricity is really just a slower denser form of radiation; electrical and radiation therefore host the same sacred geometry patterning that is mer-ka-ba or boxed shaped.

... Reptilian energy movement also does not resonate with holographic flow. Alas many in the East have Reptilian DNA and host another form of geometry that is “box-like” in nature. Box-like energy flow also has sharp edges, but it less caustic unto earth and nature than the mer-ka-ba. Octopus estimates that over 60% of those in the East also run box-like sacred geometry. These humans also are destined to conclude their lives in death, clearing the karma for their ancestry in do so doing. As all karma for Reptilian DNA is cleared, these lineages also shall be removed from the gene pool of all incoming children. Earth anticipates that this shall occur in the coming half century, after which there will be no remaining box-like movement upon earth. Box-like movement also creates a great deal of radiation, and it is why cities in Japan, Singapore and China primarily are so dense.

... What had changed? Many peoples of many other nations including the white skinned descendents of the Anu and Reptilian Asians had moved to Hawaii from 1800-1890. The blending of electrical flow with magnetic open hearted movement prevailing in Hawaii up until such a time lead to the experience of joylessness on the part of the Hawaiians. In essence, as those of Anu or Anu-slave relations or Reptilian relations enter any human dance, they bring with them electrical and radioactive movement; this movement when applied to magnetic “Sirian” flow associated with all red nations humans leads to dissonance; the dissonance translates into a state of joylessness when applied to the human emotional body. Joylessness is equated with non-truth.

What about those of Anu or Anu-Slave ore Reptilian decadency themselves in present time? These humans are far from joyful in an open hearted loving manner in Octopus’ observation. By in large, these humans have created electrical fantasy realities to numb the pain that they are in due to living in a non-resonant consensus reality that is magnetic. Many out of a state of joylessness numb themselves even further through drug or alcohol addiction. Living in electrical cities is another addiction for those of this nature, as they may feel more at home in the radiation and density than in the country and open space.

Into the future, it may be very difficult for those of purely Anu or Reptilian inheritance to visit the country. Mila is already noticing the agitated nature of the non-ascending tourists in Hawaii from both the West and the East, as the holographic flow causes greater dissonance within any field that cannot flow with it. What causes the dissonance? One can liken the agitation to the rejection of the energy associated with the individual of Anu or Reptilian flow.

Holographic movement rejects that which does not belong and cannot be embraced. In essence, the stronger the holographic push and pull becomes, the more those of the wrong inheritance for the Great Central Sun are going to be “energetically rejected”. This may be the underlying cause of the plagues that Octopus sees stepping down into the future human dream, as rejection translates into cells that feel not loved, and cells that feel unloved will seek to self destruct leading to disease.

However Octopus would like to state that nothing is really lost; consciousness carries forward beyond death. Even if the body cannot make it through the coming times of cleansing ahead, relations of most tapestries of ancestry shall ascend; as such all shall bear witness to the birth of the golden era ahead, just not necessarily from the physical plane.
The Long Arms of the Octopus (2004)

November 2004. The First Chapter of the 36 chapters that form the basis for the Community Program speaks of the Reptilian Dream and Reptilian DNA.

As humans moved about upon continents, dreams converged from different creations as well as lineages due to the interbreeding between those of different inheritance. As dreams converged, the human dream became a bit of a tangled mess. Upon a personal level, those who were half Anu and half Reptilian often did not know what dream that they belonged unto, and this lead to feelings of great unworthiness. Hence the thought-form of “half breed” that occurred in those ancestors who blended between extensively different tapestries of ancestry.

Upon a collective level, where dreams converge is often confusion; sometimes the confusion causes discord of great difficulty in present time and clashes between cultures. An example of this is the discord between China and Tibet; Tibet has a purely Sirian dream and China a Reptilian dream. Over Tibet the dreams converge creating conflict. The conflict of archetypal natures creates ongoing misunderstandings between the Chinese and Tibetan cultures, and from the misunderstanding, creates the desire to dominate and control what is not understood. The Chinese are always trying to dominate and control the Tibetans. The Reptilian dream will never understand the power of those in the Sirian dream or visa versa; and this creates conflict along with patterns of dominance and subordination. The Chinese dominate by force and the Tibetans through spiritual understanding.

The Reptilian dream entered the dance at a much earlier time period in human history. Humans that interbred with the Reptilians existed at 15,000 strands of DNA in vibration. This occurred over 60,000 years ago and before the arrival of the Grand Masters upon Earth. The Reptilians added their holographic nature to the Inuit and Tibetan root races in the interbreeding, along with Reptilian DNA. The DNA from the Reptilians altered the crystalline diaphragm as they had a much slighter structure in physicality. The result was the loss of conscious breath in the Inuit and Tibetan Root Races, and the requirement to eat more to subsist. Eating small amounts of berries or creating tinctures for health was prevalent in these root races up until that time; following the Reptilian interbreeding, the associated offspring required eating more to subsist.

Not all Tibetan and Inuit lineages were blended with Reptilian lineages in the initial interbreeding. There are those in China and India today that hold a more pure ancestry to Tibetan and Inuit form without the distortion of the Reptilian DNA. Such humans tend to be larger, like the Polynesian race, and will more readily develop the crystalline diaphragm in ascension. These humans tend to have a round face and larger cranium in present time as well, and those associated with the Grand Masters will have a large head upon the light body planes of reality. Those associated with the Grand Masters may ascend in adult form to 9000 strands and map carve a path for others to follow. Most of those of this type of ancestry have not been involved with the Spiritual School of Ascension as Mila and Oa have minimal Tibetan or Inuit ancestors. As a result, they have attracted more of parallel ancestry to Native American, Polynesian and Aboriginal (Australian-Lemurian) ancestry.

We are not sure if Mila and Oa will ever tackle the ascension of those of Eastern ancestry in large numbers and to 9000 strands. The reason for this is that one can really only can legitimately guide another in the understanding of the personal dynamics that one shares in one’s own process of ascension. Mila and Oa do not personally understand the process of ascending Tibetan and Inuit lineages, as they are not prevalent in their ancestry. However there are those map carving for these lineages and who are a part of the new consensus; they are just not a part of this organization at this time.
Human Archetypes and Archetypal Nature (2004)

In December 2004 the Redwood Trees spoke about Matrixes, including Reptilian ones.

In the cities and suburbs there is no natural dream, unless a portion of the forests, fields and open space has been left in tact from an earlier time. As humans construct their housing, removing all vegetation from the land, energetic matrixes are moved in to replace nature’s dream. Matrixes are electrical boxes that originated in the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri primarily. Humans tend to construct buildings in the same shape as the matrixes.

It is for this reason that high rises in your cities tend to be large boxes with many little tiny boxes of offices or apartments within; as this is the nature of the etheric structure of the matrixes from the Pleiades. Matrixes from Alpha Centauri tend to be more angular in nature; hence the angular décor and filigree of Thai, Chinese and Japanese architecture, which emulates Reptilian matrixes. Sirian matrixes are round; hence the round architecture of Mosques or other buildings of the Middle East. All human buildings first appear in the etheric and then are constructed in the physical in a parallel shape and structure. Matrixes however are not a part of nature’s dream nor will they ever be as they are electrical in nature; therefore anything living inside of a matrix energy flow separates oneself from the natural world.

Tribes in Africa, Polynesia, along with North and South American Indians once lived in grass shacks, tee pees, mud huts or slept out in the open. The grass shacks, tee pees and mud huts did not separate these indigenous peoples from the natural world. Because they existed in the natural world, such humans were always attuned to earth’s void of infinite possibility, and in so being, they also knew where the food and herbal medicine existed in order to survive even the most difficult times of nuclear annihilation along earth’s surface.
From the Ancient Redwood Trees (2004)

Read about the possible interaction of Quan Yin with Reptilians after her ascent into the fourth dimension in the article 'From the Amber Mineral Kingdom' (search for Quan Yin). This article was published in June 2006.

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