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    October 2004 (Link with Lobster/Oyster-page)

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The topic presented at this page can easily be misinterpreted. I think that many 'metaphysically'-minded people will not embrace this thoughtform with joy. The idea presented on this page (which I have made during the study of the extensive Karen Danrich material) speaks about some consequences of ascension, namely the (partial) extinction of species that were not made to ascend on Earth in the first place. The story goes a bit like this: Earth is magnetic and stems from a magnetic creation. A rule in ascension seems to be that a magnetic planet can only ascend when everything on the planet is magnetic as well.

During her recent discoveries Earth found out that many beings which reside on the planet are not originally from her kind of creation. In other words many species were transferred to Earth in her history from bordering non-magnetic creations (take for instance the radioactive/electrical Pleiades). You can read about the Pleiadian origin of the Orca in 'Ice Shields'. Since the Earth seems to have decided to actually ascend and raise her overall vibrations it becomes clearer and clearer that species that are not magnetic cannot ascend in our creation: their DNA is not fit to handle the vibrations.

Every non-magnetic being however can ascend as well, but on their own ground, so to speak. Beings which are electrical or radioactive in nature can attempt to ascend in their own creation. Ascension of Earth would imply the return of many non-magnetic beings/species back to their place of origin, or in other terms, it would imply the extinction of many species on Earth during the ascension of our magnetic planet.

Because of the intermingling of our genes by many beings who weren't magnetic in origin many human beings are not 100% magnetic either. The human story however is more complicated because we nearly all have some magnetic DNA in our ancestral lines which we could 'use' to ascend to a certain level. The 'Red Race', Polynesians and the Aboriginals (see 'Ice Shields') seem to have retained the highest level of magnetic DNA, which makes it easier for them to raise their vibration. Many humans however are not originally from this creation either and might return to their creation of origin as well.

When I said in the beginning that this topic can easily be misinterpreted I was referring to the possibility to react in fear. The material I have studied says there is no reason to fear anything because no consciousness is lost ever. In fact it would be all for the better because everybody would return to the place where they originally come from. There is much more to be said about this biological ascension and the backgrounds for all the mixing in signatures (magnetic/electrical-silica/radioactive) and I will do so in the future. You can ofcourse read more about this material on the original website at

The Koala background indicates that this page solely contains material by Karen Danrich. Read more about the way I study her material by clicking HERE.


The cleansing involves many species. Mankind is only one of 800 species that are choosing partial to full extinction at this time. Dolphins and whales too are choosing partial extinction of those with biology that is too radioactive to ascend. This includes roughly 30% of our population, which are unable to ascend due to radioactive DNA, whereas over 60% of the human population is currently destined for a parallel cleansing. Such cleansing also involves the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Again the consciousness from such kingdoms shall return to their planet or star of origin carrying their experience and knowledge with them, and fueling the ascension of such places into the future.

Over 90 minerals including opals, tanzanite, pyrite, iron, mercury, lead, fluorite, jasper, and many others that our channel does not know the name of, are too radioactive to ascend. Such minerals shall cease to exist as all of earth becomes molten lava and all species have moved into the fourth dimension. We point out that sometimes such minerals may have use for ascending initiates. Our channel uses opal in particular to retrieve records that were sent to the Pleiades from her ancestry, as all such information was stored in opal upon arrival. Opal therefore is happy to assist in the retrieval of records if one asks as it settles her karma to allow for completion upon earth. Fluorite is an excellent barrier from one's own field and one's electrical devices or to protect the car engine or computer from the energetic wear and tear of an ascending user. One therefore may find a use for some minerals that are radioactive during this time of transition upon earth.

Many plant species are also completing at this time and this includes most fruits, nuts and vegetables that are farmed in a non-conscious manner by mankind. This also includes 450 other forms of flowers, weeds, herbs, trees, shrubs and bushes, which did not originate within this creation and are radioactive in nature. Such plants will become increasingly diseased the further that earth ascends. It may interest humans to understand that much of the flowers and shrubs that are so popular to decorate one's home and garden with originated in the Pleiades, and are highly radioactive. Such radioactivity contributes to what is known as "allergies" as the radioactivity travels with the pollen into the mucous membranes of the form becoming an irritant.

Replace the plants and shrubs with those that are non-radioactive, or ground out the radioactivity to the aurora of earth, and the allergies will go away, or so Mila and Oa have found living in Hawaii. There is little room for radioactivity any longer as the magnetic pull is so strong under the heart chakra or any major chakra of earth. Radioactivity is therefore grounded out of such shrubs and bushes bringing an end to allergies even if such shrubs are Pleiadian or from Orion in origin.

In the future, organic farming may become very sought after as this may be the only surviving sustenance aside from what one may grow within one's own garden. Why will such plants go extinct? There is no soul anchored in current human farming practices. All life form without soul will become extinct in the coming 25 years. So this is so for plants, so this is so for non-ascending humans who are also soulless. Soul is not anchored more fully until initiation 3000, and therefore as any garden or farm moves to 3000 strands in vibration, such a garden or farm will survive the coming times of cleansing.

Many animal species are also choosing partial to complete extinction at this time, and this includes over 200 forms of ocean species and 100 forms of land species. Many of such species are again highly radioactive and therefore not suited to ascension. Some of such species includes kangaroo, parrots, and blue jays to name a few that many will be familiar with. Many parasitic insects including roaches, flies, mosquitoes, worms, maggots and wasps are also destined for extinction. One may think, "Oh, do not worms and maggots allow for that which has died to decompose?" Yes, they do, however all form shall transcend decay becoming regenerative again, and therefore such species purpose will cease to be required.

Some creatures of the sea to become extinct that many are familiar with include crab, lobster, electrically charged eel, clams, oysters, some forms of shrimp, muscles, scallops and octopus, along with certain forms of fish that are also highly electrical. Many of such fish much like parrots are very colorful in nature and frequent coral reefs. The Annanuki for their pleasure and food imported such species, as the Annanuki liked to eat shellfish, and enjoyed aquariums in their living space. Such species have no magnetic blueprint to ascend into and therefore shall become extinct the further that earth ascends. Humans also enjoy consuming such shellfish and learned to do so from the Annanuki. Humanity will gradually return to vegetarianism and will not require therefore such kingdoms for sustenance into the future and as they become extinct.

Some other species choosing extinction are all farm animals which are so compromised by continuous human involvement that there is no path of ascension, much like their human counterparts. All "domesticated" animals will die due to the same reasons as plants in non-conscious farming practices. Those who anchor soul into cow will find that the Buffalo Species will ensoul all cows until humans wean themselves from the need to consume milk. Cows for slaughter however will not be ensouled by Buffalo or any other species, and humans in due course will find those cows designated for such consumption will become increasingly diseased over time and die. Such a change will force humans to become vegetarian again as nature will not participate in slaughter after the thought-form for destruction has been transcended upon a biological level. Much like cow, The Eagle Kingdom will ensoul chicken for a time until humans wean themselves from the consumption of eggs. Chickens designated for slaughter however will not be ensouled by any species and will become diseased and die over time just like cows.

Pig, horse, sheep, goat, deer, bison, buffalo, ostrich, and other farm animals will continue to thrive in the wild and ascend or upon farms that are ascending and infusing soul into such species. No species will be willing to be slaughtered for food much beyond 2025, and those designated for such purposes will simply become diseased and die off due to soullessness. Humans who survive the coming quarter century of cleansing shall learn to honor all species and cease to slaughter for consumption, becoming vegetarian in nature. Plants will evolve to provide fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries that hold all nutrients necessary to sustain an ascending form, including increased protein and mineral content. This is the gift of the plant kingdoms to all ascending species, and so it also affects the plants such as seaweed and plankton that are underwater.

All kingdoms will likewise become vegetarian again, and even those who currently thrive off of hunting one another are altering the digestive tract over the coming 25-year cycle to return to vegetarianism. This includes bear, lion, tiger, wolf, coyote, dingo, eagle, hawk, vulture, and kookaburra, along with all other meat-eating animals and birds. In parallel manner, all meat eating underwater species including shark shall evolve to thrive off of plankton again until the biology becomes more fully self-sustaining and designed to thrive off of air and photonic energy alone.

Dolphin and whales have made the decision to become self-sustaining and not require any sustenance outside of the breath by 2025. (See Ascending into a Regenerative Form for more information.) Some humans ascending beyond full consciousness and embodying soul infusion shall also become self-sustaining allowing the blueprint for such genetic encoding to be administered to incoming children. Such human children are anticipated to be born after 2035 and may never eat a thing after they are weaned from their mother's milk. So it shall be for dolphins and whales after 2025, and all other species after 2050.

Earth is leaving behind the death, decay, and reincarnation cycles, and this is a wonderful thing to behold. Earth is rapidly transcending the thought-form that caused such an experience in her history. Each species is likewise addressing those thought-forms that caused such an experience upon an individual basis. Dolphins and whales have made such thought-form the main focus for this calendar year of 2002. So likewise has our channel and her organization chosen to focus upon aging, illness and disease karma in this calendar year of 2002 so that earth may transcend such thought-form in her global ascension. In so doing, a new future in which all form, whether they be plant, animal, dolphin, whale, mineral or human, shall not die and shall have the biology necessary to ascend to the next dimension and beyond.
Mastering one's own destiny - Dolphin and whale kingdom through Mila - April 2002


  • Let's for a moment pretend that this theory has got some truth in it. Could you speak of electrical souls belonging to an electrical world, or from radioactive souls belonging to a radioactive form? You would not only have physical forms who are made out of various signatures, but you would also have souls who are from a certain signature, which might not always combine perfectly. What kind of soul would we be embodying? Well, there is much more to come on this topic.
  • On the Abyreon page you can read about animals that were supposedly brought along with human beings from a dying star system called Abyreon. Even though they don't belong on Earth they seem to be able to ascend along with Earth because of their magnetic origin which probably matches the magnetic origin of our planet. I base this idea solely on the Koala Bear article in which is said that the Koala Bear has managed to find a ancestral lineage related to our Great Central Sun. I don't know if this goes for all the Abyreon animals mentioned at the Abyreon page.
  • If there is the possibility of ascending in another creation just because of the similarity in 'creational signature' that would mean that beings from other creations don't necessarily have to ascend in their creation of origin. That seems rather strange to me.

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