Sananda and the 'Ascended' Masters : Self Serving Beings?

Sananda and co. blocked ascension?

    Updated October 2004 (Sananda and the possible division of dreamtime)

While reading through interesting material by the Great Central Sun through Karen Danrich I was quite surprised by the claim that beings like Sananda, St. Germain, Djwahl Kuhl and many other Ascended Masters would be entities that have their own self serving agenda. This was the first time I have come across such claims. This material through Karen Danrich was, as far as I know, unique in this perspective. However, a reader from Australia told me about a man called Barry Long (who died in december 2003) who had similar claims in regard to these 'Ascended Masters'. A reader from the Netherlands informed me about Alice Bailey and that her source (Djwhal Kuhl, an ascended master ('The Tibetan')) would have a hidden agenda.

A Hungarian woman directed me to the book 'War in Heaven' dealing with astral beings called 'theocrats' that look a lot like the ascended masters, who use people to sustain their own existence. Read more about this in the 'Ascend Press'), it would mean that quite a few channelings I have placed on this site would lose credibility. Like always, it is up to you to decide what rings true to you.

Perhaps I am completely wrong and am I placing untruthful and provocative material, but I was somehow impressed by it. Is Karen Danrich the only medium that has brought us such information? If you have other sources which look credible, who claim this as well, please contact me.

If you want to know more about the way I study this Karen Danrich material click HERE. For some discussion, responses and questions go to the discussion section. Note that many links to the original Great Central Sun transmissions have been removed from the Ascendpress Site during the years. You can still read them on this site by clicking HERE

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Before I can start presenting the excerpts I have in mind I need to tell you a bit about the Great Central Sun, about the Annunaki, about the Red Seeded Race and the beings from Orion largely based upon the stories from the Great Central Sun. Our planet Earth has decided to ascend. Ascension being the process of speeding up all matter and releasing karma and regain more consciousness in order to enter a different level of being, to reach a lighter dimension of density. Like a client in psychotherapy Earth has entered many layers of her unconscious and to push the allegory a bit further, her therapist has started to map the contents of Earth's unconscious territory. The therapist would be the Great Central Sun who has received information from Earth about every month. To be clear: Earth desired to ascend, wanted to release all her karma and the karma thrust on her in her long history.

Through Karen Danrich or Mila the Great Central Sun tells us about this history, about the waking up of Earth. We are being given a view at what happened on our planet thousands and thousands of years ago. Many items will be added to this website in the future, so you are bound to come across much material from this source on this site. The material is so elaborate that it is nearly impossible to tell you everything in a few sentences, so this is only a brief summary.

According to the material presented by Earth Sirius seeded a Red Race some 300,000 years ago. Among this Seeded Red Race were humans with about 60% of the genetics of an average being from Sirius. The Sirians also introduced a spiritually elite group op humans who were to assist the other beings in ascending.

After a while the Pleiadean Annunaki came and wanted to strip mine Earth for gold and minerals. As they were mainly electrical in origin they asked scientists from Orion to help them to change the magnetic Earth into a electromagnetic planet. This caused a major fall in consciousness for the magnetically oriented seeded race on Earth. This all happened without asking any approval from the beings on Earth.

The Annunaki stayed and didn't want to ascend at all. They wanted to obtain immortality and they wanted humans to work for them in the mines and for their pleasures. So, they again asked Orion scientists to help them, which they did. They created an electrically oriented human slave race with poor genetics that was designed to be docile and follow the orders of the Annunaki.

The Orion scientists brought with them electrical beings from Orion who were to make sure that the slave race remained docile. Beings who were able to keep the slaves in desired thought forms were thus introduced 128,000 years ago. At first they listened to the Annunaki, but in time these beings under the leadership of Sananda overtook Earth and they have had dominion over Earth ever since.

Here are a few excerpts from the original texts (The Great Central Sun through Mila) to give you an impression:

As a result, from Orion and by the Orion scientists, the beings known as Kuthumi, Dwajl Kuhl, Serapis Bay, Hilarion, Paul the Venucian, El Moreya, St. Germain, Lady Nada, Maitreya, Melchiezedek, Vishnu, and Rama came to Earth. These beings were invited to hold the vibrations necessary to build the slave embodiments utilizing a total of 12 tones of creation that were electrical in nature. Additionally, a being known as Sananda was imported to oversee all other beings holding the vibrations for the Annanuki slave race upon Earth.

The slaves were programmed to worship these beings as "god" in the non-physical. It is perhaps for this reason that so many humans upon the spiritual path continue to worship such beings to this day. The slaves were programmed to be owned by the gods in physical form whom were the Annanuki. The Annanuki could utilize their own electrical flow to control the slave populace. And indeed they did, at least for a time. Earth Transits Reign of the Dark

A few pages later we read under the caption 'Sananda's dominion over the cosmos' the following:

As Sananda overtook Earth, he began to dance with the red race in their ascension temples. Over time the signatures that were once solely magnetic were altered to become increasingly electrical as each subsequent generation ascended. The increasing electrical signatures allowed Sananda to ascend to the next dimension. In so doing, Sananda soon built his dominion over your solar system, universe and eventually cosmos.

The use of electrical signatures in ascension within a magnetic creation creates a unique pattern that the Great Central Sun has never seen before. This pattern is one in which thought-form that is third dimensional in nature is inflated in vibration until such thought-form becomes fifth dimensional in nature. Sananda took the 18 thought forms of dominion over the slaves and inflated them through ascension such that the dominion based thought-form became fifth dimensional in vibration. In so doing, Sananda was able to overrun the angels holding Earth's solar system together shattering them just as the angels of Earth had been shattered as Sananda inflated in size in Earth's history.

From the fifth dimension, Sananda repeated the same, inflating the dominion-based thought-form until it became 12th dimensional in vibration, overrunning the Universe that Earth is related. Again, as Sananda grew to universal in size, the vibrations inherent in his thought-form shattered the angels and beings holding the universe causing Sananda to gain dominion.

The dominion over your cosmos was obtained in a parallel manner to how Sananda created dominion over the 3rd, 5th, and 12th dimensions. It was the last ascension upon Earth by a being known as Buddha that allowed Sananda to have just enough chi to push his thought-form to a cosmic level vibration. From a cosmic level, Sananda could control all 3rd,, 5th and 12th dimensional planets and stars within the Great Central Sun.

As Earth revealed and released the karma related to how Sananda inflated his thought-form of dominion, all other dimensions that have been under the dominion of Sananda simultaneously released their karma dismantling the patterns related throughout the 3rd, 5th 12th and 25th dimensions. One can see in this why Earth's ascension is so pivotal, as without the records as to how Sananda had come into dominion, there would have been no ability for any dimension under his control to relinquish the reign of the dark. It is also a grand truth that if Sananda was not removed, that the 25th dimension would split off and fail to ascend altogether creating an incomplete ascension for your Great Central Sun.

I remember Sananda saying that he once incarnated Jesus. You can read more about the crucifixion thought-form by clicking here. The Great Central Sun has something to say about that claim as well:

Many an initiate has written to our channels as of late in confusion about Jesus and Sananda, perceiving them as one and the same. Beloved, Jesus was a man. Sananda was a nonphysical being, one of 500 that guided the life of Jesus. Furthermore, there are currently incarnate over 1.2 million humans with a direct lineage to the man known as Jesus. Many of such humans are clearing the karma Jesus incurred in present time.

What was Jesus' karma? In the crucifixion of Jesus, Jesus anchored the thought-form that the end result of the spiritual path is death by crucifixion. The thought-form of crucifixion became global because Jesus was ascending at the time he died. Furthermore, Sananda was one soul that guided Jesus to embrace his crucifixion. One may review the current human archives, which hold records of every conversation Sananda and Jesus had. Such archives are found within the Temple of Human Ancestry upon Earth.

Why did Sananda guide Jesus to his death? It is only if earth's ascension failed that Sananda would retain dominion over Earth. This could only occur if humans failed to ascend. It is far easier to create failed human ascensions if humans believe that the end result of the spiritual path is death, crucifixion or annihilation. It is time to take Jesus off of the cross. It is also time to cease to believe that death is the outcome of the spiritual journey. All karma for crucifixion has been released through ascending humans in recent months.

...Sananda is not Jesus. Sananda was one soul out of 500 that guided Jesus. Jesus remembered that Sananda guided him down the wrong path to the wrong fate, and remembered enough not to repeat the same dance in the lifetime of Mother Theresa. Soul learns and chooses not to repeat the same dance again. So does form, provided there is a connection between ancestries. Why did Mother Theresa remember when so many do not? Through ascension, one calls forth their ancestors. Mother Theresa united with the consciousness of Jesus as her ancestor and Jesus guided her to stay away from the guidance of Sananda. In so doing, she succeeded at her goal when Jesus did not. One may also review the guidance of Jesus towards Mother Theresa, as this too is recorded in the Temple of Human Ancestry.

Well, I am slowly starting to get used to this idea. And if you are wondering what the relationship is like between Earth and Sananda now...well, read this last part: Sananda has just left the building, according to the Great Central Sun.

Now, why were the ascensions incomplete? Well, the cause of the incomplete ascension involves Sananda. Sananda was a limited soul from another creation imported by the Annanuki and the Orion scientists to hold a limited slave race with a limited genetic structure. Sananda wished also to ascend. However, Sananda lacked an understanding of ascension in this creation as alas, he was from another creation. Sananda therefore piggybacked upon the ascension of other souls, and rode to the next dimension of awareness. However, such a riding to the next dimension also caused enough of a drag upon the field through which a portion of the ascending soul was also left behind at the moment that the ascension was launched.

This is how incomplete ascensions occurred in human form, through the piggybacking of that which was not in alignment with the ascension. Furthermore, Sananda did not master the next dimension of thought-form, but simply inflated the slave thought-form that he knew to the next dimension, forcing the 5th dimension to fall under the dominion of the same limitation as your 3rd dimensional Earth.

This is how Sananda grew to become a solar, universal and later cosmic level "God", through piggybacking upon ascending masters from Earth and other dimensions within human form. Earth, your solar system, along with your universe and cosmos have removed Sananda as of late, collapsing his dominion back to Earth where he originated, and he has been removed as of late as a global force and returned to his creation of origin. This is simply because Earth is complete with her karma with Sananda that this is so.

Now Sananda is out of our Creational field, it doesn't make sense that some people still claim to have contact with Sananda. How is that possible? Well, here's the answer from the Great Central Sun:

...Furthermore, many humans will still continue to see and hear such beings as Sananda or the Melchiezedek Order, as such beings continue to exist in the past. If one were to come fully into present time, one would cease to be able to experience such presences, as they no longer exist in present time. One must align with time upon Earth in order to stand in present time. One may align with earth's time through intention.

Half a year later we learn that it wasn't that easy to cast Sananda back to his creation of origin. You can read about the Seven Planes of the Kumaras. In January 2004 a special page was formed to deal with these kumaras. Here's something more about Sananda stemming from September 2002:

"The collective consciousness of Sananda has danced with humanity for a long time and has been embedded in what Mila has called the “Seven Planes of the Kumaras”. In preparation for Earth’s entry into the fifth star gate and mastering Zero Point, the planes of the Kumaras required removal from Earth. These are seven dense planes that hold the thought-form of greed, lust, pain, suffering, death, fear and judgment. Sananda was embedded in these planes as a collective consciousness and relied upon such planes to retain his global dominion. Although Earth had clearly transited her karma with Sananda six months ago, attempt after attempt to remove Sananda had failed, as he would manage to return to Earth each time he was cast off, and connect again to these 7 planes that he is associated with.

In preparation for the realignment of time, these seven vibrations that surrounded Earth much like layers of an onion had to be transmuted. Over the past few months or so of Earth’s ascension, Earth has used heavier and heavier forms of ultra violet vibrations to bust up and remove these seven dense planes. The sun has augmented this shift with certain tones of creation sent Earth’s way through solar flares to assist in the busting up of the density necessary for Earth to enter the fifth star gate. In the process of this cleansing, seven additional planes were uncovered beneath the original seven that had been heretofore invisible to Earth and ascending human initiates alike.

These seven planes include the Plane of Pleasure (related to the Plane of Pain); the Plane of Boredom (related to the Plane of Fear); the Plane of Humor (related to the Plane of Suffering); the Plane of Blind Trust (related to the Plane of Judgment); the Plane of Birth (related to the Plane of Death); the Plane of Poverty (related to the Plane of Greed); and the Plane of Rejection (related to the Plane of Lust). Ascending initiates may wish to retrieve parts of soul and fractured bits of self trapped upon these additional seven planes of reality that were buried underneath the seven others. (For more information on the planes of the Kumaras, please see "Transcending the Seven Kumaras and The Seven Laws of Harmlessness )

Mila and Oa along with those in their Group Mastery Program uncovered hundreds of thousands of soul schisms due to the manner in which these planes were hidden under veils of illusion that the collective consciousness of Sananda ran. As each strives to call back those pieces of self trapped upon such planes, one will come to greater wholeness within and foster a complete ascension rather than an incomplete one.

The origins of Sananda have been discussed in prior Great Central Sun Transmissions. Sananda is not from your creation and cannot ascend therefore into the Great Central Sun. If he remained, it could cause the combustion of all of Earth due to his non-resonance. Sananda is so lost and fractured that he has been unable to understand or value why he must be removed, and has remained upon Earth continuing to attempt to manipulate Earth into an era of extinction. Much like Merduk who was willing to sacrifice Earth to retain his dominion, Sananda would rather have Earth go extinct than ascend to retain his dominion. One could say that the entire dance of the Annanuki was a reflection of a non-physical battle between the the souls ensouling Earth and forces of the dark that had overrun her field in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun.

Forces such as Sananda however had a specific purpose within your creation, which was to pull apart creation unto extinction. Therefore one can acknowledge that Sananda along with the false intervention is fulfilling upon the job that they were assigned to do by the creator of your creation. This is another major lesson for Earth at this time, to acknowledge that the creator of your creation consumes and deliberately pulls apart creation in order to subsist. As painful as this may be to understand, it also explains why all within the unconscious sector of your creation likewise consumes; as one only emulates ultimately the creator of one’s own creation.

Earth is choosing at this time to no longer emulate the creator of your creation; but to emulate the Tao. The Tao holds no destructive thought-form, and as Earth continues to ascend into harmlessness and love, one day Earth will simply dissolve her physicality in full and return to the Tao in full. So will each species that so chooses to join Earth in her ascent return to the Tao upon a parallel path of awakening."

To learn more about the possible role Sananda has played in the division of dreamtime planes, you can either read the original article (New Global Dreamtime Launched (2002)) or have a look at an article in the Grand Master section.


This must be one of the most controversial pages on this site. One source claiming that many entities which are channeled through many other people, would actually use human beings to attain their own goals.

I want to do some more research on Sananda and the Ascended Masters. I noticed that I have been blinded by admiration for these beings, which could have stopped me from being critical. This of course is not the attitude of someone who claims to do channeling research: you have to be critical of everything, right?
Here are a few questions pertaining to this issue, although it almost sounds blashpemous at times

  1. Is there any knowledge about the origin of these beings like Sananda, Kuthumi, Sanat Kumara, St. Germain?
  2. Are there any other channeled sources casting their doubts on the unconditional love by these beings?
  3. If there is any truth in these claims by the Great Central Sun, how would you react to these beings?
  4. If Sananda would really be part of some 'false intervention' force what would his agenda look like? What are the differences between Sananda's words with a possible true ascension of Earth?
  5. The words by Sananda and the Ascended Masters all sound very loving and inspiring. How could they hide a hidden agenda behind these words?
  6. Are there remarkable differences between Sananda's words and those by sources like Kryon, Archangel Michael, The Group?
  7. Is there more to be known about the alleged electrical essence of Sananda and how does it relate to the magnetic grid around Earth?
  8. Are there any funny things about Sananda and the Ascended Masters? Take for instance his alliance with Ashtar many years ago. Whatever happened to that?
  9. In one of the earlier articles we can read that Mila herself would have been an aspect of Kuthumi at birth. How does that relate to the rest of all this? Would that aspect have left, later on in her life? Or is it still a part of her?
If you have information which casts doubt on Sananda and the Ascended Masters please inform me. I want to rule out the possibility that we are being fooled by a bunch of beings who present themselves as representives of the Light, whereas they might just be the ones who try to obstruct the ascension of Earth by giving us false information.

Well, this is it for now,
Critically yours,

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