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This page deals with the concept of time which might be speeding up according to various channeled messages. Here I have gathered some material pertaining to this topic, but I would like to find out ways to make it all more objective. Would there be a way to objectively measure something like time speeding up? In the article from Karen Danrich she says that her watch simply stopped running at certain times! That starts to smell objective, at least if you can control that process at will. Wouldn't the aging process be going faster if time was speeding up? Can we check this somehow?
Perhaps the experience of time speeding up is just something that comes with growing older, or because you are occupied with more things than before. This page was made to see if something else might be taking place. Well, enjoy the messages! 23:40 27-12-2007


Great Central Sun through Karen Danrich (Dec 2001 and Sept 2002)

What follows are two parts from material through Karen Danrich (Mila). Because it is a part of a grand collection of material which can be read in full at ascendpress.org some terms need some clarification. Unfortunately these clarifications are mine, which makes it likely to be slightly subjective. To get a more objective point of view I recommend reading the source files themselves. The description uses words and terms that are based on the world view presented by Danrich's material, as far as I have come to understand it.
  • Earth Ascension: Earth has a conciousness and has decided to ascend. This implies raising vibrations and releasing old karma. It also implies the recovery of unconscious material. Earth is determined to ascend completely and she hopes that among many other beings, many people are coming along with her as well.
  • Ascending and non-ascending humans: A distinction is made between people ascending and people who are not. The ones who are ascending are not necessarily consciously ascending. Many indigenous people and people like Indians and Aboriginals would rise in vibration along with Earth easily because of their genetic make-up. For many people in the West moving along with Earth would require some level of intent to rise along. Non-ascending humans are humans that don't spend any thought on the possibility that there might be something like a rising of vibration going on.
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  • Initiation 3000:The level of ascension is measured in the number of genetic segments that are activated. It ranges from 2 to 36,000 as far as I know. Each level of initiation has certain characteristics and possibilities.
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  • Ascending mapmakers: There is a group of people who are leading the way reaching 'higher levels of initiation'. These are called the carvers of the way. They meet all kinds of difficulties which they try to overcome, thereby paving the way for others to follow more easily.
  • Photonic gate: The ascension process of Earth is not measured in activated genetic segments, but is now mainly covered in the number of photonic gates passed through. Earth is moving towards the Great Central Sun and passes her photonic gates. Each photonic gate requires a certain level of vibration. Earth still seems to be on schedule.
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  • Intend to ascend This excerpt ends with a guidance to 'anyone reading this material to get the word out that it is time to 'intend to ascend''. I do not feel that it is my task to spread the word that it time to ascend. Everyone should make up their mind themselves. My goal is simply to spread channeled information on various topics in an unattached manner.
    The 'intend to ascend' is the basic thing one needs to have on ones mind in order to start or speed up your ascension process.
Well, I certainly hope I have been thorough enough here... Have fun with this article entitled Truth and The Truth Bearers Unite stemming from december 2001:


What does this mean for ascending humans? This means another quickening is underway. Earth has successfully compressed now 6 months additional into a 12-month cycle. This means that in the past 12 months, 18 months in time has passed. Some of this has occurred during the month of October when 3 additional months were compressed into 30 days.

For many non-ascending humans, time is becoming increasingly shortened. We had one initiate comment that the manual labor that they were used to doing took double the time. What they had accomplished in 8 hours worth of work just a few years ago took 16 hours to accomplish today. This is one affect that the compression of time has; less time is available in any given day to those existing in the past and at a slower vibration than the overall vibrational threshold of Earth, or those who are non-ascending humans. So it shall increase to a point that it appears as though so little can be accomplished in a single day that the work-a-day world will be in a frantic pace of overtime to keep up, if it is not already in such a state today.

For those that are ascending, one masters time by initiation 3000 to a point that one may lengthen or shorten time at will. For such folk, there is no limitation and there is all the time necessary in any given day to do what they require doing. However the focus of ascending humans is to ascend, and therefore there is greater emphasis placed upon such a goal than work. Or so Mila and Oa witness in their many ascending mapmakers affiliated with the Spiritual School of Ascension, that work is no longer the primary life focus. Most take time each day for meditation and focusing inward, listening to guidance as to the next step upon the continued journey of ascension. Many are also leaving behind traditional work and finding their way to a sovereign income that allows them the freedom required to carve the next phase of map.

It is anticipated that the next photonic gate, as passed through, will compress time even further. Earth compressed 6 additional months into a calendar year, and it is anticipated that she will be able to compress up to another year into 2002, allowing for 24 months or more worth of ascension to come forth in only 12 months. Time is of the essence for those in human form who so choose to ascend, and the time is now to awaken or be left behind. By 2006, there will be little opportunity to master the lower initiations, and therefore we guide those reading our material to get the word out, it is time to INTEND TO ASCEND. http://www.ascendpress.org/articles/great-cen-sun/Sun7.html

Well, so far from this piece from December 2001. We now proceed to an excerpt stemming from and article called EARTH TRANSITS ZERO POINT from September 2002. Again some clarification is needed, if you are not able to read through the material at large yourself. Here we go again:

  • Zero Point What it exactly means is still not completely clear to me. Read the article to try and understand it yourselves. My working hypothesis of the meaning of Zero Point is that is a time which is more in allignment with some kind of universal time. Furthermore it has got something to do with the intentions of Earth now becoming the main 'dream' of the Earth's future.
  • Forces of the dark Forces that intend to shatter and use the energy/chi of beings for their own use. Most of the time these forces are from 'different creations' or from the 'spaces between creations' which ended up in our creation. The solution of Earth and the Great Central Sun is to return these forces back to their original creation, since every being can only ascend in their creation of origin and not in someone else's where they only block ascension. These beings are just beings who contributed to the learning effects of our creation.
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  • Mila The other name of Karen Danrich, the main mapcarver and medium of ascendpress.org


The largest shift and affect that transiting Zero Point has is in relation to how time is held and recorded upon Earth. Over time and in the distortions of the manipulations of the forces of the dark, time has become polarity based. Polarity based time swings from periods where time moves very rapidly; to periods during which time moves so slow that it drags seemingly forever. The period from 1920 to 1980 was a slow moving period for time upon Earth. The polarity shifted in 1988 and introduced a period of more rapid movement of time, and has increased even more so due to the vibrational shifts upwards in the global initiations mastered by Earth in recent times.

Speeding up of time has the affect of causing there to be less time in any given day. Many humans have found that it takes twice as long to accomplish the same task that once could be accomplished in half the time. This is the result of the speeding up of time. Ascending initiates however begin to command time; as this is mastered one can lengthen or shrink time at will and through conscious intention. We invite initiates who are reading this material to intend to stretch time and see what happens. We have had initiates who were late for work stretch time and make it on time, with a 30-minute drive occurring in only 15 “stretched” minutes. Office mates further “complained” about how slow the morning had gone!

Mila mastered this early in her ascent and noticed that her watch kept stopping. One day as she was taking off her watch to go swim in a mineral pool, she noticed that the watch which had stopped again upon her wrist began to move the moment she placed it down on the counter. She was about to change the battery for the third time as the watch continued to keep inaccurate time. Mila then came to understand that she could stop time, and wearing a watch was therefore useless as it was never accurate.

Many an initiate who may be finding that one’s watch is inaccurate may discover the same. Far better Mila learned to simply rely upon the clock upon the wall or in the car. Mila has also stopped time in relation to her work upon the computer; often lengthy articles written in a given day will cause the time therein to be 4 to 6 hours off, as she sits outside of time now given her level of ascent, and in the act of writing pulls the computer out of time along with her.

Mastery over time begins at initiation 1800, and is fulfilled upon more greatly in embodying 3000 strands. As this occurs, one ceases to age as one spends more of the day outside of time than inside of time. We have advised initiates to give up wearing the watch altogether as they transit initiation 3000, as otherwise one will be tempted to stay in time to retain the time accurately in one’s watch. In so doing, one will also continue to age as it is time that acts as a gage in aging. As one ceases to be in time, one not only ceases to age, but can roll the clock back by resurrecting cells that had previously died in one’s age to date. So many an initiate has proved in Mila and Oa’s program, some of which are in their 50’s and 60’s, and are beginning to look like one in their 30’s or 40’s instead. Such is the gift of ascension; one resurrects the form and then moves into a vibration that stands outside of time.

Timelessness is also the result of a particular rotation of the light body and subtle bodies around the form. As the subtle bodies can spin so many spins per minute, timelessness is sustained and one ceases to age. Generally initiates master this in embodying 3000 strands 30% or more in the physical. In parallel manner, Earth is now spinning her light body so many rotations per hour that allow her the experience of timelessness as a global body. Earth shall therefore cease to age or decay upon a global scale from this point forward, which is what transiting Zero Point represents. http://www.ascendpress.org/articles/great-cen-sun/Sun12.html

"In choosing to go home, there are new algorithms for time that are now being anchored upon Terra. Tao Time is being anchored upon Terra. Tao Time allows earth to align with time in the Tao and this contraction cycle that is now underway. Each reading these materials can choose to begin to anchor into Tao Time rather than time as you know it. The Dragon and Hippopotamus Kingdoms will support each that chooses to enter Tao Time in learning the necessary algorithms to do so. As one enters Tao Time, one will leave the past behind; and so one must be ready for a vast change in the life that will occur as you complete and choose to move forward into a new future that will take you and your future ancestry “home to the Tao”.

Current time is very difficult to ascend within as Mila and Oa attest to. Current time often runs backwards, stops, or skips and jumps ahead or back. Time in particular became the most fragmented due to the nuclear fallout of the Anu some 30,000 years ago as Terra measures time. Since this point in history, time has been very uneven and inconsistent. Although humans measure time by the clicking of the clock, this is not how time actually runs. It is for this reason that some may discover that the clock stops as one’s body sits in time that is stuck; or that the clock races ahead suddenly shortening one’s day; or that the clock seems to move so slow that the day drags on. The body responds to earth time and not clock time in the day to day life.

In the past two decades, time has been compressed and moves more rapidly than it did in the past century. The compression of time is a part of Terra’s global ascension and causes her to meet up with Tao Time. Terra has been racing to meet Tao time for the past century, as the Tree Kingdom perceived a possible dream ahead for this goal. At last Tao Time has been anchored upon earth; even in spite of Terra’s recent shattering. Tao Time shall begin to change everything as each dream begins to align with the cycles of in-breath within the Tao.

Tao Time is cyclic and does not know minutes, hours or even days weeks or months; Mila and Oa who have sat in Tao Time for four years experience days feeling like months, and weeks feeling like years. Tao Time stretches the time upon the clock to meet the needs of the ascending human. Sometimes much more time is required to release patterns over night in Mila or Oa’s ascent; these may be long nights in which months and years worth of karma is cleared. Mila and Oa may awaken many times to consciously focus upon the patterns that are up to be cleared. Yet other nights are rapid and soon dawn comes; these are nights with less to clear and perhaps in moments that they are in greater balance within.

Tao Time may be experienced in similar manners for those entering the Tao cycle of homecoming at this time. The Tao has rung the “End of Time Bell”. The end of time bell is a vibration that the Tao sends into all sectors of creation to allow the contraction cycle to begin. This too the dark vying to prevent from occurring; however they were unable to as Terra is going home. The end of time bell of vibration tells every cell within the body and every cell upon earth that it is time to ascend and return “home” to the Tao. For those reading these materials and upon request, the Dragon and Hippo Kingdoms will provide you with the End of Time vibrations so that each and every cell within your body may begin its journey of ascension, or ascend on to the next level possible ahead.

The End of Time Bell will also cause those who are to retract and move back to other creations to recall this truth in the unconscious. You may share the End of Time vibrations with all around you to foster the ascent of those who have lineages and genealogies to return to this Great Central Sun; and also for those who are to retract and move on to other experiences in other creations that they ultimately came to earth from. The times of cleansing have officially begun, and a new day and new dream shall be born ahead beloved.

The End of Time also means that the time is up for the dark that have plagued earth since she left the Great Central Sun dream 24 million years ago. The End of Time means that time as all have known it in this region of domain officially ceases; and that a new time begins under the direction of the Tao. Within the new time or Tao Time, only that which can return with Terra home to the Tao shall remain; as this is the law of any contraction cycle. We now enter the contraction cycle after a long era of seeming unending expansion cycles and in so being, everything that was completes and a new day ahead begins. For the dark, their time is up and over; and they must leave earth. That which remains will return home to the Tao with Terra in the cycle ahead."
From the Dragon (Winged Lion) and Hippopotamus Kingdoms.

Amaterasu: Choices

You have all been experiencing the speed with which life is evolving. You are all noticing in your lives relative to your individual growth, your relationships, your families and your work or vocation how time is speeding up, (you can't keep up with your days activities - there isn't enough time) how space is reducing itself , (with the internet and other technologies the earth is much smaller than it used to be in communication outlets) and how in intercommunication amongst species (plants, animals and humans) you have an uncanny "knowing" either everything about the "other" , what they are going to say, do or want or you find the "other" even that of your closest, nearest and dearest seems at times to be "a whole 'nother breed entirely".

All of life and its relationships are changing so rapidly some feel paniced in their solar plexus continually now. It is not a comfortable feeling and sometimes takes over when you least expect it like at night when you wake up in the wee hours of the morning and you wonder what the feeling stems from for during the day with your meditation techniques and your breathing techniques you feel quite together and yet there are times of the night when you feel quite undone. Do not worry. This is normal for these times and for these energies that are coming in. http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/amaterasu-choices-queensley.html

Wistancia Stone: Feeling into Physical Ascension

Things are changing dramatically and what is now needed on the Earth Plane to assist Her transition into a Higher Dimensional footing is not going to comply with what we have glimpsed, what we have been told, what we have imagined or thought it had to be. Something new is being born. The speed of this new reality is very very fast. It is causing many to feel like they are spinning like tops. It is causing many to feel that the ground beneath them is shaking. The earthquakes are within people now. They are shaking up realities that have congealed. http://www.eu.spiritweb.com/Spirit/physical-ascension-wistancia.html

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman: You Are The Higher-Self Of The Fragments You Have Created

We tell you this, first of all, since time as you know it is speeding up so much, what would normally take lifetimes is happening in days and months. Since you are being reunited with the myriad parts of yourself, whether that part is steeped in the belief of lack and poverty; unworthiness or lack of love, thereby, failing to draw to you worthwhile or loving relationships; denial of creative abilities; or in being powerless and at the mercy of others; whether it is belief of violence and the battle with the dark forces; or in ill health and the inevitability of the aging process and ultimate death; regardless, you are being brought face to face with all the facets of your Soul-self.

It is inevitable, it is the path to masterhood and ascension, but we can help you to integrate these parts of yourself with more ease and grace. We can give you the means and wisdom to confront these issues from a higher vantage point, from the viewpoint of a master. You can "love" all those imperfect parts of yourself free. You can balance them before they are brought into your energy field for harmonization and reintegration. http://www.spiritweb.com/Spirit/herman-michael-hs.html

Lia Shapiro: So Shall You Think - So Shall It Be

The twenty-first century will usher in a new age. Already, things have begun to accelerate. Many of you flail through your days with never enough time to get everything done. If you are old enough, you will perhaps remember when time seemed to go slower. You are absolutely correct in your memories of time. Those were certainly the good old days, and time was slower! Time is converging now. It is speeding up. We use your word time, but know there is no such thing. It is frequency that is vibrating at a faster rate, causing the feeling that there is much to do and never enough time. Because of this rapid frequency factor, things will start to happen and all that you thought was impossible will become known and experienced. In the years after the new millennium, there will be a remarkable growth and acceleration of many on Earth. There will be those that will be activated, thus sparking the rest of humanity with wisdom and knowledge that will help to evolve the species on Earth to new levels.

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