The Astral Moaner

The Astral Moaner

    July 2006

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Triggered by the recent astral explorations on this site, Donna from the USA, contacted me to share her experiences with 'something' that she calls her 'moanie'. Perhaps we can call it an astral moaner. It is described as a presence that seems to be situated on one of her shoulders and this 'presence' only seems to 'moan', not really a moan as a result of pain, frustration or anger, she just moans because it seems there is nothing else that she can do. She has been around for over 20 years and perhaps readers of this site have suggestions or ideas that could increase the level of understanding of this astral phenomenon and perhaps these suggestions can lead to a constructive way to deal with it.

This page contains parts of Donna's emails and a response from me. In the second email from Donna we can read about the way one of the SSOA-consultants tries to be of assistance. In the last part of this page I present some thoughts on this approach. Until now I have been rather 'friendly' towards the SSOA, albeit critical, but I think some stronger language is appropriate as far as this piece of advice is concerned. Note, however that this consultant was not Mila or Oa.

The page is divided into three parts:

  1. Introduction of the Moaner by Donna, July 1, 2006
  2. Details of the Moaner, July 18, 2006
  3. Response by Gibbon, July 19, 2006

Since I had worked at a hospital back in my early twenties....I have experienced the most annoying and irritating energy that I never would wish on is a female non-physical energy that simply clings to my energy field and just moans day in and day out....that is if I tune into it....I have tried so desperately to get rid of this obviously deeply lost and confused energy......with no results....I have said "I intend to send this female creature that moans in my field to the aurora of mother earth which she will be casted out or disposed of" "I intend to send this female creature to her place of origin where she can never bother me again" Does it work ? Obviously not !

When I lay my head down to go to sleep, she moans in my face on the left side....when I turn around and lay down on my right side....she slowly bounces off my field into the "air" and just simply floats around and moans.....moans....and moans.....she is not a "negative energy" at all....but she is obviously a "nothing"........she is neither soul or spirit....perhaps she is a fragmented energy that floats around looking for a "home" to dwell......well, she found me ! she found me alright and I cant get rid of her.......for over 23 years I have sensed this irritating creature latched onto my left arm moaning....why is she there....why me....why does she moan I doing something to attract this annoying creature...I need help in blasting her truly has caused me problems......imagine if you had a constant flea attached to your arm and it kept you scratching all day and couldn't get rid of it......well...that's sort of how this "moaner" is.......

...I was once told by my psychic friend 20 years ago, that it is lost old woman that died in the hospital....confused demented....and latch onto me for support....probably feeding off my chi too and I don't even know it !! Maybe that's why I suffer from fatigue all the time ?? Well, I know I am to learn to be "sovereign" and learn to get my own answers myself according to the SSOA paradigm......and how wonderful it would be to finally connect with my own SOUL....

... Well, I think my thoughts have created those dark soon as I read about the "dark".....guess what happened ? I started to sense the "dark" the "formless non-physical" was like someone was sending me "red darts" directly to my head area........I will feel tingly sensations around my head and the feeling of the dark energies cackling around me and the feeling of pressure and pain in my the point that I think my head will burst...... since the head is the crown and brow chakras.......maybe they dint want me to connect with my "spiritual truth" there is much to learn and discover in this this whole big universe....I suppose it can never get boring ! lololololo. Thank you for your time and if you have any comments.......which I expect you will, please do share them with me...Donna from the USA.

Hi again Gibbon,

Thank you for taking the time out to answer my e-mail, it is really appreciated. Let me give you more details about the moaner.....I call her "moanie"....well, I guess after all this time I have to have a sense of humor because it can be so aggravating to have this "female creature" around.... As I had visited a psychic back in the 80's regarding this experience, she had told me that they were lost old woman that had died in the Hospital that I worked at that time....and some of them simply would latch onto me because they didnt know where to go....I was told to wear the "light of protection"...however, that really didnt work. So something within me is somehow creating this experience where I am not consciously aware that Im doing it.

I also contacted one of the Consultants from the SSOA and she said that I needed to first pull myself into the "Earth Light Dream", that it appeared that I was in the "Earth's Dark Dream" and picking up on these lost energies from the astral plane.....she also suggested that I first ground myself to the Earth's aurora and then freeze and shatter the consciousness that was clinging to me. ...the female moaner, and send her to the aurora of Mother Earth for re-casting out.

I did connect to the Earth's Light Dream because I started to feel very good...also to bring in the Earth Light Dream in the space in between, very important as Im told. After doing this ritual, I seem to fail to freeze and shatter the "moaner" .....perhaps I need to be more grounded to the earth and then connect to my soul, which is found in the Earth's healing sounded very simple and I have been practicing it daily. Obvioulsy, something is amiss.....I'm not doing something right, otherwise why doesnt it work ?

Let me give you more details about this "moaner". She does not moan in pain, it doesnt feel like she is in pain, she feels like she is totally unaware of what is going on, like as if she is neither soul nor spirit, but a "lost energy", like you said fragmented part of someone or something, she feels "positive", never negative, but she is like "ditzsy", so even if I did try to talk to her, which I did many times in the beginning, it doesnt penetrate her at all. It feels like she does not speak a language, as if she is mute and can only moan....I suspect there are more where she came from, so I have no idea if she is the same "moaner" that I had been sensing for all these years.

Upon bringing in the Earth's Light Dream, I did feel her somehwat bounce off my energy field into the air about a few feet from me....but then she floats around aimlessly and comes back to me....obvioulsy she doesnt know where to go ! I also must admit that in my attempts to get "rid" of her, it causes quite a bit of anger and frustration in perhaps the anger alone keeps her around and I need to believe that I can remove her from my field. I will learn somehow, however I would like to learn now....I know no one can do it for me, I must learn to do it myself.....and I will certainly be happy when I do.

Ok, so lets see if any of your readers have some suggestions, could I be the only one on planet earth with a moaner attached to my field ? Also, you said maybe I tend to moan about things in life and thus created this moaner to reflect back to me what I'm feeling, that is interesting to think about, but like I said she doesnt moan with frustration, anger, pain or even lust.....she just moans to make sounds. Thanks again for any suggestions......and I would love to know if anyone else had this problem ? Bye for now. I look forward to more exploration on this subject and "intend" to be done with it once and for all. Finally !

Donna, USA

I truly think this is an interesting phenomenon. As you may know I have grown to believe that the SSoA tends to ascend in the Sirian fashion, meaning that it is inclined to increase the light and dump the darkness somewhere else (see What Caused the Extinction of the Pleiades and Did the Sirians Seed the Anu? for example) like our Sirian ancestors might have done in their ascent some 120,000 years ago.

I don't hold on to this mode of ascending any longer. I don't even believe anymore that there is such a thing as a creation that was built with an electrical signature (see Principles of Magnetism and Electricity and Thank God for the Anu). This is the background from which I read the piece of advice from the SSoA-consultant.

I wonder if it really is such a good approach to cling to the 'Light Earth Dream' and to completely disconnect from the 'Dark Earth Dream'. Perhaps there is another dynamic that is consistently ignored by the SSOA, namely that one might 'feed the dark by inflating the light earth dream', as Monique once put it. If you take a look at Hooray, they are back you can read about the recent discoveries by the SSOA on Buddha's ascent. He ascended into a light earth dream, thereby increasing a dark earth dream, for others to follow.

In that article I draw some conclusions which the SSOA is not willing to draw, namely that they too have been increasing the dark earth dream by their own ascent so far. Admittingly, not for themselves, but for the people around them. I don't think that it makes sense to first admit that the SSOA has been ascending the way Buddha has done during his life (inflating the light through many tricks thereby increasing the dark, in other words: ascending in the Sirian way), and then promptly advise their readers to continue intending to be part of the Light Earth Dream.

What ways can be used to remain in this 'Light Earth Dream'? Well, if Donna didn't twist the words of the SSOA-consultant, the advice was given to freeze and shatter the astral moaner that has been clinging to her for over 20 years and then send her to the Aurora of Earth in order to be re-cast.

In an older article from october 2005 (Eat me, please!) I reflected on the advice of the SSOA to consider consuming consciousness in order to move on. This consumption would have been allowed because they have been consuming is for so long as well. I doubted that approach back then and I still do. Is that really a harmless way to deal with this issue? Is there really no alternative? Monique wrote about the consumption thoughtform as well (see On Consumption Thought Form).

I tend to feel sorry for the moaner in Donna's case. Imagine that there really are millions of soul fragments that simply don't have or hardly have any awareness of their situation. Perhaps, indeed, some people who have suffered from dementia end up fragmented after they die. I surely hope that this is an exception for I prefer to think that they will have a better life after they have suffered from this disease during their lives.

But what if there are these astral soul fragments that simply don't know where to go? In Donna's case this would mean that they tend to attach to anyone that resonates or perhaps to anyone that is close after death sets in. Perhaps we all have lots of moaners or fragmented souls attached to our systems, but we are simply not aware of them. Can't we think of anything better than freezing and shattering these 'lost' soul fragments? Aren't we abusing the Aurora of the Earth by using it as a planetary dump hole? Shouldn't we take some more responsibility for these fragments?

In Dissecting Dorothea I write about the possibility of dissecting large soul collectives that consist of soul fragments that would not be of the same soul group at all. These soul cocktails would have gathered all kinds of fragments throughout the universe in order to increase their power. Well, in october 2005 I seemed to be able to assist them in disassembling themselves in order for the parts to go back to where they belong in the space-time fabric.

I also mentioned the soul fragments from Maldek (see Patching Up Maldek) that might be reunited somehow. Perhaps that is an approach worth trying out: to see where these soul fragments really belong. Perhaps we need to learn a lot about dementia and the astral effects of it. It might well be that some people end up with a fragmented soul, that needs to be reunited after death. We might just help out with this process by intending the reunification of a soul. Perhaps this moaner from Donna is just a part of a soul that is missing this part. Perhaps that soul didn't feel like having this part. Who knows? Who wants a moaner? Who wants someone with pure Anu Lineages in their spiritual organization (see Anu Denial?)? Who wants to feel responsible for parts of creation that don't appear glossy enough?

Please share your thoughts and experiences on these issues. I feel it is time to come to terms with the astral planes and we need to open up to these 'dark' aspects even though we might prefer not to (see Magnetism, Power and Charm and I would Prefer Not To).

SEE RESPONSES IN Creator with Partial Amnesia and Theocratic Grand Masters both from July 2006.

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