Etheric Harm

Etheric Harm

    January 2007

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In December 2006 I received an email from Padma, from Turkey. She mentioned a few experiences that she has had which I thought would be interesting enough to share with you. It reminded me of my pendulum days when I was rather preoccupied with my body and its various levels of ingrowth into the physical. You can read all about it in the articles that I mentioned above.

Nowadays I don't check my vibration at all. Now I just hope that I am not 'speed-ascending' and that by carefully trying to work out the thoughts that come to mind my vibration will gradually rise in a sound fashion. As long as I feel fine I guess it's okay to ascend in this fashion. The big advantage of this method is that I don't suffer a lot of 'ascension stress' due to various imbalances, differences in ingrowth etc. and that I still have enough time to play with other thought forms.

In a recent turtle (39) I gave you an example of unconscious harm related to the subtle bodies. Padma describes a few other examples of harm that she has witnessed.

(part of) Padma's email, december 2006

When I ascended 3000 in the etheric this year (not all body parts i was told: my head was at 6000, chest area 3000 and legs 1800 or so,you can guess my etheric pituary was functioning a lot), I began to see cords, attachments,some family members' lightbodies, dream selves, spells, hexes around form. The list goes on. My biological father has cancer and recently his mother passed. During the ceremony I was watching with great shock the entities the grand pa was taking on himself to be able to weep. It felt so uncomfortable. I witnessed the same entities passing on the father too.

Last months were the worst, however. My father's light body (or astral self?) began to dump on my system everything he doesnt want to deal with (even a piece of fragmented soul). It is most likely in sleep time so I barely felt in my body these times

Another thing I witnessed in my family is with my sister in law: she recently had a baby and is really bored about caring for him: she made so many attachements to the baby's form that when I held him with my hands I could feel/see her unwanted energy on him, but to my shock, he had developed a high running energy system. Never saw such a system! It creates fear in entities! Sometimes he pleases him self clearing my field in such a manner and then smiles!!

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