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Turtle 3
To be Less Stranded

    January 2005

Study of SSOA, Turtle Main Page

I guess only in the SSOA-context the title of this turtle makes any sense.

The terminology used in the SSOA-world is not really common in everyday life. I don't hear my parents speak of 'the embodiment of new DNA-strands', 'the release of ancestral karma', 'the nuclear annihilation by Merduk, part of the Anu-family' or the airy real estate business of the false gods.

The further you ascend the more 'strands' or segments of DNA you are able to carry over to the physical body. Most non-ascending people would have activated a mere 2 strands. Ascending people would be able to 'download' some 3000 strands. The map carvers would go even further to 6000, 15000 or even to a state called 'full consciousness' which would imply the embodiment of 36,000 segments (or strands, which is the term most often used in the SSOA-articles). The more DNA you embody the higher your awareness would become. It's like a radio which you tune to receive higher and higher frequencies.

I noticed some hesitations when I conceived the plan to start writing about ascension in this turtle format. It was simply inevitable that I would produce 'less stranded' material. I mean, I don't have a clue about the number of strands I have embodied so far, but I'm sure my body isn't on the brink of becoming photonic as would Mila'a and Oa's body. I wondered if I would like the idea of writing 'articles' that would always display some less stranded awareness when compared to Mila's awareness.

Despite that I decided to go on with this turtle-project, thereby acknowledging that I would simple write from the 'frequencies' that I could reach with my present biology. Until the turtles started to walk into this site I was a lot safer, so to speak. I didn't need to portray my 'less stranded state of being'. All I needed to do was present the high-stranded articles by Mila and in a way I could 'hide' behind them.

Now that I have started to write from my perspective chances are that I misinterpret certain aspects of Mila's work, since that is simply part of my present biology. I sure do hope that the possible readers of this turtle material realize that all I write is not necessarily what transpires out of the SSOA-material, it is just the SSOA-material as it is perceived by my less stranded eyes.

The SSOA-material is the best world view I have come across so far. I hope to be able to contribute to the spreading of the information by writing these tiny turtles.

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