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Turtle 5
Developing Swing Trust

    January 2005

Study of SSOA, The Subconscious

So Humanity has hit rock bottom as far as awareness is concerned. Most of us would vibrate at a '2-strand-level' which wouldn't leave much room for any 'unity paradigm' to enter the body.

Since we were designed to be 'fully conscious' beings we would still hold the possibility to alter this state of being by consciously intending this change. Especially before retiring and after awakening the intent to 'ascend' or perhaps the intent to cleanse yourself would activate some kind of biological/genetic program which would awaken more DNA-components. This slow process would bring to the surface many blockages, many forgotten memories, karmic material, often harmful behavioral patterns, etc.

Slowly more 'awareness' would enter the body and this would lead to a greater awareness of the person involved. There seems to be a difference in this level of awareness between the complete conscious awareness which could be expressed in words and the level of awarenss in the physical and the etheric body. I guess you can compare it to water flowing from a high source high in the mountains. New enriched water is added at the source, which may be compared with the etheric body gaining more DNA-components.

Then as the water flows downwards it enters the physical body and only when the water reaches a lake or the sea, the new enriched DNA has come to complete awareness. It has fully entered the waking consciousness. To stretch this analogy a bit further: you could imagine that someone swimming in the lake would be curious to know what would be the characteristics of the water high in the mountains. What would it feel like, what 'wisdom' would it contain?

The possibility seems to exist that the swimmer in the lake can get to know something about the water in the mountains, a while before it enters the lake. It would be like contacting someone half way the mountain with a cellular phone to ask that person what the water looks like up there. This person half way the mountain would be the physical body, which would 'know' more than the 'waking consciousness' (in the lake). There would be ways to get in touch with this knowledge of the physical body, and the telephone is the pendulum.

Perhaps the pendulum is more like a morse telephone, since it isn't able to transmit grammatically correct sentences. In my experience the pendulum has the ability to either say 'yes', 'no' or 'I don't know' in various strengths ranging from 'yes' to "YES!".

By using this pendulum you can get some inside information which hasn't poured down all the way to the lake. I only started using this pendulum thing in december 2004 for I was rather hesitant about using this 'string' with a button tied to it. Not all hesitations have melted away, but enough has occurred to not discard this method as utter folly.

The biggest hesitation has got to do with trust. How can you be sure that the swinging answers from the pendulum are actually from the wisdom of your physical body? It might as easily be from some fake ascended master/false god (see Sananda and the Ascended Masters) or from some other entity which really isn't part of your system.

The other thing is that it could be a nice way to open the doors to insanity. If you start depending on the pendulum in times of trouble, you might get advice which will lead you astray. You could lose your ability to question what it said. The answers from pendulum-activity are not truth for me, at least not in this phase. I know of people who have gained so much experience and trust in the pendulum that they use it as a compass that is hardly ever wrong.

So, that's the process I'm in as far as penduluming is concerned: to slowly develop more trust in this swinging apparatus. In future turtles I will use some 'pendulumed' information and I hope I can gain enough confidence in it to start using it as a wise guide.

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