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Turtle 8
Strike While the Iron is Hot

    February 2005

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In Three feet crawl I write about three phases of development: confusion, understanding and emptiness. On that page I describe my belly as a kind of compass for me. Whenever I notice trouble in breathing deeply, I know there is something going on somewhere. I know something is boiling and I need to either try to find out what it is or simply wait a while and see what happens.

When the new thoughts or feelings or whatever you want to call them, have entered my conscious field, my belly starts to 'balloon-breath' again and although it looks like I am a big beer addict, it is one of the best feelings I have experienced in my life: the easy coming and going of air inside of me. Perhaps some 'sugar-producing-glands' are really growing, or have already grown. I can't tell from the outside, but I do know that it feels fabulous. It is like a giant engine that is working smoothly, feeding my entire body.

But, experience has shown me that this beautiful balloon can disappear in an instant and not return for a couple of days or perhaps longer, depending on the issues in my life. I have noticed that the belly was often 'out-of-order' after waking up. It seemed like it needed some time to recover from the night and all that may have happened down there. Perhaps there is some guy in my dreams using a straw to inhale some chi from me. Perhaps that guy is part of me as well. If he is I intend to ask him to cooperate with me, instead of sucking me empty. If he doesn't feel like working along, he'd better leave and I will go look for someone else. Nowadays I am glad to say my balloon is active within five minutes, most of the time and not during some kind of crisis, or in a phase of confusion, of course.

The thing I wanted to talk about in this turtle is what to do when you are in a great ascending mood? I know that the 'balloon-days' can be over every minute, so how can I use the balloon-breath most effectively, before the pin arrives, so to speak?

Here is what I have come up with so far. When it is 'balloon-time' I think my intentions are stronger. So, I try to intend all kinds of things during these times. Intentions like: "I intend to have new thoughts", "I intend to grasp more of what is happening in my subconscious", "I intend to understand what happened to people in my ancestry", "I intend to open my heart further" or "I intend to gain some genetic information from people in my lineages to help me ascend". Recently I have started to intend an ascension-promoting part-time job in the neighborhood.

Another thing that I try to do during these balloon-days is to spend more time alone. For chances are that I am able to reach newer levels of understanding. When I am on my own (in a forest, or simply sitting silently on a couch looking around a bit) I have more time to try to access that new field of understanding. Often new thoughts enter my mind, new ideas on how to proceed, how to expand my website, what to do to prevent chi-leakage and so on. This way I have come to understand more and more of the articles on the website of the SSOA. There are still many concepts I do not grasp, so I need a lot of balloon days to get a hold on everything on the site.

I used to think that I could only start writing something of worth as soon as I have gained 'control' of everything on the website. (see turtle 3: To be Less Stranded), but now I have ventured into the possibility that I may add something of worth that is not mentioned in the vast bulk of information on the SSOA-site. And not only me, but I guess everyone who is working on their ascension process has unique information to share, because if there really are 144,000 lineages in humanity each filled with numerous lives, stories and karmic clay, a lot of different experiences are waiting to be written down and shared, I suppose, especially when you consider that starting 'initiates' would have access to 144 of those lineages.

Another thing that I try to do while my belly is active is to write things down. For if I lose my balloon, I also seem to lose my ability to get a hold on the thoughts and ideas in a certain field. As if I have lost the frequency to resonate with that field. When I have some notes to look into, I may be able to return to such a field more easily, or I can at least dream about what it was like to have those thoughts, haha.

Another point of focus for me is to try to keep on to the belly-times as long as possible. That means that I have to refrain from things that drain me from energy. I guess everyone has their own set of drainages. I have written about some of them in the last turtle (Addictions), so I try to not waste my belly on watching TV programs or playing computer games or writing very long emails, although writing emails has the potential of clearing more themes and activating new terrorities as well. I guess the email-thing has got everything to do with the way you write or the attitude you have during the writing. In a way it is like being with someone in real life. It can activate all kinds of (un) conscious harm. It is therefore no surprise that the SSOA is working on the community program in silence for a year to get a hold on many of the dynamics involved in human interaction.

I also try to keep away from certain people during the belly-seasons. And when I interact with people I avoid all discussions, because I do not want to waste energy on emotional issues. I try to postpone that to other moments when the belly is less balloon-like. Perhaps I could try to invest a balloon in some important issue that I have with certain people. Although I might lose the belly during the argument I might have enough 'access to other thought-regions' and have more calm to finally clear some issues.

Although writing is an important thing for me during the belly-times, I think it is more important to work out a new theme or thoughtform first in your mind. Looking it at from all sides, as if you are working on the construction of a beautiful piece of art in your mind. When it is finished it can be shared with others. Sometimes I tend to become so enthusiastic that I want to share before I completed the statue. But, when I wait too long I may have lost the belly before it's finished. Yes, yes. Tough dilemmas.

Well, so much for this turtle on 'Striking while the iron is hot'. Please feel free to share your experiences.

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