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    July 2005

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This page deals with the things I discovered about my pancreas during my ascension process. I guess it is quite illustrative for the things one might find when checking out any organ in your body during your biological transformation process.

If you use a pendulum chart which contains the most important organs in your body you can pendulum which organ needs attention.

It was during the time when I started working with the removal of various Genetic Operating Systems (or Sacred Geometry) that I asked which organ had a lot of Albyreon GOS in it. I was guided towards my pancreas.

I asked how much of my pancreas was running on Albyreon GOS and I got a 70% answer. When I asked if I could remove that Albyreon GOS from my pancreas I initinally got a negative. I decided to intend to understand why I couldn't just remove the undesirable GOS from my system.

A few days later I was working on attachments and again the pancreas showed up. I discovered that I had 14 etheric cords of attachment plugged into my pancreas. 6 were stuck to all kinds of friends and family members and 8 were bound to Albyreon. After I disconnected the pancreas cords to the six people, I intended to remove the Albyreon attachments.

It was only after I had removed the chi-absorbing Albyreon attachments that I was able to change the Albyreon GOS I was running in my pancreas. It took another couple of days before the Albyreon GOS was completely deleted from my pancreas.

Another funny detail was that during the days I was detaching myself from these Albyreon attachments I noticed a dream being stolen from my system. After some scrutiny I discovered that Albyreon ancestors from an email contact had stolen this dream. There was no karma involved so I returned that dream to me. No more Albyreon GOS and no Albyreon ancestor will get anything in return from me. I think they have had enough of my chi.

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