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Waking Up with the Mahatma Blues

    September 2005

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In Turtle 19: Chi Draining Practices I write about a few discoveries I made in regard to losing chi to various other sources. This turtle focuses on two other sources which drain chi from my system and who are thereby destabilizing my chakra's, subtle bodies and my dreamtime bodies.

In the SSOA-excerpts page on the Mahatma Planes you can read a lot on these planes that you could consider as a kind of gas station for non-physical beings. The gas is provided by the people who live on Earth. It would not be unlike some aspects of the movie(s) called the Matrix, in which some beings use human beings as a kind of battery for their own sustenance.

In our case we would not be stored somewhere and live our lives in some fantasy reality while our bodies lie dormant somewhere. No, our bodies would be real and the Mahatma Planes would plug into our energy systems and take chi in that fashion. Since we are that unconscious we would not notice much of it, and for most of us our energy system is a big mess anyway.

Now that I have started to check my energy systems on a regular basis, I noticed that indeed much chi (mostly from my chakra-systems) was actually leaking away to these Mahatma Planes. Fortunately one can undo this Mahatma-plugging by intending to disconnect from the Mahatma Planes. By uttering this intention frequently I noticed that my chakra's turned stable again. I added the intention to return all chi that was stolen and I guess that both these intentions resulted in an increase of chakra-flow and almost immediately my body would swell up again: my diaphraghm would increase, my heart chakra would spin better and this would lead to some cracking in my chest. Truly a great feeling.

Unfortunately the effects didn't last forever. After a couple of hours things sometimes changed: there would have been some chi-draining to these Mahatma planes again. The worst moment of the day in this regard is the moment when I wake up. Especially in the morning I felt drained completely. When I checked it I did indeed find that most of the Mahatma plugs were installed during the night, leading to a lot of chi loss. I would dub this feeling the Mahatma morning blues.

When I can find the time in the morning I sit down somewhere and focus on every chakra (without having to pendulum the exact percentage of chi loss) and intend to disconnect from the mahatma planes. After I have taken some time (this takes about 5 minutes) to do this seriously, I often feel truly re-energized. I feel full of chi and my breath expands my body in a lovely way.

When I read the SSOA article on Transcending the Need for a Savior (2005) which deals with these Mahatma Planes I realized that it could well be possible that some of my ancestors actually made agreements with these Mahatma Planes to give chi away, and that that is a possible reason why I get plugged to these planes every day again after the unplugging ceremony.

I have only today started with intending to end all agreements between my ancestors and the Mahatma Planes. I could throw a party as soon as the Mahatma Blues is over for ever and I can hold on to my own chi without needing to remove any unwanted chi-draining plugs.

In the article on the Signature Filter I write about the chi drainig habits of the False gods who pump up the space between. I have found it very useful to integrate in my morning ritual the removal of any false gods from my chakra's as well. I have also started to end all ancestral agreements to hold space for these false gods. I definitely hope this works out well, for I would prefer to spend my time on other things than the continual removal of these bonds.

On top of the chakra's I have found chi-draining from my subtle bodies and I have even found dreamtime bodies to be completely absorbed by the Mahatma planes. By intending the return of any stolen dreamtime bodies they can be returned.

I hope you find this information useful, and please do contact me if you have some interesting experiences or ideas that are related to the Mahatma Blues.

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