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Repetitions and Archetypal Blindness

    March 2006

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These are sure interesting times, as far as my relationship to the SSoA is concerned. When I began this turtle section, together with the exploring section over a year ago I was rather hesitant about writing about my own process. How could I possibly add something useful with my 'less stranded'-state of mind? Even the thought that I might utter words of criticism towards the SSoA was complete heresy.

But times change and I have grown more comfortable in writing from my own perspective, even if that means that I dare to question certain items that appear in the articles from the SSoA. Such an important endeavor as the ascension of our species should not be left to only a handful of people, even when they are high-stranded. I am not out here to throw mud at the SSOA, for I love the paradigm dearly, and it means a lot to me. I have molded my life in order to be able to have a chance at living a life in the 'ascending mode'.

It is out of respect for the ascension process that I need to say a few things that I started to notice during the last couple of weeks. You might be aware that I have written about phenomena like 'Anu-Denial' and other aspects having to do with the possible non-existence of any Electrical Great Central Sun. This has vast consequences since it would mean that we send all Anu-related ancestors to a place where they don't have any chance of ascending at all, since it appears that there is no creation that uses an electrical GOS for its design (also see Principles of Magnetism and Electricity).

I have felt guided to explore this possibility further since it could be a replay of what our Sirian Ancestors have done, namely to ascend without taking responsibility for parts that are unpleasant or hard to incorporate. This mode of ascending in the 'Sirian way' is something that might be happening within the SSoA at this moment. Like I said, I hold the SSoA in great respect, which makes it even more necessary to pinpoint some effects that they don't seem to see themselves.

When I read the latest articles in February 2006 (Especially from the Amythist Mineral Kingdom and from the Oak Trees), I started to feel uncomfortable for the first time. Until then I had felt the beauty of the articles and they resonated deeply within me, and I would have proudly protected the contents, no matter what people might say. But now, all of a sudden, thoughts appeared that said: "Hmmm, If I would want to show people what the SSOA and ascension is all about, I would definitely not let them read these articles." and "is this the ascension perspective that I have found so important to invest so much of my life and energy in?". Yes, I even started to feel a bit ashamed.

One of the many strenghts of the SSOA-perspective of ascension to me has been the continuous flow of new information that always shed new lights on all kinds of matters, from the sub-atomic to the heart of the Tao, from the subtle bodies to the Indians in Bolivia. From global warming to the seeding of the 'Large Headed Ones'. From practical advice to theoretical vistas. All this I enjoyed very much.

It is therefore that I noticed something odd in the recent material, namely the enormous amount of reiterations. They seem to be repeating the same stuff over and over again. I really got a bit annoyed when they mentioned 'You have to leave the spouse, create a new job, move to another place' a number of times in the same article. As if we don't know that already!

In the Amythist article they keep on talking about the need to ascend the space between as well. In the past articles I can hardly remember so many repetitions of the same topic. For the first I started to think that they have developed the need to write rather long articles, and even when there is not much to write about, they need to fill these pages, and therefore resort to repetitions. I think they could have written the Amythist article with 75% less words and still have conveyed the information that needed to be said.

Another thing that I have started to wonder about is the possibility that some 'holographic one-sidedness' is starting to become visible. In the SSoA-framework there are 6 Grand Master Archetypes or Holograms. Each hologram constitutes a part of the whole. As you can read in the first chapter of the Ascension Workbook (Human Archetypes and Archetypal Nature) Mila has got both a birth and body time hologram that is called 'God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension'. Oa has got both a birth and body time hologram that is called 'God Goddess of Solar Cycles'.

What I would like the reader to consider is the possibility that there are four Grand Master Holograms missing within Mila and Oa. Since Mila could be considered as a beautiful example of the Ascension to the 5th Dimension' archetype, there may also be a danger involved with such a strong archetypal focus. If it is not corrected with other archetypal aspects it could lead to a possible archetypal blindness to everything that stands in the way of reaching that goal of ascending to this 5th Dimension, even when mirrors around them abound.

I wouldn't have written this page if I didn't think it was necessary to let people within the SSOA consider that something might need to change in order to prevent some kind of stagnation, with all kinds of unknown outcomes.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these issues,

March 2006

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