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Pendulum Dependency
and Paranoia

    April 2006

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I didn't pendulum for a month now and I have to say it really feels great. This is the basis for this page: what are we really doing when we allow ourselves to become in any way dependent on the swing of a pendulum? Is it really that important for a sound ascension process or are we perhaps wasting a lot of time and energy?

I started to use the pendulum in the beginning of 2005 and I was thrilled by it. I started to create all kinds of pendulum charts and I questioned numerous things. One of my favorite questions was 'What is my current vibration?'. I also liked to peek into the systems of others to see what their vibration was. I also determined what kind of Genetic Operating System ((GOS) they were running (electrical, magnetic, radioactive or a combination). I liked to see what kind of karmic interactions I had with other people: whose ancestors had done what to my ancestors and vica versa.

A lot of time was consumed with the uncovering of all kinds of manipulations by numerous sources like the False gods, Albyreons, Ancestors, Mahatma Planes, Personality Entities, Soul Cocktails, False Tao, Earth Mother, Tao, Ancestors, Body Level Consciousness, Source, Nature etc.

Like I said there were all kinds of manipulations that had to be undone. Most of the time it had something to do with my subtle bodies that were either distorted, torn apart, filled with subtle body parts from other people, lost subtle bodies, unwanted ties to subtle bodies and the theft of information, chi and grid work. Then the chakra's were often in various states of chaos, which needed to be restored through intent. On top of that etheric grid work, ascension grid work and genetic gridwork was stolen on a regular basis and a few unwanted dreams were regularly installed in my manifestation planes.

You can understand this was all very, very stimulating and interesting. I gathered information after human interactions: what kind of attachment was causing a chi-leak? Who tends to rip apart my mental body (see Chi Right Author for example) in interactions? Who has dumped an Electrical bomb in my system? Who dumped karma in my system and who pushed in a hex in my etheric bladder? To whom was I losing my tones of creation? I have had night in which I woke up and felt very bad. I went to my room where I store my pendulum and I discovered things which I could intend into a better mode and I would end up feeling a lot more tuned than before the pendulum activity.

It really provided me with useful information and I was willing to accept that there are many distortions in the sense that you can often be in contact with some distorted source, who are bound to fool you around. I have been fooled regularly as well, but there is no doubt in my mind about the reality of this penduluming activity.

It is no surprise that such a wonderful instrument like the pendulum which can be used to retrieve so much information can have an addictive effect. If you add the advice of the ssoa to it, which says that every true initiate should pendulum each day, you have the perfect cocktail for an acceptable and necessary ascension activity: pendulum (or muscle test) every day or otherwise your process might turn into a false ascension, you might even develop some terrible disease if you don't check your system on a daily basis (or at least on a regular basis).

Last year I have had a fragmented ascension, meaning that my organs were all vibrating at different vibratory rates, leading to a high average overall vibration. Much electricity was used to speed up the vibration. Electricity would have the capacity to speed up the molecular vibration much faster than magnetism alone can accomplish. Many of our ancestors would have experimented and were experimented upon with this electrical quick fix.

I developed the 'ten construction islands'-approach to restore this imbalance (see Working with the Construction Islands. This couldn't have been done without the assistance of the pendulum. How else would I have known that my liver was stuck at 2300 because it was using DNA from a ANU-slave ancestor, which didn't contain any information on ascending a liver beyond 2300?

Somehow I stopped using the Construction Island method after all my body parts would have at least ascended beyond 2700 at the 100%-physical level. Perhaps it was because of the uncertainty as to rightfulness of certain methods, like "Intend to return electrical DNA back to the Pleiades" that I stopped using this method. In fact I haven't checked my vibrations in months and I still feel fine.

Due to an increasing sense of sovereignty I noticed that I was being brainwashed in a certain degree by the SSOA-articles: I have heard of people who utter hundreds of intentions every day in order to make sure they don't forget anything. I guess many people who are into the ssoa-material pendulum nearly every day to make sure that there system is still fine. Most of the time they will find some distortion somewhere which needs to be rectified.

My alarm bells really started to ring when I had caught a cold. My first thought was: OH NO! WHAT IS GOING WRONG WITH MY ASCENSION PROCESS? I need to pendulum it right away! Then I stopped and I realized what was going on. I was having a simple cold, I caught some virus and felt fear because there might be something wrong with my system. Then I understood that much of my pendulum was based on the fear that I might miss out on some leecher that would suck information and chi out of my system.

If one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow. So, I started to question if I wasn't feeding some paranoia thought form by penduluming each and every day. Wasn't I wasting a lot of energy on restoring and patching up my system, which I could perhaps better use for something that is more constructive? Isn't penduluming another way to trust some outside source which always knows more and better than you do? Of course this outside source can be your own source and ancestors, but they remain something that is presently out of your awareness, and you can never be absolutely sure whom you are penduluming, any source can pretend to be someone else.

For me it was an eye-opener to realize that there might just be something within (see
The Space In Between) that attracts all those forces who keep on harming and damaging our system. By continually battling and fighting it out with those outside forces, you don't have much time and energy left to focus on the inside. In fact you might be battling mirrors (or smashing them...see Mirror Blasters), instead of using them to get information on what is going on within.

Presently I only use the pendulum in so-called 'emergency cases' in which I feel something odd in my system and I can't get it out with my daily intentions. Sometimes I even allow myself a day before I look up my pendulum to see what is going on. Nowadays I prefer another method which feels more natural to me.

My favorite method of discovering things is by tuning inwards. I just sit on a couch, turn off as many sounds as possible and I close my eyes and ask a question or two, like: tell me what is going on. I intend to ground and I intend contact with Earth or with my Source or ancestors, or whoever might add something useful to the present theme, and I just wait for thoughts that come up. I weigh the incoming thoughts to see how they feel and when they are of the right size and color I adopt them in my system and build another question on that newly arrived thought.

This way I (at least ideally) build a new building which often sheds a new interesting perspective on a certain matter. Sometimes I lie down and think about a certain theme and ask for some guidance through dreamtime. This can lead to dreams which might contain clues. Everytime a new concept is built, I try to work it out on paper and when I consider it interesting enough I publish it on the web, which is a nice way for me to process matters.

I guess there is a relationship between the level of your ascension process and the effectiveness of this tuning-inwards-method. If you sit down somewhere and you are inundated with dozens of thought forms and you don't have a clue to which thought form might be harmful and electrical and which ones are not, you'd better use a pendulum to reach above that 'chaos'. I prefer to focus on every out-of-the-ordinary thought that comes within my thought stream. I use these thoughts as a basis to tune into.

Monique writes in My Body Speaks:

During the past year I regularly received information on the state of my physical body. I saw my own DNA and grid work. This kind of communication puzzled me at first, until it began to awake ancestral memories of living like this. Our ancient ancestors would simply be informed of or receive reports on the condition of their own body. If action was required on the physical plane, you would take it. If you needed to consult a shaman on your problem, this is what you would do. Nothing sensational or spectacular. All people had this "gift". They were not known as visionaries, you simply knew what was going on in your own body.

This made me ponder the ascension process that I have been involved with during the past two years. I worked with intentions like mad. I wrote them down, repeated them out loud and in my mind whenever I could, fell asleep with intentions on my mind and woke up with new ideas for even more intentions.

Since I left SSOA and stopped intending, all of a sudden I could hear my body spirit, soul and ancestors much more clearly. I got the advice to work with simple direct commands or questions on what was going on in the now. This would not allow for any instant hanky-panky repairs, but for a more acute awareness of what was going on. I had to retrieve consciousness on many levels within my field and body starting at the elemental level in order to monitor what was happening, top down and bottom up, within myself and in interactions with other people and the region I live in. This would gradually restore the integrity of my physical body. In the end my body turns out to be my anchor. No words required there. Alignment to holographic truth cannot be commanded, it must be remembered on a biological level.

I do still utter a few daily intentions in order to keep the main parts of my system healthy. These intentions I focus on the restoration of my subtle bodies, my etheric grid work, my genetic and ascension gridwork and my chakra-system. Most of the attacks led to shattering in those systems. This way I gain a lot of time which I can invest in 'tuning inwards', which can of course be done during a nice and gentle walk, or while doing the dishes.

Since I have stopped using the pendulum on a regular basis I need some other way to prove to myself that my process is going alright. There are three basic things that I check:

  • Is there a relatively continual flow of new thoughts (I don't mean a new thought every minute, but at least new discoveries or thoughts every few days)?
  • Does my belly breathe comfortably? My belly has become a compass for me, when I passed the 1800. Whenever my belly protrudes I know everything is well. When it doesn't there is something that I need to work on (or need to tune into).
  • Do I feel joyful and rather harmonious most of the time?

April 2006

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