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    November 2006

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In Looking Back and Forward I was about to talk about a certain topic I had in mind when I got distracted into another topic. Today I would like to give it another try. As I said in the introduction of that turtle I was impressed by the idea that Mila 'opened up to the inner planes' somewhere during her ascension process. Wouldn't it be great to open up to these planes myself?!

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The Automatic Pilot Mode-article talks about the familiar inclination to just step into a certain external activity thereby losing most of the contact with your inner world. We can all think of these external activities: reading a book, watching TV, going to the cinemas, playing a game, entering a chat box etc, work, eating etc. Our world is filled with these kind of external mode activities and ofcourse there's nothing wrong with this external mode, but I would prefer to spend at least some time tuning inwards.

I believe Mila once said that the world within is far greater than the world without. Even though I have come to question a number of elements within the SSOA-perspective I still think she's right about this aspect. I have spoken elaborately about the effects of thoughts on our reality perspective and possibly our world after we die, which is another reason to spend more time on this internal tuning mode as opposed to the automatic pilot modes.

A month ago I was on my own for a week. After a few days doing 'automatic pilot mode' things I decided it was time to tune within. So I turned off the TV (which is off most of the time anyway), the computer, the radio and I sat down on the couch. I closed my eyes and started to look within. My breath was doing fine and I felt quite joyful.

I noticed a few hesitations like 'What if there really isn't anything to be seen when you look within? What if all this is just bogus, or I'm simply not able to do this'. I am used to spending time thinking but most of the time I was walking or I was lying in bed, or a few new thoughts hopped in during other activities. To simply sit down and tune within waiting to step into the inner planes was rather new, especially when I intended to spend my evening this way and perhaps the next evening and the evening after that: floating on the inner waves for hours in a row, wouldn't that be fantastic!?

I soon realized that I was in a way trying to transfer the external activities to my inner quest. As if I could just sit down and enter a kind of 'inner disney land' and have fun for the rest of the evening, enjoying the images, thoughts and perhaps even visions.

Somehow I was confronted with an 'inner emptiness' in stead. Although some people enjoy this state of inner emptiness (see 10,000 Babbling Idiots), I thought it was rather boring. I didn't want to spend the rest of my evening in a state of nothingness. The automatic pilot mode provides more fun. If this is what the inner planes are about...

But then I decided that it was my responsibility to make something out of this. I could start to imagine all kinds of things and create a funny or interesting reality for myself. Perhaps I could enjoy myself in this fashion? I didn't really like that idea either though, for it would be another variant of some kind of inner disney land: just for the fun of it and nothing more than that.

So I tried another approach and that turned out to be the most fruitful one: I tried to create a number of intentions that would be useful for my own ascension process. It wasn't easy to actually devise ideas of how I would like to create my own future. It was quite difficult to focus on creating something new that would benefit my own process. I came up with a few ideas then and after walking through the woods today I added a few more. I would like to share these ideas with you.

One of the most important intentions was the intention to allow distorted thought form to surface, so I could recognize it and do something with it. Today I encountered such a distorted package containing all kinds of images about some undefined need to have sex. It almost knocked me out as if it was really important, but then something inside was triggered, leading to a wave of tears and an ability to see through this package as being part of some ancient genetic programming linking the thoughtform of sexual intercourse with extreme importance for your own survival.

I didn't want to tune into this programming anymore and I was able to look at with a smile, realizing how many people experience this thoughtform and act accordingly, investing in ways to have sex in some way or the other. As a central issue in one's life.

Another thought form that I encountered lately was the need to find someone else in order to be complete. Only if you have a partner you are valuable and complete. I am now inclined to qualify this thoughtform as a rather distorted one too (see Thought Form Rating Scale). I try to dismantle both these thought forms and their (probably temporal) removal provides energy to focus on other matters. It is like kicking a few mental habits burnt into our genes.

Within my current reality perspective I am inclined to see thoughts as tuning forks that are having serious effects on our bodies. I have grown to believe that is virtually impossible to remove certain thought forms in a certain 'higher (genetic) band' before a host of other (distorted to various degrees) thought forms are removed. Some thought forms are so strongly built into our system that it takes a strong body to remove them. A strong body can only result when it is no longer driven by many distorted reality perspectives. It would be like asking someone who hasn't eaten for weeks to run a marathon.

If you look at certain psychiatric patients I think this is an important issue (see Ascension and Forensic Psychiatric). No matter how strongly you would like to stop certain thoughts from pervading your mind, it is almost impossible. Perhaps these people need to work on a more solid mental hygienic foundation before they can start altering thought forms that are ingrained far deeper into their system.

What I have intended is the gradual opening up to new thoughts with a higher vibration. These thoughts are likely to resonate or awaken certain distorted patterns in areas that were left unattended before, raising new issues to be explored. If I notice that I cannot remove certain thought forms I just accept it for now and tune into other thought forms that can be changed.

Another intention that I have started to use again is the intention to open up to communication with my soul group and lately I started to focus on the opening of the gates with my body level consciousness. It would be rather nice if I would be able to gain access to certain things that needed attention. In my pendulum days I received a lot of information on what was happening in certain parts of my body: karma stuck in my pancreas, attacks or bonds of attachments in my stomach or heart. I was pendulumed into believing that I lost information through my ninth chakra, the pituitary gland (see Removing Books and Fragmented Ascension). Even though much of this information was probably distorted or at the best partly true, I still think that there is a lot of wisdom stored in the body level consciousness and the problem resides more in the quality of the communication lines and probably not so much on the level of the body itself. I would like to open up a better communication link with my body level consciousness, enabling me to feel or see where something is happening.

Another intention that I reinvented was the one dealing with the idea to open up to participate in contributing something to the world in general. I want to allow thoughts in my system that are beneficial for the ascension of the whole. I want to contribute to the clearing of distorted thought forms that are stored within the framework of humanity's past and present.

November 2006

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