Are We Co Creating Together or Not?

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Are we Co-Creating Together or Not?

    September 2007

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After the rather intensive interaction with the South African Group which resulted in about 10 articles I decided to end this dance for a while. Perhaps we will meet each other again after some time, but the differences in reality perspective have grown a bit too big for me now. There are too many elements in the interviews that I do not currently resonate with. Perhaps I am too stubborn to adapt my limiting perspective to the far-reaching perspective of this desteni group, but I like my current take on matters a bit too much to kick many of the elements out of my 'system'.

I also have trouble with the increasing idiosyncratic definitions of terms that are being used by the group. Words like soul, feelings, thoughts, mind, system, human beings, emotions are catching some rather negative connotations which go against the far more positive meaning that I connect to these terms.

My own explorations have provided me with a increasing sense of joy in various fields in my life. I have grown to trust my intuitions and my breathing belly: when they indicate that there is something the matter I continue to trust them, especially when it leads to coherent explanations that make sense to me. I still think this south african portal has got integrity, but I think they are presently slightly blinded by the information that I deem stems from the former heavenly inhabitants, who mainly existed in a relatively low vibrational band. The future will tell if I took the right turn here or not.

And now for something completely different. Co-creation is not a term that I have used often on my site. The last time was in some old article from 2002 that I have already deleted from my site. Monique used the term once in her second 'mind-you' article and also Mila doesn't use the word too often recently. She used it more frequently in the period 1997-2001. I was able to find a nice definition of co-creation from a 1999-article. Lord and Lady Rize write through Mila:

Co-creation is an act in which soul sends the vision of what it views as a necessary manifestation within the initiate's life experience. The initiate receives the vision and then sets the act of manifestation in motion by energizing the vision. As the vision comes to fruition, one step at a time, the initiate gives feedback to soul surrounding the progress of their co-created manifestation....

Receiving the impressions of soul is a necessary attribute for those desiring to ascend at this time in history. The visions of soul often come in the form of a future life experience that is run through one's head like a movie. As one pays attention to the movie and then intends to make it manifest, one brings the manifestations of soul into their physical plane reality.

The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path (1999)
(Apparently Mila and Oa have recently decided to also remove the articles from the second ascension series, for more about the first section see Obsolete Articles).

As you know the concept of 'intention' is quite an important one in these biological ascension explorations. It is because of the use of your 'power to intend' that things would start to change. The simple intention to ascend would activate the process. Although this intention to ascend is still one of my favorites I also create a couple of new intentions on a regular basis. I try to take more responsibility in creating my reality which results in the obligation to spend some time - preferable daily - on what I would like to create in my world.

This really isn't all that easy. I often have doubts about my creative potential, but I am slowly getting accustomed to the idea that it can actually be quite fascinating to harbor the idea that I am truly able to intend certain events into my own physical life. To become the dreamer and the dream: it sure does sound great, doesn't it?

What kind of intentions do I launch these days? Well, I intend to receive new thoughts, to get to know distorted thought-form habits and I sometimes experiment a bit with more practical intentions.

For instance, I intended the development of a less superficial relationship with one of my colleagues. I really tend to think that my ability to intend matters into manifestation has grown during the years, resulting in a shorter time span between the intentions and the resulting manifestations. Well, you should know that one of the problems is that often many other colleagues are around. Today I was given the opportunity to speak to this colleague without anyone else around. I, however, decided not take this chance and just let this moment pass by.

When I got back to my own place I sensed an energy-leak together with a sense of disappointment. When I got home I was able to find some time to close my eyes and think about these matters. It took me a while to finally tune into the thoughts that triggered a more enjoyable breath. What I have come up with is quite funny: imagine that there really is some kind of soul or group of ancestors or whatever it is, that bends situations into certain directions. A bunch of energetic beings that try to create that what you have intended.

So, in this example I have intended situation A to occur. These etheric friends or perhaps my multidimensional self is working like hell to execute my 'intention orders' to actually create situation A (or something that looks a lot like it) and then...then...I decide to trash the situation! How would you feel if you were part of this group? Working your socks of to create a certain situation because your physical friend asked for it and then he ruins the opportunity! Could I have felt their 'disappointment' as well?

Well, I had a great laugh realizing this aspect of co-creation. I remembered the times that I chose to become harsh on myself when I had flushed situations like this before in my life. I smiled and forgave myself for hurting myself so much in the past. All I can say is that intending a certain 'dream' is one thing. To actually participate in creating it is something else. I noticed that I had developed the idea that intending something into being would be sufficient: my non-or-partly-physical parts would finish it off by manifesting it while I could remain seated, comfortably breathing on my 'intention throne'. I wasn't always aware that it could be dance with more steps then only two.

September 2007

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