Turtle 49: Trying to See People

Turtle 49
Trying to See People

    April 2008

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I have taken a few weeks before finally writing a new page. This page describes the process I have been going through during this period mainly revolving around silence and a perceptual shift towards people around me.

After the unmasking of the distortions that I mentioned in Turtle 48 something funny happened: for days there was hardly anything on my mind. It really felt as if the removal of the four distortions cleared so much that a kind of vacuum arose. Although Destenians may value such a mental vacuum like state I got rather annoyed after a while.

What if no new thought would ever again enter my mind? What if this was the end of it all? This is as far as I am allowed to ascend my vibration: enough is enough. Perhaps it was time to stop this process and go with something else: something more practical or normal?

I started to realize that I had developed an attachment to the development of new ideas and thoughts. How else would I spend the time that I have created for myself? How can I justify it to myself if I bring my daughter to school and return home to do nothing? I should write and create!

It took me a while to finally recognize this attachment and the need to remain 'mentally' busy. I reluctantly allowed myself to just sit on a couch and think about nothing in particular. I allowed myself to play a few games of chess against the Vista Titans and I played the 'beer game' for a while. I did some internet searches dealing with regular topics like the situation in Iraq and the crisis on the financial markets.

I decided to simply trust the process and wait for some new thoughts to arrive, if not today then perhaps next week.

Ever since I had decided that I wanted to see things instead of simply believing them I intented to open up to 'etheric perception'. This would allow myself to develop a way to get information without the use of a pendulum. I imagined the possibility to create an image of myself in my mind's eye and visualize the current state of my etheric body or whatever body I would want to see.

I started to experiment with looking at my fingers in order to see the white radiation around it. I also started to look at trees and plants with slightly squinting eyes. I intended as hard as I could to see some degree of aura around people. I went to bed with these intentions and I woke up with them. I started to dream about wanting to see auras around people. I wondered if my subconscious would actually see all these auras and energetic bonds between people, but it might not reach my conscious awareness because I didn't allow for the reality of such a thing. On the other hand I might really need to open up a new way of perception by looking differently. On top of that I also googled around a bit to read about etheric perception, but eventually something else dawned on me.

While preparing my mind to see the etheric, energetic layer around people another realization entered my reality. I began to think that most people hardly really see other people. I imagined that when I deal with other people I hardly really deal with them, but with the perception I have developed about them: in a way I am so caught up in my own reality perspective that it is virtually impossible to actually see people the way they really are.

To visualise it a bit better: you can imagine a cloud of distortion and attitudes that leaves only about 5 or 10% of someone else to actually enter your system, the rest is the mere result of my own assumptions and ideas about what others may think or do. The same probably goes for a lot of people. Not only is our ability to see other people hampered by our own cloud of perceptual distortion, but also by the cloud of the other.

I allowed myself to further explore this alley of thoughts and I turned rather sad for a while: could it really be the case that communication between people is that clouded? That perhaps people hardly really talk to each other because it is so hard to overcome these double clouds?

If I were to develop etheric vision, would I be ready to actually see these clouds of distortions in the fields of myself and others? Wouldn't it perhaps freak me out?

My conclusion so far is that before I might possibly enter the field of etheric/energetic/auric vision I first need to clear my own interpersonal cloud of distorted perception. I recently shifted my intentions towards attempts to really 'see' people, attempting to reduce the level of distortion in my field while being around others. Once I develop an ability to see other people more clearly, I could once again think about tuning into the etheric dimension. Before that I think there is enough to be cleared and understood.

Just think about the possibility that many people don't really see people as people, but more as objects with a self-conceived representation in their own mind. Wouldn't it be quite a change if more people started to peek through their own cloud and intend to see others more clearly?

April 2008

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