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A bizarre form of grape hyacinth. This Muscari is a sport of Muscari armeniacum 'Blue Spike'. The raceme chanched into a very compact, pyramidal inflorescence with a broccoli-like appearance, the individual flowers clustered at the ends of the pedicels. The raceme can be up to 7 cm across. Bracts are small, fleshy, whitish to bluish. Individual flowers urceolate with 6 white lobes, often with extra fleshy filaments on the flowers.

The colour of the flowers is blue (R.H.S. 097B), gradually turning purplish-blue (R.H.S. 097A) and purplish-green, fading to yellowish-green. The inflorescence dry up, they don't wilt and rarely set seed. The dried flower is then usefull for flower decorations. 

The leaves are narrow and linear, up to 22 cm long and up to 1 cm wide. The scape is appr. 20 cm tall.

Muscari armeniacum 'Fantasy Creation' was found and introduced by Mrrs Van Bentem who patented the cultivar and grow appr. 1,5 Ha of it.Selection in the stock is necessary since it reverts to its original form M. arm. Blue Spike.


      for decorations. Ht. 15-20 cm. IV - V.