marion hübscher
performing arts management

Since 1987 marion hübscher has been working as an independent agent,coach and manager for performing artists internationally. She has developed performance and working possibilities for artists,both established and emerging;both based in the Netherlands and worldwide.

As business manager she worked for choreographers,including:
Pauline de Groot(NL),Donald Fleming(USA/NL),Katie Duck(USA/NL),
Martin Butler(UK/NL),Bianca van Dillen(NL)

As artist manager and international agent she has represented the work of many choreographers and live art performers, including:
Yoshiko Chuma (JPN/USA),
Mary Fulkerson-O’Donnell (USA/NL),
Julyen Hamilton (UK),
Katrina Brown (UK/NL),
Stephanie Skura (USA),
Muna Tseng (USA),
Karin Post (NL),
Sergio Ulhöa (BRA/NL),
Un Oeuf is Un Oeuf (B),
Karin Vyncke (B),
Isabelle Van Grimde (CAN),
Ricky Seabra (BRA/NL),
Krisztina de Châtel (NL),

Moreover she worked as an international agent for musicians and composers,
including: Phill Niblock (USA), James Fulkerson (USA/NL), Nicola
Walker Smith (UK), Robert Black (USA), Rajesh Mehta (USA/D)

She has a network of hundreds of international presenters and producers and has booked performances, workshops, residencies or projects in Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Canada, USA, Brazil, and South Africa.

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In the sixties/seventies Marion Hübscher studied French at Groningen University (NL) and worked as a teacher. In 1961 she was a student at The Arnhem School for Drama (NL).
In the eighties, when living in the town of Deventer (NL), she was at the forefront of presentation of experimental theatre to a wider audience:
-curating and producing the first local venue for new small scale theatre; De Bouwkunde (1980-84)
-curating and producing the first Days of Street Theatre (1982,1983,1984)
-curating and producing movement performances in the medieval church; De Bergkerk ('85 '87)
-curating and co producing the festival Nederlands-Vlaamse Theaterdagen (1983,1984,1985,1987)
presenting many works by Dutch and Belgian avant-garde theatre makers
-curating the dance program of the municipal theatre, including the Days of Dance in 1989,1990

Further, she studied art management at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht (NL); she did research on the interest for experimental and small scale theatre in the region; she was a member of the board of the international art festival Triple X in Amsterdam (NL

If you would like further details, please contact:

Eosstraat 232,1076 DR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel +31(0)20.6710749.


marion hubscher performing arts management