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Software for the operating system Risc OS
All the files are zipped so if they have no .zip extension, add them or filetype them to 'archive'.

!A310Emu (Apr 13th,2007)(454K)

An Archimedes-emulator for Strongarm-equipped RiscPC's & Iyonix ,for Arthur 1.1,RO2,RO3.1, memorysizes 0M5-16M (depending on OS). Sound and low-bit-per-pixel screenmodes must be improved. Supports two virtual ST506 harddiscs up to 256 Mb each. It's a work in progress, not everything works.

!A310Emu,latest version (June 2013)(3091K)

Same emulator but more recent; adapted for Beagleboard
Use !ArchiEmu in preference of this one.

OperatingSystem files: get them from

!SplitPlus (33K) (last updated May 21, 2008)

An utility to chop files, too large for transfer, into manageable sizes; and to join the pieces to the original size again. For single files it works like !Split, but it can also handle selections and directories.

!Base64 (29K)

Utility to extract files from uuencoded or base64-coded texts

!ShineFrnt (15K)

Frontend for Shine, to convert batches of Wave files to MP3's

!RegGraph (451K)

Zap-like editor only for BBC-Basic, with utilities: register grapher to help you assigning variables to registers (when writing in BBC BASIC assembler), BASIC file compression, (local) xref, program tree, simple program error checking.

!Sudoku12 (209K) (last updated Jul 5,2010)

Solve and create various types of Sudokus, inc. Hexadoku and Alfadoku. Output as textfiles and sprites. Some example files included + appl to create huge sudokus up to 256X256

Screengrabber (2.5K)

A screengrabber. Works on almost anything. Read the source for instructions.

Nonogram (220K, March 22, 2009)

A program to solve the Nonogram/Griddler/Japanese-picture puzzles.

ArchiEmu (5M, July, 2014)

Newer Archimedes emulator. Also for BB/RasPi. For arthur/RO2/RO3, Arm2/Arm3,Harddiscs up to 512Mb, sound, primitive singletasking

!Keyboard (26K, Feb 9, 2014)

Utility to enter keypresses by clicking with mouse on icons

Radixsort (7K, Oct 31, 2014)

Radix- and Quicksort ARM implementations