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Dominican Republic: food and drinks

Here some pictures of some well-known dishes:
moro 'la bandera'
El moro: a mixture of kidney beans and rice, served separate with meat "La Bandera Dominicana" (the Dominican Flag): white rice with (a sauce of) kidney beans and meat, all served separate El sancocho: a soup with meat, potato, banana, carrots and vermicelli, served with rice
Some other famous dishes: El locrio: a mixture of rice with chicken or beef, sometimes served separate with kidney beans. El asopao is a thick rice-soup with meat.

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the beer 'Presidente' The own mark beer "Presidente", the best in the world they say! You have a big one ("Grande", 650 ml) and a little one ("Pequeña", 330 ml). Since 2005 you have a light one too. They want them real cold ("Bien fria"), with the ice on the bottle! And when the power failed....oh lord. Vendedor de dulces Salesman of sweets and cigarettes.
Peces Fish. habichuelas Habichuelas (kidney and white beans), maize and coffee-beans.
rum Brugal The national drink is rum: here the mark Brugal, other marks: Barceló and Bermúdez. rez Beaf.
dominican salad De dominican salad, "ensalada", with salad leafs, carrots, beets, cabbage, onions, tomatos and vinegar. moro with kidney beans Another moro with kidney beans.
marrowfats Pigeon peas, "guandules", an alternative for the kidney beans. red fish Red fish, "pescado colorado", has a lot of meat, here served with a mixture of rice, pigeon peas (guandules) and pumpkin (auyama).
moro with beef Moro with pigeon peas, with beef, fried banana's and salad. mashed banana's with salami Mashed banana's with salami and onions, "mangú de salami".
asopao in preparation Asopao, a rice-soup, in preparation in a big pan on charcoal in the garden. asopao Asopao prepared.
guineos con canela Banana's fried with cinnamon, what a cook that Kinka! goat's meat Goat's meat.
espagueti Spaghetti, served with a mixture of rice and maize. pollo Chicken in the dominican way.
chicken Chicken, "pica pollo". fillet of chicken Fillet of chicken.
carne secando Meet is drying. colorado secando Fish (colorado) is drying.
habichuelas Kidney beans. arroz blanco White rice.
lambí Stewed conch meat, known as Lambí.

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