nude activities

here are some great ideas for activities you can do in the nude

take out your bicycle and go for a ride go sun bathing on a beach
make a phone call
when you love surfing why not try it in the nude? perhaps make a telephone call to your lover
drive to work office work
drive to work in the nude; your colleagues will be pleasantly surprised do your office work in the nude
beach walk soccer
make a long walk along the beach play a match of soccer with some friends
horse riding photography
go horse riding; forget about the saddle and try it bare back go and take some pictures of a winter landscape
beach football
take your whole family to a nudist beach play a game of football; wear ribbons to make clear which side you're on
beach walk scuba diving
stroll along the water with your lover admire sea life and go snorkeling in the nude
volleyball tennis
play volleyball at your camping site or a tennis match
roller skating window shopping
go roller skating or window shopping in town
drink in bar d.j. playing music
go and have a drink in the nearest bar be a d.j. and play some music so your guests can dance
excersises badminton
do your daily exercises in the open air or play some badminton in the park
snow boarding mountain climbing
snow boarding in the nude is great fun and you'll get an all over tan why not try mountain climbing in the nude for a change
mud wrestling fishing
mud wrestling is more fun in the nude and afterwards you'll be clean more quickly go fishing in the nude; perhaps you'll not only catch fish
dog for a walk pitch a tent
take your dog for a walk pitch your tent on a camp site
boating arching
go boating on a river; wear a sweater when you're cold be an archer and shoot a bow and arrow
daily run pinball
do you daily run in the nude play some pinball
game of pool sip a beer
play a game of pool, but be sure to hit the right balls have a sip of beer as you watch a soccer match
pillow fight filling station
have a pillow fight with your room mates fill your car at the local filling station
prepare a snack lunch at McDonalds
make yourself a snack in the kitchen, but watch out for hot food have your lunch at McDonalds
car wash hang washing
wash your car - and yourself hang your washing to dry
supermarket fair ground
do your shopping at the local supermarket go for a ride at a fairground
cycling at the baker's
take out your bike and cycle through town do some shopping at your baker's
sleigh riding skiing
go sleigh riding in the snow or skiing for that all over tan
do the dishes mow lawn
do the dishes mow your lawn

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