Question 2: Do the Annunaki themselves believe in some kind of god?

Question 2:
Do the Annunaki themselves believe in (or perhaps even worship) some kind of God?

    July 2004

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According to the interpretation of the Sumerian tablets by Zecharia Sitchen and quite a few channeled messages the Annunaki would be a family from the Pleiades who would have visited us some 160,000 to 300,000 years ago (depending on the source you prefer). According to some sources they would have made mankind on Earth, to others they would have only made a few races. In this view other beings would have made other races.

These Annunaki beings would have used their appearance and their knowledge to fool us in to believing that they were some kind of gods to us. I wonder, did they have any gods themselves who they worship or are connected with?

Here are some answers to this question, from some of the visitors of this site:

(July 2004, Magikka & WS)

We all worship the same god! There is only ONE and that is ourselves and all around us. The Annunaki know this very well but they still work on other levels and work with different deities. The Annunaki are very “spiritual” but they know that one cannot be “spiritual” without integrating scientific knowledge also. As in all things, some of the Annunaki are positive & others are negative. “Worship” is probably the wrong word for the Annunaki do not “Worship” but they do pray & communicate. “Work-with is probably a better word”

(May 2003, Alexandra)

Annunaki where with the forces of the dark until recently. As I’ve read, they changed sides and right now are with the forces of Light and to indicate this, they have changed their names to “Annanuki”. Yes, I think they believe in God like every advanced being in our Universe but to a Spirit God that includes everything in Its essence. (Alexandra)

(May 2003, Javier)

I think somewhere along the way they got the idea that they were gods because in actuallity they are, just like we are, just like everything is. And then they got to the point of being able to create other beings like us that they could live off of and that idea became stronger and gradually they became more and more devoid of emotion and compassion. And also so you have to understand that they look at us like we look at some insects or ants of some kind. No big deal, they're worthless. The law of attraction states that whatever you do you attract that same energy to you, so whatever you do will be done unto you and as a species by not honoring all animate and inanimate lifeforms we experience the same thing being done to us and like the ant who knows nothing about what humans really look like or what they do similarly we have only vague clues to what these other beings look like and what they really do.(Javier)

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