last update 15 march 2006


For speed-400, speed-480, Hp-200-20/6 or small brushless

The model shown in the picture is a semi-scale model of the RFB-Fantrainer 600.

Due to the large 'Fan' area (110 mm compared to 60 mm for a normal speed-400 size fan)
this model is a great performer, even with these small motors listed below.

Model specifications:


   960 mm


   900 mm


   approx. 850 gram

 This model has flown with the following setups:



(red Sanyo 800mAh)


(6 volt)

Graupner 5x5


Enough power to fly around and to get used to the model. Don't expect great climbing and learn to exchange speed for height and height for speed..

Speed-480 BB race

the version with external brushes

Cox 5x4


Much more fun: Loopings from level flight, 30 degrees climbing-angle and a lot of speed.

(tuned for reverse rotation)

Cox 5x4


Power enough to climb and fly large loopings, starts to get attention of IC pilots who like to go fast.


Cox 5x3


Great speed, great climb, great sound, but at a price !!
With this setup I can fly full throttle for 4 minutes (Sanyo 800mAh), and have got some time left over for a nice landing pattern and a overshoot (if needed)


For interested people there is a small kit available. 
(Made in Holland)

Kit contents:

  • a very lightweight epoxy/glass fuselage (produced by composite-models)

  • a carbon fiber canopy

  • A balsa/ply Fan-ring sanded in shape

  • Foam/Balsa wings with sanded leading edge and tube for aileron cable glued in.

  • Drawings to build your own tail.

  • Building instructions

  • Tips/Tricks to build and setup the model.

So al you need to build yourself is the tail section, and that is simple to do!!

Price 89,00
Kit contents:

From 1 september 2005 the fuselage is shipped in white

Interested ? Mail  :

Shipping Information:

All shipping is done via the Dutch Postal Services.  The prices are below:

  To addresses in Europe To addresses outside Europe
Priority 15,00   (will take 3-5 days) 25,00   (will take 5-8 days)
Standard 10,00   (will take 5-10 days) 15,00   (will take 10-20 days)


Payments inside the European community can be made by Bank using an IBAN number.
Other payments has to be made using PayPal

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New from 2004:

From 2004 on, we only supply the Carbon fiber canopy,
This really gives the Fantrainer a high-tech look and makes installing the canopy much easier

Take a look at the pictures to the right!!
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Look at this !!!

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A customer made his fantrainer something special. . This is what the customer wrote:

It took me a while, but I could finally finish and fly my Fantrainer.
As you can see by the attached pictures, I decided to make it more realistic and introduced a detailed cockpit (25 gr.) and a
landing gear with steerable nose wheel (28 gr.) so that it could operate normally from our concrete runway. Final weight was 795 gr. with 480 BB motor, 5x3 tri-blade prop from Cox and 8 NI-MH 1000 Ah batteries.

The airplane is flying very very well. Take-off is jet-like using more runway than usual. After gaining speed at medium
altitude it then climbs fast. It is very sensitive in controls, but responds well and cannot be considered difficult to fly.

It is steady and gentle during approach and also touches down like a jet with the main wheels first and then nose down.

In all we can say that it handles like a bigger model airplane. It is a very fine project. Congratulations!



The Model as is flown by the creators

Fantrainer from customer

Fantrainer from customer

Fantrainer from customer